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International Windows
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International Replacement Windows
Intlwindow Windows
Intlwindow builds quality aluminum and vinyl windows for the replacement window market

International Windows, also referred to as "Intlwindow" serves California, Nevada, Arizona and Oregon from their bases in Fullerton and Hayward California. Their lines of vinyl, vinyl-acoustic and aluminum windows provide an energy efficient and aesthetically pleasing window solution to homeowners who can find a window of any size, shape or shade to fit their home's architectural design. Intlwindow was established as a manufacturer of Jalousie-style windows. Intlwindow continues to produce jalousie windows but their window alternatives now include a larger range of window styles.

International Windows produces windows in vinyl, aluminum and vinyl acoustic frames.


[edit] International Window Vinyl Frames

Intlwindow's vinyl replacement frames are manufactured as part of their Majestic 5500, Crown 5300 or Crown 5365 series of windows. The Crown 5365 is specifically a retrofit window series.

[edit] Majestic 5500 Series

The Majestic Series offers attractive, strong and durable vinyl window frames. The windows are constructed from a high grade vinyl material to ensure that the windows are fully functional as well as aesthetically pleasing. Multiple window frame profiles are available on many Majestic replacement products which meet individual applications. These include the flush fin frame which is utilized for the replacement of old windows.

[edit] Majestic 5500 Horizontal Sliding Window

The Majestic 5500 Horizontal sliding replacement window opens horizontally on premium tandem rollers which ensure a smooth operation

[edit] Majestic 5500 Double Hung and Single Hung Window

The double and single hung Majestic 5500 replacement window has two sashes -- both sashes slide vertically in the double hung window frame while only the bottom sash slides vertically within the single hung window frame. The welded corners and the slope sill design ensures long lasting performance. The operable sashes tilt in for easy cleaning and maintenance.

[edit] Majestic 5500 Awning and Casement Windows

Majestic 5500 Awning and Casement replacement windows swing outward. They feature a multi-point locking hardware with triple tier weather strip protection and a U-Factor which rates as low as 0.30. A Euro-style lock and handle adds functionality and an attractive appearance.

[edit] Majestic Arch Top Casement Window

The Majestic Arch Top Casement replacement window is arched at the top for an elegant look. It features a hinge for extra stability and fusion welded, multi-chamber frame and sash.

[edit] Majestic 5500 Acrylic Block and Specialty Shape Windows

The Majestic 5500 line offers a range of acrylic block and specialty window shapes and sizes which allow unique architectural window combinations or single installations.

[edit] Acrylic Block Windows

Acrylic block windows are non-operable windows which allow light to flow into the room through an inexpensive window alternative.

[edit] Specialty Shape Windows

Majestic 5500 specialty shape replacement windows include full round, half round, quarter round, hexagon and expanded eyebrow window shapes.

[edit] Crown 5300 Series

International Windows' Crown 5300 series of replacement vinyl windows offers homeowners competitively priced windows in a variety of styles. The configurations of the window styles match those in the Majestic Series but are slimmer and available with double glazing to provide added thermal performance and sound insulation. Crown Series replacement windows employ a security latch and lock mechanism for ensured safety as well as recessed weep hole covers, a removable track in the sill for easy cleaning and a double wall around the frame perimeter to create a strong and durable frame. Specialty options in the Crown replacement window series include leaded glass, grids and v-groove glass configurations.

Crown 5300 series replacement window styles include bow/bay windows, single- and double-hung windows, horizontal gliding windows, garden windows, picture windows, acrylic block windows, specialty shape windows and casement/awning windows.

[edit] Crown 5300 Single Hung Window

The Crown 5300 single hung replacement window glides vertically to provide ventilation. The vent sash can be removed for cleaning and maintenance. The window is available with double glazing and specialty glass options. Multi-chambers and a steel stiffener add strength and durability to the frame.

[edit] Crown 5300 Horizontal Sliding Window

The horizontal sliding window in the Crown 5300 series glides vertically on adjustable tandem rollers. The anti-lift feature adds security to the window. The window is available with dual glazing.

[edit] Picture, Specialty Shape and Acrylic Block Crown 5300 Windows

Picture, acrylic block and specialty shape windows of Intlwindow's Crown 5300 replacement window line provide light and aesthetics when ventilation is not desired or inaccessible. The acrylic block window option provides obscurity. Specialty shape windows are available as full-round, half-round, quarter-round shapes and other geometric patterns.

