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Milgard Windows and Doors
Milgard Replacement Windows
Milgard Windows specializes in custom replacement window solutions for any window application

Milgard windows allow homeowners to create their own window designs which will match their home's specific architectural design. Milgard offers a wide range of window alternatives which provide numerous sizes, colors, shapes and framing material choices to ensure that each customer will be able to find the window solution that matches his personal tastes and requirements.


[edit] Milgard Windows

Milgard is based in Tacoma Washington and manufactures, sells and services Milgard windows throughout the Western United States including Oregon, Nevada, California, Colorado, Utah, Arizona and Texas. In addition to their window frames Milgard also manufactures their own insulated glass units. The Milgard replacement window collection features the Essence series of wood and wood clad replacement windows, the Ultra series of wood-clad and fiberglass windows, the Tuscany series of vinyl windows, Milgrad's aluminum windows and the Quiet Line of sound control windows.

[edit] Advantages of Milgard Windows

Milgard windows, including their fiberglass, wood windows,aluminum and vinyl windows, offer a number of benefits that ensure that the windows will provide homeowners with a quality window product that meets their specific requirements for their home.

[edit] SunCoat Low E Insulating Glazing

The Milgard SunCoat Low E insulating glazing reflects the sun's heat during in the summer months and keeps heat inside the house during winter months. UV rays are reduced and the solar heat gain coefficient is lowered while visible transmittance is raised. SunCoat Low-E glass is standard on all Milgard dual-pane windows .

[edit] SmartTouch Hardware

The Milgard SmartTouch Hardware, including the SmartTouch Window Lock, provides easy, user-friendly hardware options for homeowners who want convenient hardware solutions for their replacement windows.

[edit] SmartTouch Window Lock

The Smart Touch Window Locks are streamlined lock mechanisms which are incorporated into the window sash, providing a low-profile design. The lock operates easily with only one single, smooth motion needed to open or close the window. As the window closes, it locks automatically and as the window unlocks, it's ready to open. SmartTouch hardware is available on the Milgard Tuscany and Montecito vinyl window line.

[edit] PureView Window Screen

PureView window screens by Milgard are standard on the Montecito, Tuscany and Style Line Series of vinyl windows and the Ultra and WoodClad Series of fiberglass windows. The fine mesh on the screens blocks less vision and increases both ventilation and light transmission to allow more natural air and light into the room. The yarns are durable and the yarns themselves, as well as the space between the yarns, are small to protect against small insects and particles. The PureView window screens resist corrosion and breakdown to perform well in all climates, including coastal regions.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Milgard Windows are designed and built to meet Energy Star qualifications. Enhanced window energy efficiency can be obtained by either the 3D or the 3D MAX Energy Packages. The increased energy efficiency options include SunCoat Low-E Coating, the SunCoat MAX Low-E glazing, multi-pane glazing with argon insulating gas and effective EdgeGard spacer technology. The level of energy efficiency that a homeowner will require should be determined together with the local Milgard dealer based on the home's design, geographic location and site orientation along with other considerations. Milgard then tailors the glass coating, frame design, spacers and gas fill to meet each set of specific circumstances and ensure that the windows will offer high performing energy efficient window solutions for each particular case.

[edit] Milgard Essence Wood and Wood Clad (Fiberglass Exterior) Replacement Windows

The Milgard Essence Series of replacement wood/fiberglass windows offers a durable and energy efficient window solution. These long-lasting wood windows provides a high level of energy efficiency and durability. They are built with Douglas fir, pine or primed wood and include a secure internal connecting system with an interior wood surface. Homeowners can seal, stain or paint the interior wood frames. The fiberglass exterior cladding protects the frame with an advanced water management system that shields the wood interior and drains away any water that enters the sash system. A proprietary powder-coat process makes the exterior cladding available in 15 colors with a baked-on, sag-free, durable exterior coating that resists scratches and dents. The Essence Series of Milgard wood windows presents a full lifetime warranty which includes glass breakage coverage. Essence windows are available in a wide range of styles including double hungs, casements, awnings, gliders, transom fixed windows, special shapes, fixed sash double hung, glider picture windows, awning picture windows, fixed casements and radius replacement windows.

=== Milgard Fiberglass Windows ===

The Milgard replacement fiberglass windows are designed to match the profile of solid wood windows while providing the durability, strength and performance of fiberglass frames. The Milgard manufacturing process creates complex profiles to create the look of painted wood windows on the exterior with fiberglass or natural wood for the interior. The fiberglass windows are impervious to cold, heat, water, insects, salt air and ultraviolet rays. Milgard fiberglass windows are covered under the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty which includes coverage for glass breakage.

[edit] Ultra Fiberglass Windows

Milgard fiberglass replacement windows expand and contract at the same rate as the insulated glass which is sealed into the frame. This creates less stress on the seals and reduces the chances for seal failure, resulting in a clear, fog-free durable window solution. The Ultra fiberglass frame windows offer the stability, strength and low maintenance of the high quality fiberglass material which combines with a simulated wood profile that looks like a traditional painted wood window. Homeowners can choose from a wide selection of factory-painted exterior colors or may paint the exterior according to their own wishes. Custom factory colors are also available for large projects. The windows are custom-sized to each home's individual specifications. The windows are covered by the Milgard Full Lifetime Warranty with Glass Breakage coverage. Ultra Fiberglass windows include single hung, double hung, horizontal sliding windows, picture windows, radius/arch windows, casement windows, awning windows and bay and bow windows.

