Tallit and Tefillin Bags Designs

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Tallit and Tefillin Bags Designs
 Tallit & Tefilin Bags Designs
from ultra-modern to traditional
there are designs to suit every taste and pocket, from simple to elaborate one-of-a-kind with prices to match.

There are a wide range of tallit and tefilin bag designs available from very traditional ones to ultra-modern to suit every pocket.


[edit] Style

There are a wide variety of tallit and tefilin pouch sets to choose from making it easy to find a design and style that suits the individual. A man who always attends the same synagogue might want a tallit and tefilin pouch set which is individual and stands out from the crowd. Business men often prefer to put their bag set inside a smart tote or briefcase style bag which they can take with them when traveling, while a Bar Mitzvah boy will probably want a set that is similar to those of all his friends. Another thing to consider when choosing an appropriate style and design is how the bags close. Many people prefer bags with zips instead of tuck in flaps, while an older person may find Velcro easier to use. A lot of religious men also want a tallit bag that is large enough to accommodate a prayer book or two, and a Chassidic or Sephardi man who wears both Rashi and Rabbeinu Tam tefilin will want two tefilin bags, one for each set.

[edit] Traditional Designs

Traditional bag designs are usually very simple, with just the name of the person and tallit or tefilin machine embroidered in Hebrew in gold or silver thread. If they are given as part of a Bar Mitzvah present they may also have the Hebrew date of the Bar Mitzvah as well as the boy’s name. Another choice for a traditional designed pouch is an embroidered Star of David, or a Torah Crown. Other simple pattern designs include:-flowers and leaves, a Torah Scroll, an outline of the Western Wall (Kotel) or an outline of the Jerusalem skyline.

[edit] Modern Designs

Many modern tallit and tefilin bag patterns are very elaborate or abstract. They can incorporate applique, patchwork, metal, hand embroidery or hand-painting in a variety of combinations. Tallit and tefilin bag design makers also offer matching kippot (scull-caps) to go with their pouches. Hand-woven tallit makers may also offer tefilin, tallit pouches and kippot to match the tallit which makes for a very individual and unusual combination, guaranteed to stand out in the synagogue.

[edit] Customized Designs

With modern technology it is very easy to find companies that will make customized bag designs specific to the user at a reasonable price. It is easy to order these customized pouch sets online and manufacturers make it easy to select the different options from drop down menus. The basic design of the bag will be the same, but with the variety of material, color combinations, threads, embroidery patterns and so on available, each pouch set will be individual and easy to identify, especially if the person’s name in Hebrew is incorporated into the design.

[edit] Pouch Kits

Another option is to buy tefilin and tallit bag needlepoint or other sewing kits to make a pouch set oneself. These kits enable someone to give a unique gift for a Bar Mitzvah boy or a Chattan, (groom), which is personal and individual without being too difficult for the novice to make.

[edit] Choices

With the wide choice of tallit and tefilin bags available whether someone likes very modern, abstract designs, or prefers something much more traditional is very easy to find a pouch set that will appeal. Prices also suit all pockets from modest sums for a simple, traditional bag, to very high prices for something very individual and handmade.

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