Victor Brindatch

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Victor Brindatch
 Victor Brindatch
Other Name
Victor Brindatch Frantishkovich
1941, Kharkov
Israel – since 1993
Classical Realism Painter & Sculptor, Judaica artist
Distinguished Artist Award, Argentina
A Classical-Lyrical realist Judaica artist, who both paints and sculpts.

Victor Brindatch is a Russian-Israeli illustrator, painter and sculptor who produces Judaica in a Classical Realist style. His other work tends towards Lyrical Realism.


[edit] Background

Victor Brindatch was born in 1941 in Kharkov in the former Soviet Union. He first studied art at the Grekov Art Academy in Odessa, now part of the Ukraine. Victor continued his art education, graduating from the prestigious Moscow Academy of Art. The scope and quality of Brindatch’s work enabled him to become a member of the Union of Soviet Artists. Apart from training as a painter and illustrator, Victor Brindatch was considered, by the Academy of Arts of the USSR, to be one of the most talented sculptors of his generation in Russia. Brindatch worked as an artist in Moscow from 1978 until he emigrated to Israel in 1993, after the fall of the Soviet Union. Victor is a now a member of the International Association of Painters and Sculptors as well as being in the Union of Israeli Artists.

[edit] Style

Much of Victor Brindatch’s work is commercial art in a traditional realist style. Brindatch often produces paintings and illustrations that are reminiscent of classical pictures of traditional Jewish themes such as a Bar Mitzvah or the lighting of the Sabbath Candles.

[edit] Sculptures

Victor Brindatch's other art, like his Hebrew Letter series painted or sculpted in a Lyrical Realism style, often has a more Kabbalistic theme. Brindatch also produces small sculptures which range from busts of well-known people to semi-political figurines representing the repression of the Stalin era, as well as idealized images of soldiers etc. Victor Brindatch produces sculptures in cast metal such as bronze and carved stone. He also works in clay producing a variety of ceramic pieces.

[edit] Exhibitions

Victor Brindatch regularly exhibited in his native Russia where he participated in a number of solo and group exhibitions from 1984 onward. Since Brindatch’s move to Israel he has consistently exhibited his work in both Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, as well as on both coasts of the United States. In 2006 Victor Brindatch participated in an International Art Show in Argentina, where he won a אמן נכבד,. His work is available online, in a variety of galleries, and he has several pieces in private collections as well as in permanent exhibitions e.g.the Museum of Modern Jewish Art in Moscow. Victor Brindatch lives and works in Israel.

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