Parashat Chayei Sarah

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Parshas Chayei Sarah

Passing of Sarah

After hearing about the Akida, how Yitzchak was prepared for slaughter and almost slaughtered, Sarah's soul flew out of her and passed away.[1] Her life spanned 127 years, all of them which were equally good.[2] Sarah was 100 years old but like 20 years old regarding sin, who is not yet liable for punishment and was like a 7 year old regarding beauty.[2] She died in Chevron in the Land of Canaan which was also named Kiryas Arba - Settlement of Four after the four giants living there; Achiman, Sheshai, Talmai and their father.[1] It also alluded to the future destiny of the city which would have four holy couples buried there; Adom and Chava, Avrahom and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivka, Yackov and Leah.[1]

The Burial

Avrahom came from Beer Sheva[1] to eulogize Sarah and to mourn her. Avrahom arose from before his dead, and spoke to the men of Ches. He mentioned how he was a stranger from another land but had settled among them[3] as an inhabitant of the land. He requested a piece of land[3] by them to use as a burial plot, where he could bury his dead from before him. If they were willing to sell it to him, Avrahom would buy it like a stranger but if not he would take it legally as an inhabitant since Hashem had already promised[4] to give his descendants the Land.[3]

The Sons of Ches answered Avraham calling him a prince of G-D who dwells in their midst and telling him that he could bury his dead in the choicest of their graves. None of them would withhold[5] their graves from Avrahom burying his dead. Avraham arose and bowed to the Sons of Ches, the people of the land. He answered them that if it was there will[6] to allow him to bury Sarah they should listen to him and request[6] from Ephron ben Tzochar that he may give him the Machpelah double cave, that belongs to him which is found at the end of his field. He should give it to Avraham at its full priced value[7] as a burial property in their midst. It was called the Mearos Hamachpela since it was a two story cave[7] and because it contained buried couples;[7] currently Adom and Chava and later Avraham and Sarah, Yitzchak and Rivka, Yackov and Leah. Avraham wished to pay the full price of the land so later the sale could not be contested. Similarly King Dovid purchased the land of the Beis Hamikdash from Araunah at its full value.[7]


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