Reflective Glass Windows

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Reflective Glass Windows
Reflective Glass Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Reflective Glass Windows
A new generation of glazing which saves energy costs whose coatings filter radiation and heat from the sunlight while allowing natural daylight into the home.

Reflective glass windows can offer a long-term economical solution to reducing the home's energy needs when used in large window areas. Reflective glass windows are manufactured with a permanent thin metallic coating which is applied to the window during production. This coating reduces the home's heating and cooling loads. These reflective coatings are spectrally selective. They function by reflecting and absorbing infra red solar radiation. Glazing tints of reflective windows also provide enhanced privacy.


[edit] Reflective Glass Window Features

Reflective glass windows reflect the sun's radiation and heat through a thin metallic coating with which the windows are treated. Reflective windows don't act as a reflective mirror but rather the window's glass actually absorbs the sunlight. These windows reduce heat gain and heat loss which then reduces energy costs throughout the year. The reflective coating can also reduce glare which is a particularly useful addition to a home office or other area of the house where the homeowner needs good non-glare daylight for work purposes.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Heating and cooling costs are reduced in a room that has replacement reflective glass windows. The windows help to keep the heat within the room which then reduces heating costs. At the same time reflective glass windows prevent outside heat radiation from bouncing back into the room so outside heat doesn't enter the room and cooling costs are reduced. Reflective glass windows absorb over 70% of the infra red solar radiation that reaches a home's windows. Reflective glass continues to function even when the electric power is out. Homeowners can benefit from this protection whenever weather or other external events knock out the electrical system.

[edit] Suggested Applications

Reflective glass windows are indicated for homes where the homeowner wants to control the rooms' temperature and keep the climate stable.

[edit] Tints

Reflective glass replacement windows are available in a range of glass tints including gold, green, blue-green, bronze, grey, light blue and dark blue.

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