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Miki Karni
 Miki Karni
Israel, 1959
Haifa, Israel
mixed media artist, painter, photo-realist style
is an accessible Israeli artist whose work is available in everything from greetings cards to original oils

Miki Karni is a native born Israeli painter who lives and works in Haifa. His mixed media Jerusalem stone pictures are particularly original.


[edit] Background

Miki Karni was born in 1959 and lives and works in Haifa in northern Israel. Karni’s art is very accessible. He paints in a variety of styles, from modern themes using photo-realism to his timeless paintings on Jerusalem stone.

[edit] Themes

Miki Karni has a range of themes, from pictures of the sea in its changing moods and colors to his photorealistic paintings of classic cars.

[edit] Sea Paintings

Karni’s sea paintings vary from conventional harbor views, boats on the shore and so on to photorealist paintings of surfboards, and windsails in addition to his lyrical realism pictures of the sea. Miki Karni also has a series of ruined walls, with an open arch that looks out to sea. He adapted this style for a painting he did in memory of Steve Jobs, the late CEO of Apple, where the wall is actually a type of tombstone in the shape of the iPhone with the apple logo in the arch as a moon/sun.

[edit] Classic Cars

Miki Karni’s classic car paintings are housed at the Tefen Cars Museum in the Western Galilee. They are on display on easels amongst the cars themselves, giving car lovers an opportunity to see these car classics next to Karni’s paintings.

[edit] Jerusalem Stone Paintings

Using actual Jerusalem stone, Miki Karni creates miniature mixed media pieces of the ancient places of Israel. He either uses oil paints directly onto the stone or he prints the picture onto the stone itself. He has views of the Wailing Wall (Kotel), pictures of the lanes of Safed (Tzfat), and places in Jerusalem as well as elsewhere. They come with their own mini easel for ease of display.

[edit] Oil Paintings

Karni also paints in oils on conventional canvas with subjects as far apart as the South of France to pictures of Israeli nature. Much of Miki Karni’s work is on display in institutions, companies and government buildings. He has his own gallery in Acre and many of his pieces have been donated to foreign dignitaries visiting Israel.

Miki Karni’s work is available as original paintings, posters, prints and cards both in galleries around the world as well as online, and he even has his own Facebook page.

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