[edit] Casement / Awning Crown 5300 Windows

A shaft operator system opens and closes the outswing Crown 5300 replacement casement and awning windows to provide light and full ventilation. The windows feature a multi-chamber frame and an aluminum stiffener which add strength and durability to the vinyl frame and a multi-point locking system which ensures security. A casement crank handle allows for easy operation.

[edit] Bay and Bow Crown 5300 Series

Crown 5300 series bay and bow replacement windows mix and match many of the other window styles in the Crown 5300 series to create expansive windows that bring air and light into a room. The component windows of a bay and bow window may include both operable and non-operable windows or may be comprised of solely operable or solely non-operable windows. The bay and bow window combinations include all of the weather-resistant and durable properties that are featured in each separate window component.

[edit] Crown 5300 Garden Windows

Crown 5300 replacement garden windows are appropriate window solutions for the kitchen, porch or any other area where the homeowner wants to add an expansive view and indoor gardening option. Limited amounts of sunlight enter the solar chamber to allow plants and herbs to flourish.

[edit] Crown 5365 Series

The Crown 5365 vinyl replacement window series is specifically designed for retrofit purposes. Three window options are available in the Crown 5365 series -- the single hung window, the horizontal sliding window and the picture window.

[edit] Crown 5365 Horizontal Sliding Window

The Crown Deluxe horizontal sliding replacement window, part of the Crown 5365 series, has adjustable tandem nylon rollers and a euro styled self-locking latch with a continuous finger pull for easy operation. The window features Low-E Standard glazing, a dual wall flush fin and continuous water diversion channel which circles the entire frame of the window. An anti-lift feature ensures security. The windows are available with a movable sash on either the right or left sides with a non-operable sash on the opposite side or with a fixed sash in the middle and two moveable sashes which flank the non-operable middle sash.

[edit] Crown 5365 Single Hung Windows

The Crown 5365 single hung window is available with either the top or bottom sash as the moveable sash. The window is also available with an outsized moveable sash and a smaller fixed sash. The window comes with standard Low-E glazing and a continuous water diversion channel around the entire perimeter frame to channel water away from the window. The self-locking latch ensures safety.

[edit] Crown 5365 Picture Windows

Crown 5365 picture windows are available as single-sash windows or as double-fixed sashes within one window frame. They feature an interior track cover and standard Low-E glazing.

[edit] Acoustic 9300 Windows

The vinyl frame Acoustic 9300 replacement window series was developed for homeowners who live in areas which are affected by severe weather conditions. The multi-panel design gives them a Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating of up to .47, depending on the chosen design. The windows are easy to clean and are available as horizontal sliding windows, single hung windows, casement windows and arched picture windows.

[edit] Horizontal Sliding Acoustic 9300 Windows

The Horizontal Slide replacement window glides on tandem rollers for ease of operation. The windows feature three movable panels including two interior panels and one exterior panel for ease of cleaning and maximum ventilation. They are also available with a single glaze interior or exterior panel.

[edit] Single Hung Acoustic 9300 Windows

The single hung vinyl acoustic 9300 window is constructed with three movable panels that glide vertically. The upper interior sash slides down to allow access to the inside of the fixed exterior sash for easy cleaning. Thumb locks ensure the safety while dual handles provide an easy window operation.

[edit] Acoustic 9300 Picture Windows

The Series 9300 Acoustic vinyl picture window provides light and aesthetics. Sound insulation is achieved through an adaption of the dual panel design. Homeowners can easily access the window interior for cleaning between the panels.

[edit] Acoustic 9300 Specialty Shape Windows

Specialty shape replacement windows in the Acoustic 9300 series include radius windows such as the full-round, the half-round and the quarter-round windows. These windows feature a choice of dual glaze exterior panels that have a single glaze interior panel or a single glaze exterior panel with a single glaze interior panel. The multi-chamber frame provides structural integrity.

[edit] Casement Acoustic 9300 Windows

Vinyl Acoustic 9300 series replacement casement windows fully open to a 90 degree angle and allow for easy cleaning by its interlocking mechanism. Both the outside and the inside panels are locked together when they are in the operating position. The inside panel unlocks to swing inward at will.

[edit] Bay and Bow Acoustic 9300 Windows

Vinyl replacement window styles including single hung, double hung, casements, awnings and picture windows may be combined to create an Acoustic 9300 bay or tow window. These windows add light and air while showcasing the room. The acoustic elements maintain the room's quiet. Unique features of the Acoustic 9300 bay and bow windows include interlocking inside panels which move together as one unit when the window is in operation. The panels have a dual glazed exterior and a single glazed interior. The multi-chamber frame gives the window structural integrity.

