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Single Pane Glass Windows
Block Glass Windows
Single Pane Windows
Single Glass Windows Replacement Windows
Window applications that include only one pane of glass.

Homeowners who live in areas which do not see extreme temperatures or who are installing a window in a location which does not receive direct sunlight may want to consider a single glass replacement window. Single pane glass windows are less expensive than multi-pane windows but do not offer the options for window performance that a multi-pane window provides against heat transfer.


[edit] Locations

Single glass windows are an appropriate window alternative for non-heated rooms and buildings such as pool rooms, garden rooms, hallways, porches and garages. Their lack of insulating capability makes them an inefficient option for rooms which require thermal insulation such as kitchens, bedrooms, living rooms and family rooms.

[edit] Considerations

Single pane windows are a traditional choice for home renovation projects, particularly as replacement windows for homeowners with tight budgets. However there are some considerations that homeowners should review before purchasing a single pane replacement window.

[edit] Thermal Protection

Single pane windows do not offer the thermal protection that double-pane or triple-pane windows provide. The air gap that exists between the panes of a multi-pane window helps to reduce energy needs, especially if the gap is filled in with insulating argon or krypton gas. Single pane windows do not offer this protection.

[edit] Noise

Single glass windows do not provide the noise blocking capabilities that a double-pane or triple-pane window offers. Noise transmits easily through a single pane window.

[edit] Security

Single glass windows are not as safe and secure as double glass or triple glass windows. They are easier to break which is a consideration for homeowners who want an extra measure of safety for small children inside the house or against break-ins from outside the house.

[edit] Glass Options

Single pane windows are available with any type of glazing including clear float glass, tinted glass, laminated glass, patterned glass, wired glass and tempered glass.

[edit] Low E Coating

Single pane windows may be ordered with a Low-E coating which blocks solar gain and provides a shield against the sun's rays.

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