[edit] Wood Clad Series Fiberglass Windows

The Milgard WoodClad Series of fiberglass wood windows offers window products that present a fiberglass exterior along with the traditional warm appearance of a wood interior. The wood interior is manufactured using Douglas Fir and can be sealed with a clear sealant or stained to match any desired hue. The exterior fiberglass cladding is sturdy and durable and can be ordered in any of the numerous exterior color, hardware and grid options that Milgard provides. The fiberglass exterior cladding expands and contracts at the same rate as the insulated glass that is sealed within the frames to reduce stress and add life to the window. The Wood Clad Milgrad Fiberglass Window Series is covered by the Full Lifetime Milgrad Warranty with Glass Breakage coverage. Window wood clad series fiberglass styles include bay and bow windows, hinged casement and awning windows, radius/arch windows, picture windows, horizontal sliding windows and vertical double hung windows.

[edit] Vinyl Milgrad Windows

Milgrad manufactures three lines of moderately-priced vinyl windows including Tuscany, Montecito and Style Line Vinyl Windows. The Milgrad lines of vinyl windows feature a premium exterior vinyl finish that provides additional color options to allow homeowners greater flexibility in designing their home.

[edit] Tuscany Vinyl Windows

Tuscany vinyl replacement windows meet or exceed Energy Star standards for all climate zones (Some products may require specific glazing options to meet the Energy Star qualifications). The Tuscany replacement windows are custom built to a home's exact specifications to ensure a perfect fit and come with Milgard's Full Lifetime Warranty that covers glass breakage. The Tuscany windows are available as single and double hung windows, gliders, casement and awning windows, bay and bow windows, radius/arch windows and jalousie windows.

[edit] Montecito Vinyl Windows

The Montecito Milgard Vinyl Windows are built to match Traditional, Victorian, Colonial, Cape Cod, Contemporary and other popular home designs. The broad range of available operating styles and innovative features provides a custom-sized window that meets each home's exact specifications. The Montecito windows feature the SmartTouch Lock which locks the window with a simple press of the button. The windows are built to meet or exceed Energy Star performance requirements for all zones with specific glazing and are available with Milgard's Full Lifetime Warranty. Window options include single and double hung windows, casement and awning windows, gliding windows, bay and bow windows, radius/arch windows and garden windows.

[edit] Style Line Vinyl Windows

The Style Line Milgrad replacement vinyl windows offer a contemporary design and energy efficiency all in one. They present a sleek, clean look with a slim profile that allows for plenty of natural light and ventilation. The windows feature clean lines, functionality and durability. Style Line window alternatives include single hung windows, single hung tilt windows, casement and awning windows, horizontal sliding windows, radius/arch windows and fixed picture windows.

[edit] Milgard Aluminum Windows

The Milgard aluminum windows are a low-cost window solution that offer strength, durability and configurability to maximize views and offer a unique element to a home's architectural design . The windows are manufactured to the homeowner's exact specifications and are covered by the Milgard full lifetime warranty.

[edit] Standard Aluminum Windows

Milgard's standard aluminum windows offer homeowners a low-cost replacement window alternative with four possible color finishes to match any home's exterior. The Milgard SunCoat Low-E high-performance insulating glass is included in the window order along with the high quality Milgard Positive Action lock, which locks sliding and single hung windows automatically when they close. The windows feature sealed, mechanically joined corners which enhance the windows' strength and, for coastal climates, a stainless steel hardware system which minimizes corrosion. The standard aluminum windows are custom made to each home's exact window specifications and come with the Full Milgard Lifetime Warranty. Standard aluminum window options include single hung windows, gliding windows, fixed windows, arch/radius windows, casement windows and awning windows.

[edit] Thermally Improved Aluminum Windows

The Milgrad thermally improved replacement aluminum windows include a high-performance thermal-break frame design for greater energy efficiency. The windows' sealed, mechanically joined corners are sturdy and durable and the SunCoat Low-E insulating glass blocks the UV rays to keep the room's temperature moderate. The thermally improved aluminum windows present a higher thermal performance than other aluminum windows and the Positive Action lock makes locking sliding and single hung windows quick and easy. For coastal areas the stainless steel hardware system minimizes corrosion. The windows are custom manufactured to each homeowner's specifications. The thermally improved aluminum window line include single hung windows, sliding windows, fixed picture windows, radius/arch windows, casement windows, awning windows and an aluminum skylight.

[edit] Quiet Line Sound Control Windows

Homeowners who live in an area which experiences noise pollution can control the noise that enters their home with Milgard's Quiet Line of sound control windows. The windows offer superior weather protection and noise reduction performance with a design that includes energy efficiency and a low u value. Noise is reduced by 30 percent in comparison with other non-sound control windows. The windows are manufactured with vinyl frames and custom made to fit a window opening's exact specifications. The Quiet Line windows include a full lifetime warranty. Quiet Line windows are available as double hung windows, picture windows, horizontal sliding windows and casement windows.

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