Aluminum Clad Windows

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Aluminum Clad Windows
Aluminum Clad Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Aluminum Clad Windows, Aluminum Clad Wooden Windows. Aluminum Covered Wood Windows
Wood frame windows with extruded aluminum window cladding, covering the outside for weather proofing and energy efficiency.

Aluminum clad wood frame replacement windows are wooden windows whose frames are covered on the exterior with an aluminum cladding. These windows provide a higher U-value insulation along with the preferred traditional look that many homeowners prefer. Many architectural designs include aluminum clad windows because these replacement window alternatives display the attractive wood frames on the interior of the home along with the weather-resistant exterior cladding which protects the outside of the window. This allows the homeowner to take advantage of the higher insulating U-value of a clad window while enjoying the traditional look of the interior wood frame.


[edit] Benefits

Replacement aluminum clad wood windows are an increasingly popular window choice for many homeowners due to a variety of reasons.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Aluminum clad replacement wood frames have the advantage of wood’s natural insulating qualities but they don't require the type of annual maintenance that a non-clad wood window demands. Wood frames may warp or rot when exposed to the elements but the addition of an aluminum cladding allows the window frame to resist the weather conditions. This provides for a strong, sturdy and maintenance-free window frame.

[edit] Maintenance

Aluminum clad window frames do not require additional maintenance after the initial installation. They are durable and can last for decades.

[edit] Strength

Wood frame replacement windows with aluminum cladding are sturdy windows. The frames can support multi-pane windows including double and triple panes.

[edit] Installation

Installation of an aluminum clad replacement window is a straight forward job and can be accomplished by a carpenter or general window installer. Installation requires new flashing, sealants, insulation and caulking though replacement of an aluminum clad window sash can be accomplished with just a sash replacement kit. Most major aluminum clad window manufacturers train and certify their own installers, making it easy to find a contractor who is able to both sell and install the replacement windows.

[edit] Warranties

Most major aluminum clad window manufacturers offer a 10 years warranty on the window's sash and frame. These warranties are transferable from owner to owner.

[edit] Considerations

Homeowners should investigate the ins and outs of wood clad frames before purchasing aluminum clad replacement windows for their home.

[edit] Insulation

Wood window frames insulate well but they also contract and expand according to weather conditions. Properly applied aluminum cladding may prevent this situation but if the aluminum cladding is not applied properly to the wood frame the window may leak and the frame can rot or warp. Homeowners are advised to always purchase aluminum clad replacement windows from a reputable manufacturer.

[edit] Design & Color

Homeowners should be aware that aluminum cladding is available in limited colors and cannot be repainted.

[edit] Frame Size

Aluminum clad replacement frames can be quite heavy and are often thicker than other frames. This may complicate installation if the frame is not adequately sized to fit the wood clad window. The thick frame can also reduce the view from the window and can reduce the amount of natural light that enters the room.

[edit] Window Type

Replacement aluminum clad windows are available as vertical sliding windows, horizontal sliding windows, picture windows and casement windows. These include single and double-hungs, hoppers and awning windows.

Replacement aluminum clad windows are available as both venting and non-venting windows.

[edit] Sizes

Size variations for replacement aluminum clad windows vary from small sizes measuring 12 inches in width or height to full-length windows which can measure up to four feet in height. The sturdy wood frames support windows of any size.

[edit] Shape

Aluminum clad window manufacturers produce a wide range of fixed frame windows. Possible wood clad window shapes include quarter rounds, half rounds, full round windows, ellipses, octagons, hexagons, triangular shapes and other custom and special window shapes.

[edit] Window Shapes

Wood clad windows may be installed singly or as part of a window ensemble. The architectural design may call for a group of two, three, four or more windows to be installed side-by-side for an expansive view. Other possible aluminum clad window design options may consist of a standard rectangle or square window installed above, below or to the side of a non-standard special-shape window. Wood clad manufacturers can produce a single window or combination of windows to fit any design and window opening.

[edit] Manufacturers

Replacement aluminum clad windows are produced by top window manufacturers including Marvin Windows, Anderson Windows, Hurd Windows, Kolbe Products, Sierra Pacific Windows and Jeld-Wen Windows.

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