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Jalousie Window
Block Glass Windows
Other Names
Louvre Window, Slated Window, Glass Crankout Window, Replacement Jalousie Window, Replacement Louvre Window
Shutter-type windows with slats which replace a standard window’s glass pane.


[edit] Jalousie Window

A jalouise window, also known as a louvre window, is made with large movable horizontal slats/louvres, similar to overbuilt blinds, which are built into a frame. The slats rest against each other when the window is closed and separate when the window is open, allowing air to circulate into the room. Replacement jalousie windows are engineered to provide a slim profile which can compliment either a modern or traditional home design.

[edit] Operation

The slats are opened and closed with a lever or crank which sits on the side of the window sash. The lever or crank moves the housing on either end of the frame to which causes the slats to open or close by as they move upwards or downwards.

[edit] Options

Jalousie replacement windows are available with clear glass panels which admit light into the room. Jalousie windows may also be ordered with frosted or tinted privacy glass which provides privacy when the slats are in a closed position.

Jalousie replacement windows may be placed side by side to create an attractive window effect in areas where the rough window opening is a large space. Manufacturers sell jalousie replacement windows as singles, doubles, triples and quadruples. Other jalousie window options include two jalousie windows which frame a picture window or a single, double or triple jalousie window which is installed below a picture window.

[edit] Considerations

Jalousie replacement windows are popular window alternatives in mild climates because they allow air to circulate through the room while maintaining an impression of privacy. Homeowners who are renovating a home in an extreme climate will want to consider the replacement jalousie window option carefully since it is not possible to totally seal the openings, either the openings between the slats or the seam along the frame. In such cases, a jalousie window would be an appropriate replacement window option for a porch or sunroom which is not expected to be used when the weather is extremely cold.

In addition, intruders can easily remove slats of a jalousie window to enter through the window. Security experts suggest that a homeowner place a jalousie window in an area which does not offer easy access to the rest of the house -- on the porch or in a sunroom, either of which should have a door that can lock to separate that area from the rest of the house.

[edit] Benefits

Homeowners who install the jalousie replacement window in a secure area which does not need to be heated or cooled can enjoy the fresh breezes and attractive presentation of the window in specific areas. Jalousie windows can remain open during heavy rains since the glass louvers protrude outward and prevent most of the rain from entering in through the windows. The glass louvers open up to a 110° angle which heightens the air flow while, when the louvers are directed downward they can break up the air currents. Jalousie windows can be washed from the inside, a distinct advantage for homeowners who wish to install them on an upper floor

[edit] Placement

Due to safety and insulation issues, the best place for a replacement jalousie window is in a pool room, sun room or porch which does not need outside climate control such as heating or cooling. In addition, the room should have a door that separates the area from the rest of the house so that, if someone removes the slats and breaks into the jalousie-window room, they won't be able to access other areas of the house.

Homeowners in temperate climates may also want to consider a replacement jalousie window for an upper floor which is safe from break-ins.

[edit] Construction Materials

Jalousie replacement windows are available in wood, aluminum or vinyl frames.

[edit] Louvres/Slats

Homeowners can order jalousie replacement windows with parallel glass, acrylic or wooden slats.

[edit] Wooden Slats

Replacement jalousie windows with wooden slats are also known as shutters. In addition to the additional privacy that these windows provide, some homeowners may wish to place a wooden jalousie window on the outside of a regular window to take the place of curtains.

[edit] Glass Slats

Glass louvers in a jalousie window are available as clear glass slats or in frosted, tinted or patterned glass louvres. The clear glass allows the people sitting inside the room to gaze outside while the privacy glass options increase the atmosphere of seclusion when the slats are in a closed position. Low-E coating may be added to the glass slats of a jalousie window to decrease the effects of the sun's radiating heat.

[edit] Acrylic Slats

Acrylic slats may be used in a replacement jalousie window as a safety glass option if there are young children in the area.

[edit] Accessories

Jalousie replacement windows may include a variety of accessories to create a more useful window.

[edit] Mesh

Some homeowners include a mesh backing to a replacement jalousie window to prevent children's fingers from becoming ensnared in the moveable slats or operating mechanism.

[edit] Screens

Screens may be attached to a replacement jalousie window on the inside of the window. The screens install and remove by snapping them in and out. Jalousie replacement window rough openings should be deep to accommodate the window with the screen.

[edit] Storm Windows

Many window manufacturers include storm windows to provide added insulation to a jalousie window. The architect must ensure that the window frame is deep enough to accommodate the frame of a replacement jalousie window that includes a storm window.

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