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(Hebrew: ר' צבי אריה רוזנטל / Spelling: Rosenthal,)

Rabbi Tzvi Aryeh Rosental was a student of the Chofetz Chaim that moved to Tiberias, Israel. At one point he became interested in the teaching of Rebbe Nachman of Breslev and faced a lot of opposition from the local Jewish community. R' Rosental was forced to sign a paper forbidding his association with Breslov. He passed away from a mysterious illness shortly afterworlds.


[edit] Move to Tiberias

Initially Tzvi Aryeh Rosental lived in Europe and studied uner Rabbi Yisrael Meir Kagan, the Chofetz Chaim. At a later stage in his life he moved to Israel and settled in the small Hasidic community of Tiberias. Tzvi Aryeh was considered one of the best younger Torah Scholars of the city.

[edit] Introduction to Breslev

When Yisroel Ber Odesser became Breslov the Tiberias community was on enraged and he suffered greatly oppressed by the entire community. Tzvi Aryeh saw how Yisroel Ber was remaining strong in his beliefs and not bending to any of the great opposition. He knew Yisroel Ber from before he became Breslov and had occasionally studied with him. He recognized Yisroel Ber as a honest seeker of truth and he understood that he must have found what he was looking for if he did not bend to such strong opposition.

Tzvi Aryeh approached Yisroel Ber and asked him what he had found so fulfilling in the teachings of Breslov. Yisroel Ber saw that he was seeking a truthful answer and not trying to mock him. He replied by telling Tzvi Aryeh that he must meet his teacher Rabbi Yisroel Karduner. That Friday night he joined Yisroel Ber as went to visit his teacher. Tzvi Aryeh was profoundly impressed by Rabbi Karduner and the teachings of Breslov and at that moment decided that this was the path for him as well.

[edit] Great Opposition

Each Friday night Tzvi Aryeh was ocustomed to join the Slonimer Hasidim as they gathered to tell over stories of the Tzadikim. After a few weeks his absence became noticed. An investigation was carried out and they found that he had joined the cites to despised Breslevers. This caused great worry to the community leaders who petrified that many of the youth would follow the path of the prestigious Tzvi Aryeh. Deciding that this must be prevented from happening they placed spies around Tzvi Aryeh who would follow him at all times and prevent him from coming near Rabbi Karduner.

[edit] Escape to Jerusalem

Seeing that he had no chance to associate with Breslov in Tiberias, Tzvi Aryeh Rosental decided to go to Jerusalem and study by the Breslev elders living there. He did not have any money but was determined to go by foot, Tzvi Aryeh set off towards Jerusalem telling no one but Yisroel Ber of his plans.

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