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Karen Rossi
 Karen Rossi
1957, Connecticut
Norfolk, Connecticut
metalwork artist
A metalwork artist who produces whimsical art and is involved in community projects

Karen Rossi is a metalwork artist who produces whimsical mobiles as well as outdoor sculptures, and is involved in many community activities to promote art education.


[edit] Background

Karen Rossi grew up in a small town in New England grew up around metal work because her father had an aerospace welding business. As a child Karen was always painting and drawing the environment around her. At college Karen gained a formal foundation in art as well as studying foreign languages, graduating from Southern Connecticut State University with a B.A in 1980. While teaching art to children, Karen Rossi continued her art studies experimenting with various forms, including metal welding. Karen began to produce art work from her father’s studio after showing him her creations.

[edit] Work

Karen Rossi started displaying and selling her original and fun art pieces through local craft shows and markets, while continuing to teach art. Her work quickly caught the imagination of people and Karen was soon selling her work all over the country. Karen’s mobiles are very eye catching and popular and she developed a range of small mobiles called Fanciful Flights. These pieces are very whimsical mobiles and show designs like flying retired angels, flying women at work,that appeal to adults and children alike. Karen Rossi’s licensed her Fanciful Flights company creations into a multi-million dollar business which at one time had 13 employees, not to mention those of the license holders. However with the economic downturn Rossi has gone back to producing all her work herself, by using the new laser-cut technology. Karen is also experimenting with creating much larger outdoor pieces.

[edit] Judaica

Rossi is very well known for her Judaica, which include dreidels on hanging stands, menorahs, and she is even commissioned to make chuppahs (wedding canopies), that are large enough to get married under.

[edit] Volunteering & Community Projects

Karen Rossi believes in giving back to the community projects and is involved in many projects that involve both adults and children in creating art, as well as producing pieces to be auctioned for specific fundraisers. Karen believes creative art projects offer many opportunities for problem solving and ‘thinking outside the box’. One of her first volunteering projects was helping to paint a mural at a local prison in New Haven in 1981. She considers herself a storyteller in metal and creates outdoor pieces like gateways for children’s playgrounds, hospitals, and other outdoor public sculptures which are dotted all over Connecticut & Massachusetts.

[edit] Artist in Residence

Rossi considers that one of her most important community activities has been her Artist in Residence work especially that at St. Francis Hospital in Hartford, CT, which she did between 1998-99. Much of her community based art is for hospitals, health centers, schools and libraries. In addition to working as an artist in residence, and producing her art, Karen continued to teach in local colleges, workshops and for community groups.

[edit] Exhibitions

Karen Rossi’s pieces grace the White House, Boston Hospital amongst others, restaurants, theaters and museums. Karen exhibits her work in galleries in both group and solo shows. She has appeared on TV, and Karen’s work can be found online, in stores and galleries and in outdoor spaces all over New England. Karen Rossi lives on her land in Norfolk, CT where she has her studio. She continues to teach, in art workshops like the Creative Art Workshop, New Haven, CT, and in community activities in Connecticut. Karen Rossi travels frequently to craft shows, community fundraising events, public appearances and has appeared on TV.

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