Sliding Windows

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Sliding Windows
Sliding Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Sliding Windows, Sliders, Gliding Windows, Double hung windows, Single Hung Windows
Windows manufactured with two sashes which move either vertically or horizontally within the window frame.

Sliding windows are one of the most common types of replacement windows sold worldwide. The windows consist of two sashes. One or both of the sashes move within the frame to open and provide ventilation.


[edit] Sliding Windows

Sliding windows are operable windows which are comprised of at least two sashes. The window opens and closes when one or more of the component sashes slide, either horizontally or vertically. Some replacement sliding windows have one fixed sash and one operable sash while others include two or more operable sashes, either with or without an additional fixed sash.

Homeowners have their choice of horizontal or vertical sliding replacement windows.

[edit] Horizontal Sliding Windows

A horizontal sliding window is composed of two sashes which are situated next to each other. Some horizontal sliding windows have one stationary sash and one moveable sash while others have two operable sashes. The moveable sash slides to the left or the right on a track or grooves. The operating sash of a horizontal sliding window may be removed or tilted in for cleaning. Horizontal sliding windows are also called "gliding windows," "gliders" or "sliders." They are one of the least expensive operable windows on the market. Replacement horizontal sliding windows may be installed in combinations with other windows. Combinations for replacement horizontal sliding windows may include a half-vent horizontal sliding window (one fixed pane and one moveable pane), a half-vent horizontal sliding window above or below a picture window, a horizontal sliding double-vent window (a center picture window and two operable sliding panes on either side) or a horizontal sliding double-vent window installed either above or below a picture window.

[edit] Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical sliding windows refer to single-hung or double-hung windows. These windows consist of two sashes which are situated one sash above the other. In a single hung window, the bottom sash moves vertically to allow for ventilation through the bottom of the window. With a double-hung window, both sashes move vertically, allowing the homeowner to increase ventilation through either sash or, when placing both sashes in the middle of the window, through both the top and bottom of the window. Since heat rises this is particularly useful in the summertime when hot air can exit through the top of the window while cooler air enters through the bottom of the window.

Placement options for a vertical sliding window may include a single vertical sliding window, two or three side-by-side vertical sliding windows or two vertical sliding windows which flank a fixed picture window.

[edit] Accessories

Replacement sliding windows come with standard and special-order accessories including hardware, grilles and screens.

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