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Michael Rozenvain
 Michael Rozenvain
Kiev, 1963
Toronto, Canada
a painter who now lives and works in Toronto, Canada. He works in acrylic, painting both pictures and large fresco murals.

Michael Rozenvain is an artist who was born in Kiev, moved to Israel and now lives in Toronto. Apart from his paintings, Rozenvain paints large murals using a fresco technique. He also has a gallery with his own stable of artists.


[edit] Background

Michael Rozenvain was born in Kiev in 1963 and studied art both in Kiev and the prestigious Academy of Applied Arts in Lvov, also attended by the Gorbon brothers amongst others. In 1990, with the opening up of the Soviet Union, Michael Rozenvain took the opportunity to move to Israel.

[edit] Technique

Michael Rozenvain uses a very multi-layered style of painting, creating very textured paintings that invite the viewer to step into the picture. His images of Mediterranean street scenes and café society have a timeless feel and reproduce well in print form. Rozenvain normally paints in acrylic and also makes limited edition serigraphs, a type of silkscreen printing using modern methods. Apart from his paintings and prints, Michael Rozenvain likes to work on the large scale, painting murals using the fresco technique. These murals and frescos decorate hotel and library walls, as well as public buildings in various countries.

[edit] Exhibitions

Michael Rozenvain regularly exhibits in one-man shows in North America, Israel and South Africa. His art has also appeared in group exhibitions in countries as far afield as his native Russia, Europe, Turkey and United States and Canada.

[edit] Gallery

In 1992 he opened his own gallery, Rozenvain Fine Art, to help other artists promote their work. Michael Rozenvain uses his connections in the art world to bring artists to the attention of the art loving public. Rozenvain is constantly looking to find and encourage his stable of artists in their creative development and also to consider the demands of the art market. In this way he enables them to be successful both artistically and commercially.

In 2006 Michael Rozenvain moved to live in Canada. He now lives and works in Toronto. Rozenvain is represented by various galleries and his work is also available online.

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