Casement Windows

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Casement Windows
Casement Windows
Other Names
Replacement Casement Windows, Casement Inswing Windows, Casement Outswing Windows
Windows hinged on the side that open either in or out depending on the installation.

Casement windows convey a genteel look of refinement and elegance to a room while allowing for a comfortable air flow and plenty of light. Casement windows can swing in or out, depending on the homeowner's preference and the existence of shutters, blinds or other supplementary window accessories which are placed either inside or outside the window.


[edit] Casement Windows

Casement windows are a good replacement option for homeowners who want a window that provides light and air while complimenting the decor of a house's interior and exterior design. Casement windows come in swing-in and swing-out styles and are good matches for either contemporary or traditional home design. The size, shape and accessories options allow a homeowner to include replacement casement windows which compliment the room's existing motif or create a whole new look.

[edit] Considerations

Casement windows are swinging sashes which are attached to the frame by hinges. The hinges are located along the sides of the sash and frame, allowing the window to swing either inwards or outwards. Casement windows open by either a pushing mechanism or with a crank. Homeowners can buy a single casement window or install the casements in pairs within a common frame.

An architectural plan which includes casement windows must take several issues into consideration. If there are shutters or bars outside the window, a casement window must swing inward. If curtains or blinds are planned for the interior, the casement window should swing outward.

The direction which the window will face should also be considered when creating an architectural design that involves replacement casement windows. Casement windows are expansive, offering a large area through which light filters into the house. If the casement window will face direct sunlight the homeowner should include insulation and an anti-sun coating to protect the room from the sun's rays.

[edit] Casement Window Framing Materials

Casement windows are a popular window which are manufactured by most window manufacturers. Replacement casement window frames are available in vinyl, aluminum, fiberglass and wood.

[edit] Wood Windows with Aluminum Cladding

Wooden windows offer a rich, sleek look to a room but the exterior of the windows must be painted or varnished annually to prevent warping and rot. Wooden windows are manufactured using different types of wood including oak, maple, cherry, mahogany, pine, alder and fir. Today, the majority of wood window manufacturers sell their wood windows with a treated aluminum cladding which protects the window's exterior.

[edit] Aluminum Windows

Aluminum windows are a low-cost alternative for replacement casement windows. The aluminum casement windows are available in a number of different colors and do not require maintenance. One problem with aluminum windows is that the aluminum, as a cold surface, allows moisture to condense along the interior frames.

[edit] Fiberglass

Fiberglass is a relatively new material for replacement casement windows. If installed correctly it provides a good quality window with proper insulation. Fiberglass casement windows are one of the more expensive window materials on the market.

[edit] Vinyl

Vinyl windows are an additional low-cost replacement casing window option. Vinyl windows are available in different interior and exterior colors. Some vinyl window manufacturers display the National Green Building Standard recognition for environmental residential construction.

[edit] Types of Casement Windows

Homeowners can choose from among a range of different replacement casement windows for their remodeled house. Casement windows come in swing-in and swing-out modes. Opening options include both push-out casements and crank-outs.

[edit] Glazing Options

Homeowners who want to remodel in an energy-efficient manner can find a wide variety of replacement casement windows with insulated glazing and anti-sun coatings. These elements cut down on the transfer of heat and cold and reduce energy bills. These windows often cost more at the outset, but the difference in cost is more than made up for in the energy savings that the homeowner will experience in the ensuing years.

[edit] Double and Triple Pane Insulation

Many window companies, including those which produce aluminum, fiberglass, aluminum clad and vinyl windows, offer single or double-glazing options for replacement casement windows. (Triple glazing is also available from some manufacturers). Each manufacturer provides a different multi-glazing option, with insulated glazing available from many manufacturers.

Some manufacturers insulate the gap between the panes of a replacement casement window by pumping insulating argon or krypton gas into the void. The glass then bonds into the window's sash, preventing the gases from escaping. These panes insulate the room from the outside weather elements while they maintan the room's temperature within the house This type of insulation can also help block noise pollution.

[edit] Low-E Coating

Another insulating addition that many window manufacturers offer for their replacement casement windows is a Low-E (low-emissivity) coating. The coating is applied to the window while it is still in the factory and suppresses radiative sun rays, blocking direct sunlight. Low-E is not an option at all window manufacturers.

Many states offer rebates to homeowners who remodel using energy-efficient windows. These windows must carry an approved energy performance rating, known as the ENERGY STAR® rating. The rebates, in conjunction with the long-term savings of insulated windows, offer homeowners the best opportunity for savings when purchasing replacement casement windows.

[edit] Sizes and Shapes

Replacement casement windows offer window options that span an entire wall or a part of a wall. The windows present unobstructed views and plenty of ventilation no matter which size and shape window a homeowner chooses.

Smaller casements measuring as little as 15 inches either lengthwise or width-wise offer a comfortable window option for a small kitchen opening above a sink, a bedroom opening or a placement in a bedroom. Casement windows are available in sizes as large as six feet high which may serve as the focal point of a living room, dining room or den. Shapes include rectangular and square. The size and shape of replacement casement windows are determined by the rough opening though homeowners can increase or decrease the opening to fit the replacement casement window size that they want to install.

Two, three or more casement windows may also be installed along a wall, side by side.

[edit] Installation

When preparing to install a replacement window, homeowners should ensure that they don't damage the inside stops when they remove the old window as those inside stops will be reused with the new casement window. To ensure that the frame is smooth before the window slides in, the installer should scrape off any remaining caulking and pull out old nails or screws which can hinder a proper fit.

[edit] Accessories

Accessories for replacement casement windows include screens, interior trim and grilles.

[edit] Screens

Screens are a standard accessory for casement windows and will clip into the inside or the outside of the window, depending on whether the replacement casement window is a swing-in or swing-out window.

[edit] Grilles

Grilles are available as an installed or clip-on option for replacement casement windows. Clip-on grilles can be easily removed for cleaning or when a homeowner decides to change the window's appearance. Installed grilles are placed between the glass panes of a double or triple-glazed replacement casement window in the factory before the window frame is sealed.

[edit] Interior Trim

Homeowners can choose an interior trim for a replacement casement window that suits their taste and the design of the room. Trim moldings are available from the window manufacturers, home centers and lumber yards..

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