Parashat Devarim

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Parashat Devarim is the first Parsha in the Book of Devorim the 5th and final Chumash of the he Torah.

[edit] Moshe's Rebuke

Moshe spoke word of rebuke[1] to the entire Jewish Nation on that side of the Jordan in the desert, in the plain opposite the Red Sea, between Paran and Tofel and Lavan and Chazerot and Di Zahav. He did not openly rebuke them,[1] out of respect for the Nation,[1] but did so by alluding to the various incidents where they angered Hashem by mentioning the names of the places where they took place.[1]

This rebuke was given in front of the entire Jewish Nation, so no one absent could later claim that had they been their they could have responded with defensive answers.[1] Moshe therefore told them, since they were all there, anyone who had an answer, let him answer. [1]

[edit] Location Based Rebuke

  • Desert - Moshe had mentioned the desert although they had already left it and were now in Arvos Moav, alluding to how they had angered Hashem in the desert during the 'Incident of the Complainers'[2] where they had demanded meat saying it was preferable to have died in the Hands of Hashem in Egypt where they had meat.[1]
  • Plains - Moshe mentioned the Plains rebuking them for the sins of their worship of Baal Peor at Shittim[3] which took place in the Arvos Plains of Moav.[1]
  • Opposite Red Sea - Moshe rebuked them regarding their rebellion at the Red Sea.[1] Where petrified of the chasing Egyptians they had exclaimed why had Hashem taken them out of Egypt, was there a lack of graves there?[4] Likewise they had been rebellious as they exited their crossing of the sea saying just as they had exited from one side, likewise the Egyptians would exit from another side, until Hashem had the sea spit out the bodies of the Egyptians proving they had died.[5]
  • Paran - Moshe rebuked them for the Incident of the Spies that occurred in the desert of Paran.[1]
  • Tofel and Lavan - Since there were no actual places called Tofel and Lavan, Moshe was rebuking them for the foolish things they had said (תָּפְלוּ) about the manna, which was white (לָבָן)[1] saying that their souls loathed the damaged bread.[6]
  • Chazerot - Alluding to the controversy of Korach which took place in Chazerot[1] as well as the Leparcy of Miriam that also occurred in Chazerot due to her slander against Moshe, which they had not taken lesson from and after spoke slander against Hashem.[1]
  • Di-Zahav - Which translates as 'enough gold' and alluded to the Sin of the Golden Calf they they had made as a result of their abundance of gold.[1]

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