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Marvin Replacement Windows
Marvin Windows offers wood, wood-clad and fiberglass replacement windows including insert windows, window sash replacements or full-frame replacement windows.

The Marvin Window replacement window alternatives provide several window framing alternatives for homeowners who are purchasing replacement windows. The Marvin Integrity replacement windows are fiberglass frames and the Infinity window line is a wood/wood-clad line of windows.


[edit] Marvin Windows

Marvin replacement windows offer a look of traditional warmth along with energy efficiency and low-maintenance requirements. They offer homeowners a quality replacement window solution which allows customers to work directly with certified local Marvin dealers. The professional dealers have a high degree of knowledge and experience with Marvin window products. Marvin offers traditional wood, wood-clad or fiberglass construction and offers custom sizing -- over 11,000 standard window size options in all. In addition Marvin can create custom wood, wood-clad or fiberglass windows when special shapes or special sizing are requested.

[edit] Marvin Window Brands

Marvin framing options include two window lines. The Infinity line of replacement all wood frames and wood clad frames offers traditional wood windows. The Integrity line of Fiberglass windows presents a more contemporary aesthetic appearance.

[edit] Infinity Wood and Wood Clad Windows

Marvin's Infinity line of wood windows includes both wood frames and wood clad frames.

[edit] Wood Windows

Marvin all-wood-frame products can be ordered as "bare wood" which can be stained, or as a "white-primed" wood option which can be painted. Other all-wood frame products have wood exteriors which are factory- finished with an exterior paint. Marvin replacement standard wood options include windows built from pine, Douglas fir, white oak, cherry and other woods. Special order wood window frame options include maple, black walnut and western red cedar woods.

[edit] Wood Clad Windows

The Marvin replacement clad-wood products include an extruded aluminum cladding with a baked on, low-maintenance commercial-grade Kynar finish which is one of the toughest available throughout the replacement window industry. Marvin clad window products may be ordered in any of five standard or fourteen special order colors. Homeowners can also create custom colors to coordinate with their home's exterior architectural design. Marvin clad windows present a strong, low-maintenance, long-lasting window product with the look, fit and finish that homeowners are looking for when they replace their windows.

[edit] Integrity Fiberglass Windows

The Marvin Integrity line of replacement fiberglass frames replicates the look of traditional wood windows but features windows that present a low-maintenance performance and modern features. Integrity windows are made from a tough, long-lasting fiberglass material, Ultrex. They are energy-efficient and available in custom sizes and configurations. Quality seals prevent air and water leakage. Homeowners can order Integrity windows in a variety of exterior and interior colors including the EverWood interior wood grain finish that can be stained to resemble an authentic wood window.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Marvin offers a wide array of energy-efficiency options. Homeowners can tailor their window choices to best suit their specific climate. Marvin windows are available with a choice of special glass coatings, insulating gases and other options which ensure maximum energy efficiency for any window project and almost all Marvin products meet Energy Star standards. All Marvin window products meet or exceed the Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association requirements for maximum air infiltration. All Marvin windows include the XL Edge Spacer, the most durable spacer system on the market which helps prevent energy loss around the perimeter of a window's glass.

[edit] Standard Marvin Window Energy Efficient Solutions for Various Climates

Climate affects the type of window that is best suited to a home's insulating requirements. Northern climates, with their cold climates, require windows that maintain heat and slow the transfer of heat. A U-Factor rating measures this heat loss. In addition, windows installed in heating-dominated climates should provide a high solar heat gain coefficient (SHGC). The SHGC indicates the rate at which heat passes through the window. In southern cooling-dominated climates, the windows should reflect solar radiation to lower cooling costs with a lower solar heat gain coefficient.

Marvin windows' U-Factor and solar heat gain coefficient ratings meet the needs of individuals in both heating and cooling-dominated climates.

[edit] Multi-Pane Windows

To meet Energy Star requirements for high performance U-Factor windows Marvin's windows include double - or triple-pane windows. These windows impede heat transfer to provide an energy efficient window solution. Argon gas is pumped in between the panes of a double-glazed window and krypton gas is pumped in between the panes of a triple-glazed window. These gases present heightened a energy performance.

