Round Circle Windows

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Round Windows
Round Windows
Other Names
Replacement Round Windows; Replacement Circle Windows, Circular windows, Oval Windows
Circular shaped windows which can be either operable or not.

Circular windows are a unique replacement window alternative which are specially created for specific round or oval window openings.


[edit] Round Windows

Round replacement windows are growing in popularity though they have always been a feature in many homes where the homeowner wants to create a unique look. Round windows are circular windows which are installed as a separate window in an attic, loft or gable or in conjunction with other windows as part of a window grouping.

[edit] Characteristics

Circular windows are available as completely 360 degree round windows or in an oval shape. The glass often includes a decorative etching such as a flower or floral design. Replacement circle windows are available as both operable and non-operable window selections.

[edit] Placements

Circular replacement windows are an attractive window choice for lofts and attic rooms as well as for rooms where the homeowner wants to add a small yet attractive window, such as in a bathroom.

[edit] Sizes

Round windows can fit a variety of round-shaped wall openings. Standard sized replacement circle windows range from windows which are 20 inches in diameter to round windows which are four feet in diameter.

[edit] Operating

Circle replacement windows are available as both non-operating and operating windows. Circle replacement windows which have opening mechanisms may feature any of three opening alternatives.

[edit] Pivots

Round pivot windows have two pivot mechanisms on either the top and bottom of the window sash or on the two opposing sides of the window sash. When released these mechanisms pivot the inside sash so that the mechanisms keep the pane attached to the window frame as the sash pivots open. The pivot round window can open widthwise or lengthwise for either a horizontal pivot round window or a vertical pivot round window.

[edit] Casement Rounds

Some replacement circle windows feature a hinge on one side of the window which attaches the window sash to the frame. A handle is turned which releases the catch and allows the window to swing open in the style of a casement window.

[edit] Push-Out

Push-out replacement round windows are attached to the window frame with fold-out stay bars mounted on either side of the window. The windows ease out of their frame but remain attached to the frame on both sides while open.

[edit] Framing Materials

One of the most important choices that a homeowner can make when selecting the type of window frame is the material used to build the frame. A first thought may be to purchase the least expensive frame but cheaper window frames often cost the homeowner more in the long run through higher energy costs. A quality framing material insulates the window which prevents leakage and heat transfer and keeps energy costs low. In addition, a durable window framing material will provide the homeowner with a window alternative that will last for many years.

The thermal insulating capability of a replacement circular window is determined by the window's framing and glazing. Homeowners want a replacement window which will prevent heat transfer. Replacement circle windows should also feature an adequate weather-stripping barrier to seal the window along the perimeter. The weather stripping is particularly important in a round window because of the curves of the window's frame.

Homeowners should check the U-Rating of a replacement round window before purchasing the window. A window's U-Rating is the assessment of the National Fenestration Rating Council which reviews the energy performance for windows that are sold throughout the world. The United States Department of Energy estimates that windows with a U-Rating of 30 or less offer the best energy performance and allow owners to recoup their investment when they purchase a more expensive window within four years, with thousands of additional dollars saved over the lifetime of the window.

In addition to the savings in energy costs, homeowners may receive tax rebates and credits when they purchase energy efficient circular windows. These reimbursements are available on a national level as well as through many local governments.

Framing materials for round windows include vinyl, fiberglass, wood and wood clad, composite and aluminum.

[edit] Vinyl

Modern vinyl windows are durable and dimensionally stable. They are an inexpensive window option which minimize thermal transfer. Vinyl windows generally come in white and cannot be painted. The most efficient vinyl windows have heat-welded joints which provide superior resistance to temperature stresses because they are stiffer than mechanically joined vinyl frames . Vinyl windows don't corrode and are maintenance free.

[edit] Fiberglass

Fiberglass round window frames are a good value over time. They are known for their durability and strength and do not crack, warp or corrode when exposed to any type of weather elements. Fiberglass frames do not expand or contract with cold or hot weather as may happen with other framing materials. These expansions and contractions can cause stress on the window seals and panes. Homeowners can paint a fiberglass frame though no maintenance is necessary.

