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Birth of Yackov and Esav

The generations of Yitzchak the son of Avrahom were Yackov and Esav.[1] Hashem created Yitzchak's facial features to greatly resembled Avrahom. This was done to dispute the claim of the generation's scoffers that Sarah had conceived from Avimelech for she had lived with Abraham for many years and had not conceived from him.[1]

Yitzchak was forty years old when he married Rivka the daughter of Bisuel the Aramean from Padan Aram, the sister of Luvon the Aramean, who had grown up with these two wicked men but did not learn from their deeds.[2] Although Rivka was born at the time of Akadah and Sara's death when Yitzchak was 37, he had waited 3 years before marrying her until she would be fit for marital relations.[2] Padan Aram - literally the 'field of Aram' was the joint name four the two Aram provinces: Aram Naharaim and Aram Tzovah.[2]

Yitzchak prayed a lot[3] and entreated[3] Hashem, because Rivka was barren. Yitzchak would pray in one corner opposite his wife who prayed in the parallel corner.[3] Hashem allowed Himself to be entreated and appeased by Yitzchak,[3] accepting his prayer and Rivka conceived. Yitzchak's prayer had been answered since he was righteous and his father Avrahom was righteous but not Rivka's because her father Bisuel was wicked.[3]

The two children struggled within her. When Rivka would near the Torah center of Shem and Ever, Yackov would run and struggle to come out. When she would pass by temples of idolatry Esav would struggle to come out.[4] Additionally they were struggling and fighting regarding the inheritance of This World and the Next.[4]

She told herself if the suffering of pregnancy is so great,[4] why is she like this desiring and praying about the pregnancy.[4] She went to inquire from Hashem at the academy of Shem,[4] so he could tell her what her future will be.[4]

Taking Firstborn Status

When the forces of evil attack a person and he fights back, not only is he able to recover the energy they stole from him, he is able to extract energy that was buried deep inside of them from what they had previously captured. Therefore when Yaakov battled the damages of Esav he was able to extract from him even the status of Firstborn.[5]

Trickery of Yackov

Esav tried very hard to deceive his father with all his trickery and lies, until he would bring the supernal blessings upon him. Yackov was therefore forced to move against Esav in great trickery as well until he managed to snatch the blessings from him.[5]

Blessing of Esav

Esav's blessing of "on your sword you shall live" is the cause for the great lengthening of the exile.[5]


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