[edit] Low E Coating

Low E insulated glass coating is applied to all Marvin Windows glass panes to boost the windows' energy efficiency. Low-E film coats the glass surface and gaps between each window pane with a Low-E material which blocks a significant amount of heat transfer. Low-E coatings are transparent to visible light. Three different types of coating are available for different climates to allow for high, moderate or low solar gain.

[edit] Additional Enhancements

Marvin offers an energy panel and a storm and screen combination as an optional order to enhance the energy performance of Marvin windows.

[edit] Energy Panel

Marvin's energy panels are glazing options which consist of a removable exterior glass panel with a surround along the edges. Energy panels cover exposed glass surfaces on the window sash to provide additional energy efficiency for single glazed wood windows.

[edit] Storm and Screen Combos

The combination of a storm window and screen involves two movable glass panels and one movable screen panel. Each individual panel can be configured in several ways and can also be removed for cleaning.

[edit] Tax Credits

Replacement Marvin products may qualify for a tax credit based on the window's energy performance and the climate in which the home is located. Eligible windows are rated as Energy Star windows based on the window's U-Factor and its solar heat gain coefficient. Different windows are tax-rebate-eligible in different climates.

[edit] Features and Options

When considering Marvin windows, homeowners can review the features and options that Marvin presents.

[edit] Individually Crafted

Each Marvin replacement window is built to order. This allows the company to provide each homeowner with individual attention and service relating to the numerous customization options of the each window's style, size, shape and accessories. All Marvin windows are sold exclusively by Marvin dealers who specialize in Marvin window solutions and installations.

[edit] Hardware

The Marvin Architectural Hardware collection of designer handles a wide variety of architectural and design styles.

[edit] Marvin Window Styles

Marvin Windows are available as double-hungs, casements, awnings, hoppers, gliders, bays and bows, special shapes, round tops and tilt-and-turns. These windows are available as both Integrity all-wood and wood-clad frames and as Infinity fiberglass frames.

[edit] Marvin Casement Windows

Marvin Ultimate Casement windows are available as crank-out or push-out replacement casement options or as an inward-rotating cranking casement window. The windows open smoothly and feature a recessed sash, removable interior covers and a 4/9/16' jamb to enable easy replacement installation. Replacement StormPlus casement windows provide additional strength for coastal regions. The casements come with a standard Low E coating and are dual pane windows with an argon fill. They feature a bare wood interior and a choice of a fiberglass, wood exterior or extruded aluminum clad exterior frames.

A special order window opening control device opens the casement window to 4” or less when engaged. The device can be disengaged for maximum opening and automatically reengages when window closes.

[edit] Polygon Casement

Operating polygon replacement casement windows match the profile of other Marvin Casement window units which can be installed singly or in conjunction with other windows. They are available in nine different shapes with either a fiberglass, clad or wood exterior.

[edit] French Casement

The Marvin French Casement replacement window does not feature any center posts to enable wide open views.

[edit] Marvin Awning Windows

Marvin awning replacement windows are hinged at the bottom of the sash and open from the top to provide added venting and an additional aesthetic element, oftentimes in hard-to-reach locations. The Marvin awning window can be used alone or in combination with Marvin double hung, casement window or picture windows. The Marvin awning windows are available as crank-out or push-out windows. They are available in small or large sizes including sizes as large as 72" x 72X. There is a folding handle on the crank-out windows and a sash-lock on all windows. The Marvin awning replacement windows have a standard Low-E coating and are manufactured with argon insulating glass.

[edit] Marvin Hopper Windows

Marvin hopper replacement windows are hinged at the top of the sash and open from the bottom to provide additional venting to spaces which require a window unit that does not allow access into or out of the house. Marvin's hopper windows can be installed singly or as part of a window unit with other picture, double hung, tilt and turn or casement windows. The Marvin hopper is available as a standard hopper, as a simulated double-hung hopper or as a ventilating transom window. The hopper windows operate as crank-in windows and are available in both large and small sizes. The Marvin replacement hopper windows have a standard Low-E coating and standard double panes are sealed into the window sash with a pumped-in insulating argon glass.

