Tallit and Tefillin Tote Bags

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Tallit and Tefillin Tote Bags
 Tallit and Tefillin Tote Bags
smart and professional
easy to carry bag with a choice of handle or strap large enough to carry a prayer book as well as tallit and tefilin pouches

Tote bags are a new and ideal way to carry both tefillin and tallit pouches in one bag, look smart and professional and appeal to religious business men who travel a lot.


[edit] Tote Bags

Due to the increased mobility of many religious Jewish men there is an increased need for a smart solution to carrying tallit and tefilin wherever they go. Apart from smart tefilin and tallit pouches made of leather or delicate material like silk which are often carried in protective plastic covers, many people are choosing to buy tote bags for these ritual items.

[edit] Customized Tote Bags

Tote bags can be custom made from a variety of materials from canvas, polyester, strong cotton, nylon etc. The material maybe waterproofed or rain proofed with a protective lining to protect the pouches inside. Purpose made tote bags also have space for a prayer book as well as the tefilin and tallit pouches and come with both a handle and a strap so that they can be easily carried over the shoulder or in the hand like a brief case. These tote bags can be personalized with the person’s name and the words tallit and tefilin in Hebrew or just left plain. A plain tote bag with no identifying details on the outside is often preferred by religious men who travel to areas or countries where being identifiably Jewish may cause them problems.

[edit] Fundraiser Totes

Many organizations, conferences and exhibitions like to sell or give tote bags away as part of their fundraising or marketing campaigns and they are seen as a nice ‘reward’ for employees and clients alike. With the wide choice of tote bags available, customizing tallit and tefilin tote bags with the Jewish business or tzedakah association’s logo is very easy. These tote bags will also be valued and used for many years making them excellent way of promoting the company in the wider world.

[edit] Off The Peg

With the restrictive luggage allowance that airlines now impose, many frequent flyers may prefer to buy a larger off the peg tote bag for their tallit and tefilin which can double as hand-luggage when travelling by air. A large tote bag with several compartments with room for tallit and tefilin pouches, a siddur, a wallet and passport, can also contain a change of clothes, and supplies for Shabbat and kosher food in case of an emergency.

Tote bags are an excellent solution to the problem of carrying tallit and tefilin bags in a discrete, easy and professional way wherever someone needs to go.

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