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Simply Tsfat Band
Abuhav Synagogue
סמפלי צפת
Other Names
Tzfat Breslev Music
Tzfat band that plays Breslov and Hassidic related music.

Simply Tsfat is composed of three musicians which blend many types of Jewish musical influences including Hassidic, folk, bluegrass and Yiddish music.


[edit] Background

Simply Tzfat is a band made up of three Breslev Hassidim from the Tzfat based Nachal Novea community, Yehonasan Lipshutz, Eliyahu Reiter and Yonatan Tzarum. These band members aim to spread the joy and inspiration of their Breslev philosophy through their music. Yehonasan Lipshutz and Eliyahu Reiter are originally from America and moved to Tzfat to be close to the Breslev community. After arriving in Tzfat they met Yonatan Tzarum. Tzarum’s early musical training was in flamenco dancing music while Reiter’s was rock music and Lipshutz’s was eclectic. The three musicians blended their styles to create a new, specifically Tzfat genre, and formed their band -- Simply Tsfat. Their musical inspirations are inspired by the mountain air and holy Tzfat spirit.

[edit] Music

Yehonasan Lipshutz plays the violin together with guitar-players Eliyahu Reiter and Yonatan Tzarum. Their performances weave together their music together with snippets of Kabbalah and Breslev stories.

In addition to Breslev music, Simply Tzfat also plays other Hassidic “nigguns” -- tunes -- including those of the Chabad and Satmar Hassidim. Some of Simply Tsfat’s music is a type of bluegrass music while other tunes are derived from old Yiddish songs or feature rock and pop influences.

[edit] Concerts

Many groups, including tours, conferences and events, book a Simply Tsfat performance when they come to Tzfat. Other groups invite Simply Tsfat to play in diverse locations such as Israeli army bases, concert halls, for weddings and at outdoor events. Simply Tsfat frequently travels overseas and is a popular draw in many venues including weddings, private parties, Yeshivas, day schools, annual dinners, nursing homes, synagogues, temples, JCCs, campus Hillels and fundraisers. They are featured performers at the annual Tzfat Klezmer Festival each August.

[edit] Recordings

Simply Tzfat’s recordings emphasize their commitment to their Hassidic roots and are heavily inspired by Breslev teachings and philosophy. The recordings are available for purchase on the Internet and include titles such as “Never Give Up,” “Souls in Harmony,” “New Beginnings,” “Fresh Air,” and “Be Happy.”


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