[edit] Aluminum

Aluminum round window frames are an inexpensive replacement window option which are recognized as being long-lasting and durable. The anodized or baked-on finish protects the frame and assures the homeowner of a sturdy window. Aluminum conducts heat and cold which, in the past, made aluminum a poor thermal insulator. Today, better quality aluminum windows are equipped with thermal breaks which separate the interior and exterior surfaces of the window and improve their energy efficiency. Aluminum frames resist deterioration and compliment a wide variety of architectural styles.

[edit] Wood and Wood Clad Windows

The traditional look of wood windows fits many home designs. Wood frames are an excellent insulator. However wood windows require annual maintenance to prevent warping and rotting and this may deter potential clients from purchasing wood windows. A relatively new option is wood clad windows. These windows feature external aluminum or vinyl cladding which protects the exterior from the elements while offering the elegant look of a wood frame on the interior. A homeowner can select an exterior wood clad color from a variety of cladding alternatives.

[edit] Composite

Wood-plastic composite windows are a new type of framing material that use a chemically–bonded blend of wood and plastic resins, including those made from wood chips and recycled plastic. Although composite window frames are a new addition to the window market and have not yet stood the test of time, initial reviews are positive. Composite windows do not corrode or deteriorate and do not require maintenance.

[edit] Glazing

The glazing of a round window is a strong indicator of the window's effectiveness as a thermal insulator. Circular replacement windows which include a good quality glazing can provide the best likelihood that the window will offer superior energy efficiency in the long run. Industry observers estimate that a properly insulated window, which includes the window's glazing, can save a homeowner between seven and fourteen percent in conserved energy costs over the lifetime of the window.

Homeowners who consider the glazing options of the window may also order safety glass and tinted or patterned glass.

[edit] Strengthened Glass

Round window glass is available with strengthened laminated or tempered glass which creates a stronger window. Safety glass helps to prevent break-ins and provides a safety measure to ensure that young children are not hurt if they crash into a window. A homeowner will want to consider the size and location of the window when deciding whether to include strengthened glass in a replacement circle window.

[edit] Glass Color and Patterns

Round window glazing includes options for tinted or clouded glass which is especially appropriate for round bathroom windows and circle windows which are installed next to a door. Other tempered and patterned glazing alternatives include patterns which suit both classic and contemporary home designs. Some homeowners choose to add a custom-order etching in the round window such as a flower, floral decoration or other decorative design.

[edit] Self-Cleaning

Homeowners who install a round window in a hard-to-reach location can order self-cleaning glass panels.

[edit] Multi-Panes

The concept of creating a circular window with multiple panes makes sense for purposes of insulation but not everyone is aware of the option. Many manufacturers offer a multi-pane replacement round window choice which enhances the level of thermal insulation and increases resistance to heat transfer. These multi-pane windows may include both double and triple panes. Some manufacturers insulate the gap between the panes with an insulating gas, either argon or krypton. Triple-pane windows are suggested for homes built in extreme climates and cost only a small amount more than double-pane replacement round windows.

[edit] Low E

If the homeowner intends to install the replacement circular window in an opening where it will face the sun, he should consider ordering the window with a Low-E coating. The Low-E coating has become an industry standard for reducing a window's U-factor by suppressive the sun's radiative heat flow. Low-E -- Low Emissivity -- is a microscopically thin metallic coating which is applied to the window's glass. It is invisible to the naked eye but is capable of blocking a portion of radiant heat transfer, thereby lowering the total heat flow that enters through the window. There is a range of Low-E coating levels, each of which provides a different level of effectiveness. These include a Low-E coating for low solar gain, a coating for a moderate solar gain or a coating for a high solar gain. Low-E coating is a custom order which the manufacturer applies to the window while it is still under construction in the factory.

[edit] Accessories

Available accessories for replacement round windows include grilles and hardware.

[edit] Grilles

Grilles for replacement circle windows include grilles which are factory-installed between two panes of a multi-pane window or those which clip into the outer frame of the window. Homeowners can order a variety of grille types including colonial, spoked, diamond and sunburst designs.

[edit] Hardware

Operating hardware for venting replacement round windows is dependent on the manner in which the window opens. Hardware may include push handles or crank. These items come as part of the standard window order as hard plastic items though homeowners may upgrade to brass or bronze items.

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