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(Hebrew: חוות בת יער / Translation: Bat Ya’ar / Pronunciation Ba-at Ya-ar /Other Names: Amuka Ranch, Biriya Ranch, / Definition: Daughter of the Forest Ranch / Description: Horse ranch with other outdoor activities and restaurant outside of Tzfat)

Visitors to the Tzfat area have the opportunity to drive to the nearby Biriya forest and enjoy a wide range of outdoor activities at the Bat Ya’ar Ranch. The Bat Ya’ar Ranch is a 15-minute drive northwest of Tzfat.


[edit] Activities

Visitors to the Bat Ya’ar Ranch will find a wide variety of activities that fit different age levels and interests. Multi-age families and groups are able to enjoy the activities of the ranch with plenty of options for visitors of all ages.

[edit] Horse Ranch

The main focus of the Bat Ya’ar Ranch is the dude ranch where visitors can get to know the horses and ponies, interact with the animals and ride on horses or ponies in the corral that are appropriate for their size and age

Bat Ya’ar also hosts therapeutic riding for special needs children and adults.

[edit] Galilean Jeep Experience

Jeep Tours leave from the Bat Yaar Ranch or from any Safed-area hotel and tour the trails and paths of the area fields and forests. Experienced drivers describe the history of the region and it’s Biblical significance along with the flora and fauna of the area.

[edit] Bat Ya’ar Challenge Park

Kids and adults alike will enjoy the challenges of the Bat Ya’ar Challenge park where the eight-rope bridge twists and turns through the trees. Safety ropes keep climbers secure while they swing and climb through the rope course as it winds through the Biriya forest.

[edit] Young Children

Young children have plenty to do at Bat Ya’ar, including pita-baking with adult supervisors, a petting zoo, arts and crafts workshops and a playground.

[edit] Bowling Alley

The outdoor bowling alley at Bat Ya’ar is open into the evening hours, allowing families, couples and others to bowl under the trees of the Biriya forest. The bowling alley has two alleys and uses wooden bowls.

[edit] Restaurant

The rustic restaurant serves country-style food as well as grilled meats. The restaurant is not kosher but groups can use the restaurant and bring in kosher food via a local kosher caterer. The restaurant holds up to 60 people

[edit] Location

The Bat Ya’ar Ranch is located outside of Tzfat in the Biriya forest, next to the ancient tomb of Rabbi Yonatan Ben Uziel at Amuka. The nearby village of Amuka is also a five minute walk from the ranch. From Tzfat, visitors drive north out of Tzfat, crossing the Biriya junction and continuing northward into the Birya forest. The road then branches at a traffic circle and drivers turn westward to the ranch. There are signs pointing visitors towards the ranch, as well as to the tomb and the village.


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