[edit] International Window Aluminum Frames

International Windows manufactures high quality aluminum windows which include a wide range of styles and designs. International Windows uses state of the art technology and premium quality aluminum extrusions in their aluminum window production. Customers can choose any of the color options which include clear or bronze anodized, white, mill finish and bronze paint. International rigorously tests each window product to ensure its adaptability to changing climatic conditions. The International Windows line of aluminum windows is available in the Intlwindow Residential Series and their Ambassador Series.

[edit] Residential Series

The International Residential series of windows includes single hung windows, horizontal sliding windows, casement windows, picture windows, bay and bow windows and specialty shape windows.

[edit] Residential Series Single Hung Windows

The Residential single hung series replacement windows feature a lower sash panel that slides vertically to open and an upper sash that remains fixed. The moveable panel tilts inward for easy cleaning. The latch and lock mechanism ensures safety. Residential single hung windows are dual pane windows with a sloped sill with weepholes. A spring loaded balance prevents the operating sash from sliding downward when it's open.

[edit] Horizontal Sliding Residential Series Windows

The horizontal sliding window is one of the Residential series' most popular window options. Delrin rollers glide smoothly along the tracks and a NightLock system ensures that the window remains safely locked while providing 2" of ventilation. The windows are dual glazed and include anti-lift sash blocks to prevent break-ins.

[edit] Other Residential Series Windows

Additional Residential Series Windows include casement windows, awning windows, picture windows, acrylic block windows, special shape windows and bay and bow windows.

[edit] Ambassador 8200 Series Windows

The Ambassador Series of aluminum windows is an energy efficient window solution for homeowners who are looking for an economical window alternatives. Ambassador 8200 windows feature Low-E glazing and carry the Energy Star label which identifies them as energy savers.

Ambassador 8200 Series windows are available as single hung windows, casement windows, horizontal sliding windows and picture windows.

[edit] Ambassador 8200 Horizontal Sliding Windows

The Ambassador 8200 horizontal sliding windows are a contemporary design with durable aluminum frame and state-of-the-art ThermoTech thermally broken extrusions which achieve maximum energy performance. The optional secondary night lock adds to the windows' security while the deluxe delrin rollers ensure a quiet and smooth operation with an airtight fit. The windows' weep hole covers minimize air and dust infiltration. The windows are available with either an operating sash on the left or right side or with a non-operating sash in the middle and operating sashes on both the left and the right.

[edit] Ambassador 8200 Single Hung Windows

Single hung Ambassador 8200 windows have an unmovable top sash and a operable bottom sash. They are available as single windows or with two or three single hung windows within a single frame. Customers may order Ambassador 8200 single hung windows with an operable sash that is larger than the non-operable sash. The sash panels of the single hung window tilt inward for easy exterior glass cleaning. The window's vent panel is double weatherstripped, to reduce air and dust infiltration around the sash.

[edit] Ambassador 8200 Casement and Awning Windows

Ambassador 8200 awning and casement windows are available as left opening, right opening, inswing or outswing windows. These windows can be installed alongside, above or below picture windows. The Ambassador 8200 series provides the option to include two or three operating or non-operating sashes or a combination of any of these window sashes within a single frame. A flip-back handle offers easy operation.

[edit] Ambassador 8200 Picture and Special Shape Windows

The Ambassador 8200 series presents a wide range of windows with special geometric shapes. These windows include full rounds, half rounds, quarter rounds, ellipses, extended eyebrows, left and right extended eyebrows, rake shapes, squares and rectangles. An integral mullion allows for multiple lite picture windows. Exterior extruded stops eliminate unsightly exterior fasteners.

[edit] International Windows Series 750 Jalousie Windows

Intlwindow's series 750 jalousie windows are sturdy aluminum frame construction windows which are built in a block frame without a flange. They are available in anodized, bronzed and white paint finishes. A standard lever operator ensures smooth operations. These windows are manufactured in various standard sizes but custom configurations are also available.

[edit] Lifetime Warranty

The International Window Corporation (IWC) provides a lifetime warranty for its window products. The warranty covers defects in material or workmanship that significantly impair the windows' proper operation. The warranty is applicable to the windows' original owner.

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