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Hurd Windows
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Hurd Replacement Windows
Hurd Windows
Vinyl and wood clad window solutions for new construction and home replacement window applications

The Hurd Window company offers high quality replacement wood clad windows in a wide range of sizes and styles for homeowners who want to replace old windows with energy efficient and aesthetically attractive replacement windows.


[edit] Hurd Windows

Hurd windows has been producing high quality wood windows for almost 100 years. Their line of vinyl windows, developed in 1998, offers homeowners an additional option that allows all customers to find the window alternative that is appropriate for their home. Hurd been in the forefront of creating innovative window solutions for decades including a line of aluminum clad wood windows which was developed in the mid '70s, a Heat Mirror™ technology which blocks UV rays and noise pollution while it offers a high level of energy efficiency, clear glass with 99% UV protection, windows with shatter-resistant glass and CoreGuard, a wood treatment system that penetrates into the core of the wood.

[edit] Framing Materials

Hurd wood window lines include all-wood frames, wood clad frames and coastal wood frames. These windows are available in all window styles including double hung, single hung, casement, gliders, fixed-frames, bays, bows and specialty shapes.

A more economically-priced H3 replacement window alternative combines wood, extruded aluminum and vinyl and is available as a double-hung, casement, awning or fixed window option.

[edit] All-Wood Windows

Hurd's all-wood replacement windows are available in any one of nine woods, or any other workable species of wood. Homeowners can add trim in any one of their choices of four exterior profiles and 13 interior profiles. Glazing for wood windows includes nine glazing options including ClimaGuard SPF glass which provides 99.9% protection from both UV-A and UV-B rays.

[edit] Coastal Wood Windows

The Hurd high-strength, shatter-resistant, laminated glass is specially manufactured to withstand hurricane conditions and wind-borne debris. These replacement windows also feature protection from intruders. The high-strength, shatter-resistant glazing meets and exceeds stringent coastal structural codes.

[edit] Aluminum Clad Woods

Hurd manufactures wood windows with an exterior aluminum cladding which presents the traditional wood interior frame but offers the protection of treated aluminum cladding on the window's exterior for weather resistance. Hurd offers homeowners their choice of seven cladding colors and five anodized finishes. In addition, customers may special order their replacement window with any of an additional 25 color choices or may custom match their cladding to their personal taste.

[edit] H3

The Hurd H3 is a mid-price window option available through Hurd. It employs a Fusion Technology which integrates the three component materials, extruded aluminum, vinyl and solid wood–into one window. The fusion results in improved energy efficiency and energy performance, a weather-tight seal, enhanced aesthetics and easy installation. The H3 is available as a double-hung, casement, awning and picture window for replacement window applications.

[edit] Window Styles

Hurd provides replacement windows for any home in any style. These options include awning windows,gliding windows, single and double-hung windows, casement windows, picture and transom windows, bow/bay windows and [[Special Shape Windows|specialty windows.

[edit] Casement Windows

Hurd casement windows are low-maintenance and durable. A weatherstrip draws the sash tightly to the frame which protects against weather elements. The window opens fully at 90 degrees for easy cleaning and full ventilation. The Hurd casement window locks with a single lever sash lock and the adjustable stainless steel hinge track offers maximum support. A folding handle operates the window. Optional additions include fiberglass screens in one of nine colors and extension jams up to 7-3/8".

[edit] Single and Double Hung Windows

The Hurd single hung and double hung windows are tilt-top operating windows that allow homeowners to tilt the sash inward for easy cleaning. The weatherstrip is located on the bottom rails and along the headjam and top checkrail as well as along the bottom and top stiles. The window sash raises and lowers smoothly and a positive locking mechanism draws the sash tightly against the weatherstripping.

[edit] Gliding Windows

Hurd gliding windows have perimeter weatherstripping on both the fixed and operable sashes to protect against weather elements. A positive locking mechanism draws the sash tightly against the weatherstripping. The sliding window options include one operable and one fixed sash on a two-lite unit or two operable sashes with a fixed center sash on a three-lite unit. The sashes glide easily with brass rollers on a vinyl sill track. The gliding window comes with fiberglass cloth standard screens or aluminum mesh optional screens. Homeowners may also order reverse handing.

[edit] Awning Windows

Awning windows by Hurd are low-maintenance and durable with a perimeter weatherstripping along the window sash and frame. The folding handle with a geared dual arm operator ensures smooth operation while the stainless steel hinge track provides maximum support, no matter what the window size. Sash locks are standard on Hurd awning windows as well as fiberglass cloth screens.

[edit] Special Shaped Windows

Homeowners can order any shaped window that they want from Hurd including triangles, half-rounds, quarter rounds, ellipses, eyebrows, full rounds, hexagons, octagons, pyramids, non-symmetrical, non-radius and radius shapes. They are available in a variety of woods including maple, red oak, cedar, birch, cherry, lyptus, douglas fir, white oak, beech, mahogany and walnut. Special shape windows include the ClimaGuard SPF UV protection glazing. Staining options include two-tone and split-finish tones or any of the over 180 factory-applied colors. Optional special shape additions include interior and exterior casings, subsills, pediments, backbands, pilasters, keystones, and crowns which are integrated with window product.

[edit] Bay and Bow Windows

Bay and Bow windows by Hurd may be constructed from casements, single hungs or double hungs, picture windows or a combination of any of these windows. In addition, bay or bow windows may include awning or fixed frame windows installed above or below larger operable or non-operable windows. Hurd's bay and bow windows are durable and display natural pine on the interior with an optional paint or stain. A weatherstrip surrounds the window perimeter on both fixed and operable sashes and the positive locking mechanism draws the sash tightly against the weatherstripping.

Bay and bow window combination alternatives include one operable and one fixed sash on a two-lite unit or two operable sashes and a fixed center sash on a three-lite unit. Operable bay and bow sashes glide in vinyl sill tracks with brass rollers. Reverse handing is available on select models.

[edit] Protection

The Hurd Line of wood and vinyl windows offer custom features at reasonable prices. Hurd windows are designed, engineered and built to meet National Fenestration Ratings Council, Energy Star and American Architectural Manufacturers Association certifications. Glazing options include the ClimaGuard SPF glass which blocks 99.9% of UV rays.

[edit] Warranty

Hurd offers a lifetime protection warranty against insect infiltration and wood rot on all of its wood products. The CoreGuard wood treatment technology protects the windows' wood for the lifetime of the window.

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