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Bedroom Windows
Bedroom Windows
Other Names:
Bedroom Replacement Windows
Windows for Bedroom Renovation Projects.

Bedrooms are, for many people, the most restful room in the house. People sleep in their bedrooms but also watch TV, chat, read books and connect by phone to friends and family. Good bedroom windows which enhance the bedroom's architectural design can add to the bedroom's comfortable and relaxing atmosphere.

The replacement windows which are selected for a bedroom can change the room's entire appearance. There are hundreds of options for replacement bedroom window styles, sizes, shapes and placements. A bedroom renovation project that includes attention to the window applications will result in a transformed space that combines attractive appearance with functionality.


[edit] Bedroom Windows Considerations

In an ideal design, the bedroom furnishings would be secondary to the architectural enhancements that the perfect window design would create. In reality however the furnishings and other bedroom items such as the bed, cabinets, night stands, dressers, bureaus, chairs, tables, desks, lamps, TVs, computers, bookshelves, walk-in closets, bathrooms and existing doorways all impact on the possibilities that are involved in planning a replacement bedroom window design.

Within that framework however, the homeowner can create a bedroom window design that ensures a comfortable, functional and affordable bedroom plan.

[edit] Framing Materials

Replacement windows for bedrooms include all-wood window frames, wood-clad window frames, fiberglass frames, vinyl frames, aluminum frames and composite frames.

[edit] Wooden Bedroom Windows

Wood and wood clad replacement bedroom windows offer a traditional window solution that is compatible with a wide variety of home design styles including Renaissance, Colonial, Cape Cod, Craftsman, Bungalow, Prairie, Ranch, Rustic, Chalet and others. All-wood frames can rot or warp over time if they are not painted or varnished yearly but if properly maintained they offer a high standard of thermal performance as well as an attractive appearance. Many window manufacturers produce wood clad products. Wood clad framing eliminates the need for annual maintenance. Wood clad windows are produced with a treated aluminum or vinyl cladding which sits on the wood frame's exterior and protects the window from the weather's elements. Whether a homeowner chooses an all-wood window product or a wood-clad window product, the cladding or painting can be color-coordinated to achieve the desired effect on both the inside and the outside of the window.

[edit] Aluminum Bedroom Windows

Aluminum windows are a low-cost bedroom window option. They are widely used in mild climates but aluminum windows conduct heat which results in a build-up of condensation on the window's frame in houses built in cold climates. This can increase the amount of moisture and humidity within the bedroom. If the condensation is not controlled, mold may develop in the bedroom -- a health hazard to the people sleeping in the bedroom. Aluminum windows with thermal breaks can help prevent a build-up of condensation and improve the U-value of aluminum frame replacement windows. An additional aluminum bedroom window alternative involves aluminum windows in which the thermal break is combined with foam insulation to increase the window's thermal performance.

[edit] Vinyl Bedroom Windows

Vinyl bedroom windows offer another low-cost window alternative. They present a sleek, modern appearance which is appropriate to contemporary home designs such as Mediterranean Revival, Post Modern and NeoClassical. Vinyl windows cannot be painted so homeowners should ensure that the available vinyl frame colors match their décor.

[edit] Fiberglass Bedroom Windows

Fiberglass bedroom windows are a long-lasting, sturdy window solution for bedroom windows. Fiberglass frames offer quality thermal performance and do not need to be painted or otherwise maintained after installation but they can be painted, if the homeowner wishes, to match any bedroom color scheme and architectural design. Fiberglass frames are generally a more expensive replacement window solution than vinyl or aluminum frame windows but are fitted easily into existing window openings and offer a well-designed and well-insulating framing material.

[edit] Composite Bedroom Windows

Replacement windows manufactured using composite materials are relatively new bedroom window alternatives and long-term research is not yet available. However, homeowners who have installed composite windows in their bedrooms report that they are sturdy window solutions which stand up to any weather elements and are available in any desired shape or size. Many homeowners also appreciate the environmentally-friendly aspect of composite windows which are produced from recycled materials and can be recycled in turn when the time comes.

[edit] Styles, Sizes and Shapes

Bedroom windows can be any size, shape or style that meet the homeowner's architectural design expectations, venting and daylighting requirements and budget. The variety of bedroom window alternatives allows for individualizing the bedroom according to each specific application. Bedroom windows include single- and double-hung windows, casements, sliding windows, picture windows, and special shape windows.

