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Yosef HaTzadik was the eleventh son of Yackov and the eldest of Rochel.


[edit] Transcendor of the Eye

The more a person pays attention to physicality the more he is controlled by his eyes. Since he follows his eyes, they control him. Yosef reached the level where he would 'close his eyes' and not pay any attention at all to the physical world, even for a moment. He is therefore called 'Transcendor of the Eye' since he transcended eyes ruled over them. (Likutay Halachos, Hil. Nitilas Yadayim Shachris 4/7)

[edit] Interpreter of Dreams

[edit] Linen Garment

Even great Tzadikim, as long as they have not been tested, have to fear that they have not completely vested themselves from all contaminated spiritual garments. It is only through passing tests that they can completely rid themselves of these contaminated garments. When Yosef passed the test of Potifar's wife, he rid himself of these contaminated garments. This was manifested by him leaving his garment in her hand and fleeing outside. Now, having been released from jail and completely passing this ongoing testing episode, Yosef was given a fine linen garment which manifested his complete doning of only pure spiritual garments. Later Yosef rose to a higher level of Tzadik, that is able to clean even his students and friends from contaminated garments and therefore dressed each of his brothers in fresh garments. (Likutay Halachos Hil. Bitziyas Hapas 40)

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