[edit] Marvin Bays and Bows

The Marvin Bay replacement Window is formed using three window units which form a 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° degree angle to create a bay arch. The bay window may be comprised of all operating windows, all non-operating windows or a combination of operating and non-operating picture windows, double hung windows and/or casement windows. The Marvin bow windows join four or five window units together to create a curved bow arch. Marvin's replacement bay and bow windows accentuate and enhance views and allow homeowners to add a window seat or shelf area within the arch formed by the window angles. Curved, laminated head and seat boards may be ordered together with the bay and bow windows to provide an aesthetically pleasing and functional finish.

[edit] Marvin Round Top Windows

The replacement round top windows by Marvin offer an architectural focal point to any home's architectural design. The round top windows may be included in multi-window assemblies together with picture windows, casement windows or double hung windows or they may be installed individually. The selection of round top windows includes half rounds, quarter rounds, ellipticals, ovals, gothic shapes, eyebrows and windows with inverted corners. These windows display an interior pine trim and plinth blocks and are available as StormPlus window options for coastal regions which are prone to storms.

[edit] Marvin Special Shape Windows

The variety of replacement special shape windows available through Marvin add unique architectural dimension to a home through any one of Marvin's octagon, hexagon, trapezoid, pentoid or triangle windows. Special shape windows are available as standard direct glaze units with in-sash units which can match other window and door styles. The polygon and picture windows are available with divided light glazing options. The special shape replacement Marvin windows are one-lite units with Low E coatings and argon insulating glazings. They have a bare wood interior and an optional extruded aluminum clad exterior. All-wood brick mould casing is available for wood units.

[edit] Ultimate Casement Marvin In-Sash Polygon

Marvin's Ultimate Casement In-Sash Polygon windows are both non-operating and operating special shape windows that homeowners can find in different 67 variations of 9 different shapes including trapezoidal, triangular and octagonal units. The operating windows open with either right-hand or left-hand openings. The operating octagon shape window is available with awning configurations.

[edit] Marvin Tilt and Turn Windows

The Tilt Turn Marvin replacement window is available as a simulated double-hung window as well as a standard tilt-and-turn window with keyed locks. The Tilt Turn window is a dual-functioning window which can swing in like a door or tilt into the room for ventilation and easy cleaning. One crank handle controls both operations. The Marvin Tilt Turn can be used as an emergency access window which meets local codes. Its variations present a range of design possibilities. The Tilt Turn window comes with a bronze handle and the option for an extruded aluminum clad exterior along with an all-wood brick mould casing on wood units. The window has a standard Low-E double-glazed glazing.

[edit] Marvin Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

Marvin's Ultimate Double Hung Windows are available as all-wood units, wood-clad units or fiberglass units. They include an optional configuration as a single hung window in which one or both sashes are stationary. The integrated tilt lever lock allows the operating sash to be removed or tilted in for cleaning. Uneven headers or sills can be specified. The Marvin double hung window comes with a standard double pane glazing with insulating argon gas, a sash lock and all-wood brick mould casing on all-wood units. The Ultimate Double-Hung Magnum designed for oversized openings as large as 5 1/2' x 10 1/2' and the Specialty Double Hung Marvin windows are designed for applications in which creating a historically authentic window is the goal.

[edit] Marvin Glider Windows

Marvin's replacement Ultimate Glider features an integrated sash removal system that makes the sliding window easy to clean. It is a suitable replacement window solution for areas with limited space like decks or walkways as well as for other locations in which the homeowner wants to place an easy-to-open window that provides good venting and daylighting. The window's glazing and framing Energy Star certification. It's also the only all wood or clad wood glider that meets a LC50 light commercial rating for water, air and structural performance. A two-point, concealed lock will lock automatically when window is closed. The Marvin gliders are available as StormPlus windows that has special structural enhancements for climates that are susceptible to storm conditions.

[edit] Marvin Venting Picture Windows

Innovative design frames the unobstructed view of a Marvin picture window with a venting mechanism. The mesh screen projects the sash out about 3/4” from the closed position, providing air flow around windows as large as 3’ x 8’ or 6’x 6’. A lever located on the side of the window shifts the entire window outward so that it opens evenly on all sides and allows for a passive air exchange. The venting picture window has a multi-point lock hardware system and meets LC40 water, air and structural rating on all sizes. The venting picture window is available as a double-pane or triple pane window.

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