Bedrooms built in difficult-to-access spaces must, by law, include egress access windows to allow individuals to easily enter or exit the room in event of an emergency. Dormer windows and attic windows are available for bedrooms built into dormer or attic units. Egress, dormer and attic windows may use any of the window styles listed including casements, gliders and single/double hungs.

[edit] Vertical Sliding Windows

Vertical sliding Single- and double-hung bedroom windows present a traditional window style that is attractive, functional and easily maintained. Vertical sliding windows operate by pushing the operating sash upward to open the window and pulling the sash back downward to close the window. In a double hung window both sashes move vertically within the window frame while in a single hung window, only one sash moves within the frame while the other sash remains stationary. Vertical sliding windows should be installed in a location which is easily accessible for optimal operation.

[edit] Casement Windows

Bedroom casement windows operate by either pushing the operating sashes in and out or by cranking them in or out with a hand-crank. A remote control mechanism is also available for bedroom casements. Replacement casement windows are a more expensive window due to the window's hinge mechanism but they are popular bedroom windows because they open completely for complete venting and a full open view. Casement windows come as inward or outward swinging windows so deciding whether to install an inward or outward swinging casement window should be taken after reviewing which bedroom furnishings will be located near the window's interior and what type of free space exits near the window's exterior.

[edit] Horizontal Sliding Windows

horizontal sliding bedroom windows, also called gliders, are a moderate-cost window alternative for bedroom windows and are often chosen because they are easily operated, easy to clean and provide adequate ventilation and daylighting. The sash(es) of horizontal sliding windows move horizontally within the window frame. Options include XO windows in which one sash operates and one sash remains stationary and XOX models in which the middle sash remains stationary and the two side sashes open and close.

[edit] Bay and Bow Bedroom Windows

Bay and bow windows are a popular window alternative for bedrooms. Bay windows are formed by joining three windows -- either operating windows, non-operating windows or a combination of both operating and non-operating windows -- into a 30°, 45°, 60° or 90° degree angle which creates a bay arc. Bow windows are formed by joining four or five windows into a wider, more expansive arc formation. These windows create an architectural focus for the bedroom, offer a wide view, provide a feeling of "moving outdoors" and can include a window seat that creates an attractive furnishing which is set within the window's arc.

Bay and bow replacement windows may be constructed with casement or double hung operating windows, with picture windows or with a combination of these windows. Additional windows may be added above or below the large window units. These additions may include transom windows, hopper windows and awning windows. Bay and bow windows may also be topped using special shape windows such as round top windows.

[edit] Picture Windows

Picture windows are a suitable window solution for bedroom applications in which daylighting is the goal but ventilation is not required. Picture windows do not operate and the lack of an operating mechanism ensures that the windows are a more economical window option.

[edit] Energy Efficiency Considerations

In addition to sleep time, many people spend considerable amounts of time in their bedroom. Bedrooms are one of the most important rooms in which proper insulation is vital to the health and well-being of the inhabitants of the home. The replacement bedroom windows can help ensure that residents enjoy a comfortable room temperature. Window ratings provide vital data that allow homeowners to select an energy efficient window product. Consumers can ascertain a window's energy performance by the window's label which provides the ratings for visible transmittance, condensation resistance and air leakage. In addition the window's U-Factor and the solar heat gain coefficient indicate the rate at which heat transfers through the window. These ratings allow homeowners to ascertain which windows will provide them with a window that offers the energy performance that they need.

[edit] Multi-Pane Windows

The U-Factor indicates the rate of heat loss of a window unit. Double or triple pane windows help to prevent heat transfer into and out of a bedroom. This keeps the bedroom cool in the hot weather and warm in the cold weather with minimal heating and cooling requirements. Multi-pane window panes are a standard part of a replacement window order. Purchasing bedroom windows with Energy Star certification can also earn the homeowner tax credits and rebates.

[edit] Low-E-Glazing

Low E bedroom windows are available with a Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coating which reduces the transfer infrared radiation from the sun. This will lower the window's solar heat gain coefficient and aid in maintaining temperature control of the bedroom. Low E glazing is available in three different levels to ensure that homeowners can order the level of Low-E coating that meets their specific climate.

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