Awning Windows

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Awning Windows
Awning Replacement Windows
Other Names
Awning Replacement Windows, Top Hinged Windows, Cranking Windows
Outward swinging windows, hinged along the top of the frame with a pushing or cranking opening mechanism located on the bottom, often installed in high or inaccessible areas.

Awning windows are used by many homeowners to increase a room's ventilation. They are often used in conjunction with other window styles. Awning windows are often placed over sinks and in high areas because their opening mechanism is located on the bottom panel of the window frame. This mechanism is easily accessible in situations where it would be more complicated to open or close the window from its side or middle due to its height or its location being blocked by other furnishing.


[edit] Awning Windows

Awning windows are hinged along the top frame and swing outward to provide increased natural light and air flow into a room. The swing-open design allows a homeowner to adjust the opening to his preference and change it at his leisure. Awning windows are used in kitchens, dining areas, garages, attics and basements. Awning windows can be placed above or below other windows.

[edit] Considerations

Awning windows offer a unique look which allows homeowners to add a different kind of architectural style to their home. Some homeowners select awning windows for reasons of practicality while others like the look that an awning window or a group of awning windows add to a room. Awning windows can be installed in any area of the house and provide privacy while letting in light and air.

[edit] Operating an Awning Window

The awning window is suspended from hinges which are located on the top of the window. Options for replacement awning windows include both crank-out and push-out alternatives. Homeowners must consider the window's accessibility and location when deciding whether to purchase a push-out awning window or the slightly more expensive crank-out option. Many window manufacturers offer alternative crank options for right-handed or left-handed users.

[edit] Sizes and Shapes

Awning windows provide a room with light and ventilation in any weather condition. The outward-opening window can block rain while allowing air into the house on a warm, rainy day. Replacement awning windows come in a wide range of sizes and can be purchased in square or rectangular shapes. Sizes range from 16-inch height or width for a small window to a 72-inch height or width for a large window. Replacement awning windows can be ordered in standard sizes or a special custom-manufactured awning window for a non-standard opening.

[edit] Placement

Openings for replacement awning window sizes are designed to allow the window to be used alone or in combinations with other types of windows. The decision of how to place the awning window will depend on the overall room size and design. Some homeowners place awning windows over or under a large, stationary rectangular window in a den or family room. A homeowner may decide to install replacement awning windows near the ceiling of a basement room, over a kitchen sink or in a bathroom.

Awning windows can be positioned in a column or row or along the side of another window which will create a wall of light, providing a functional and attractive window design. Awning windows are also used to flank picture windows to increase the air flow into the room.

[edit] Glass Options

Window manufacturers offer a wide range of glazing options for replacement awning windows. These options include single, double and triple-paned glass. Homeowners who are interested in investing in energy-efficient insulated windows can find double or triple-glazed windows filled with insulating gas, pumped into the spaces between the glass panes. This slows the transfer of heat and increases the window's insulating capabilities. Double-pane and triple-pane windows also cut down on noise pollution.

Some window manufacturers also offer an additional insulating option, the Low-E coating. Low-E -- low emissivity -- suppresses the radiative heat flow. It blocks heat transfer and provides for easier heating and cooling. Many homeowners offset the increased cost of the insulating options with the expected reduction in utility bills over the lifespan of the windows and decide that the more expensive insulated windows are, in the end, cost-effective. Many states offer rebates to homeowners who renovate using energy-efficient replacement windows.

Lower priced single-pane replacement windows are also available. These windows allow increased light to filter into a home -- an advantage in mild climates.

[edit] Framing Material

Replacement awning windows are available in many different types of materials. Less-expensive windows include those made with aluminum, vinyl and steel. Aluminum windows are sturdy windows which require little maintenance but do not insulate well, especially against the cold. Vinyl windows are good insulating windows and competitively priced but homeowners cannot always find the vinyl windows with the colors that they prefer. Steel windows are a durable and affordable choice but many customers find that the same concern that they have with aluminum windows -- lack of insulation -- is also a problem with steel windows.

Additional replacement awning window options include wood windows which can rot if not repainted frequently. Quality window manufacturers have developed an aluminum cladding which protects wood-frame windows and is, itself, insulated. A special thermal break material is inserted between the pane and the frame which further insulates the windows. These claddings come in many different colors, providing a replacement window exterior that matches the construction of any house.

[edit] Interior Moldings

Many manufactured replacement windows come with interior moldings which the window installer attaches to interior windowsill. Homeowners who purchase replacement windows that do not include an interior molding can purchase their own interior moldings at a hardware store or home center.

[edit] Accessories

Homeowners can purchase replacement awning windows with mesh screens which clip into the inner window frame.

Grilles are manufactured for awning windows. Custom-made grilles are manufactured for double and triple-paned awning windows and inserted between the glass panes according to the customer's specifications. Many manufacturers include standard-size grilles as an optional accessory for standard-size windows.

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