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Kadosh Cheese Tzfat
Kadosh Cheese Tzfat
מחלבת קדוש
Machlevat Ka’adoosh
Other Names:
Tzfat Cheeses, Kadosh Dairy
Safed dairy, producing specialty sheep’s-milk cheeses.

Kadosh cheeses are made in Tzfat by the Kadosh family which uses the same methods of cheese-making as their ancestors did a hundred years ago.


[edit] History

Shlomo Kadosh, the present owner and cheese-maker at Kadosh dairy, relates that his great-great-grandfather walked to Israel from Morocco at the age of 12. He arrived in Tzfat and decided to become a cheese-maker so he wandered among the Arab villages, learning the craft of cheese-making.

The dairy was established at the base of Tzfat, just off HaAri Street, above the area which became the military cemetery.

[edit] Cheese Making

The Kadosh cheeses are made with sheep’s and goat’s milk. The cheeses ripen in straw baskets which serve as a purifying agent and add flavor to the cheese. Today the baskets are commercially-made but in the past they were woven from reeds which were harvested in the valley below Tzfat, Wadi Amud.

[edit] Aging

The hard cheeses at Kadosh are aged for at least six months, with some cheeses aging for two to three years. The cheeses ripen in the cheese cellar below the dairy.

[edit] Cheese Varieties

The Kadosh dairy produces a wide variety of cheeses, including hard Tzfat (salty) cheese, soft Tzfat cheese, cheese marinated in Merlot wine, goat’s cheese, kashkaval cheese, bulgarian cheese, ricotta cheese, labana (a creamy sour cheese), yogurt and camambert cheese.

[edit] Additional Items

The dairy also produces additional delicacies such as olive oil, stuffed vine leaves, local wine, and their famous halvah (a desert made from tahini). There are a few tables and chairs in the dairy for visitors who wish to taste the cheeses or buy a meal. A popular item at the dairy is a large “laffa” -- flat pancake -- spread with labana and dripping with olive oil, served with vegetables.


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