Wood Clad Windows

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Wood Clad Windows
Wood Clad Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Wood Clad Windows, Wooden Clad Windows, Vinyl Clad Windows, Aluminum Clad Windows
Wood framed windows with an exterior vinyl or aluminum shell to prevent decay and erosion.

Wood frame windows have always been a popular window choice and in some historically were the only window option for wood-frame homes and commercial buildings. Today window manufacturers have created a wood clad replacement window which includes the traditional look and feel of a wood frame together with a vinyl or aluminum weather resistant cladding that strengthens the window and eliminates the need for maintenance. In a wood clad window the window's interior displays the original wood frame while the exterior is covered with a treated cladding which protects the wood and presents a different type of look to the home's exterior.


[edit] Advantages

Wood clad replacement windows present an attractive window solution which combines the quality of a wood frame window with the advantages of vinyl or aluminum cladding. Many homeowners appreciate the wood clad window option because they offer the warm, traditional appearance of a wood window together with the weather resistance capabilities of a modern window. Wood clad replacement windows are an appropriate window choice for both new construction and renewal projects. "Eco" homes, such as straw bale and clay construction, also support wood clad windows.

[edit] Attractive

Wood clad replacement windows are a suitable window option for any home architectural style including colonial construction, renaissance style and contemporary style. The variety of wood options for the base frame include pine, oak, maple, teak and mahogany, allowing homeowners to individualize their home interior through their choice of the wood used for the frame's construction. The range of available colors for the exterior cladding gives homeowners the opportunity to personalize the outside of their house through the color of the cladding. The wood frames can be stained or painted to further customize the interior.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Replacement wood clad window frames are a popular choice and are produced by many window manufacturers in one form or another. Wood is a natural insulator and wood clad windows feature a low R-value, indicating that these windows can withstand temperature extremes. Condensation does not build up in a wood frame window because even in the coldest climates, the inside of the frame remains comparatively warm.

At the same time the vinyl or aluminum cladding protects the outside of the window frame, ensuring that moisture does not build up in the wood and cause rotting or warping.

[edit] Strength and Durability

Wood clad replacement frames offer a strong and long-lasting window frame solution. They are also solid enough to be able to accommodate multi-pane glazing, including double and triple panes. Multi-panes increase the window's thermal insulation capabilities and enhance the home's security. Wood clad windows can last for decades.

[edit] Maintenance

Wood clad replacement windows do not require any maintenance after installation. Homeowners may, however, paint or varnish the inside frame of the window.

[edit] Design

Wood clad windows are available in a wide range of styles and architectural designs. Manufacturers of wood clad window frames can mold a replacement wood clad window to fit any window opening and any home design

[edit] Installation

The majority of wood clad replacement window manufacturers work with local dealers who supply specially-trained installation professionals to install the windows. Different installation techniques, including different techniques for installing vinyl clad replacement windows and aluminum clad replacement windows, necessitate the windows' installation by professionals who are thoroughly familiar with the window product.

[edit] Availability

Wood clad replacement windows are growing in popularity. They are sold throughout the world by manufacturers who maintain dealerships in various locations, ensuring that almost all homeowners can find a wood clad window dealer in their area. Manufacturers of wood frame window offer wood clad window solutions to fit any climate and any construction situation.

[edit] Warranties

The majority of wood clad replacement window manufacturers give homeowners a 20-year warranty which covers the glazing of a wood frame window. The remainder of the window's parts are covered for 10 years by the warranty. This warranty can transfer to a new owner and the replacement value is not prorated. Consumer advisers note that this is a standard replacement window warranty. Some window dealers may offer a "lifetime" guarantee but such a warranty should be viewed with a degree of caution because "lifetime warranties" generally carry an unusual number of "exclusions" that, in point of fact, guarantee nothing.

[edit] Considerations

Purchasing a wood clad replacement window involves some considerations. Wood clad windows are generally one of the most costly window options though the pricing of both wood/aluminum clad and wood/vinyl clad windows are comparable.

[edit] Cost

Wood clad replacement windows generally involve a higher cost than some other window choices. The wood frame itself can involve a considerable expense, depending on what kind of wood is used to build the frame. These wood frame options include pine, teak, oak maple or mahogany which is seen on the inside of the window. The process of covering the window's exterior with a treated cladding also involves an extra expense.

[edit] Appearance

The different cladding options do not suit every home requirement.

[edit] Vinyl Cladding

Vinyl cladding can fade in the sun and, for this reason, is generally available only in light colors. Vinyl material does not absorb paint and cannot be painted, making it unsuitable for homeowners who are considering changing the color of the cladding in the future.

[edit] Aluminum Cladding

Scratch marks can mar the appearance of aluminum cladding on a wood/aluminum clad window.

[edit] Wood Clad Frame Window Placements

Wood clad replacement windows are marketed in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes. Many individual wood clad window manufacturers work with specific dealers who ensure that homeowners will always be able to find a wood clad replacement window for any window requirement. Wood clad windows are suitable for all home architectural styles and are appropriate window alternatives for kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, family rooms, bedrooms, hallways and basement and attic rooms. Specific styles of wood clad windows can, when properly sized, serve as egress exit windows. Exposed rooms such as pool rooms, sun rooms, enclosed porches and garden rooms are also appropriate placements for wood clad windows.

[edit] Window Clad Window Combinations

Homeowners may combine a selection of wood clad replacement windows to create an attractive window unit. Combinations of wood clad windows may be created with windows of any size or shape including operating window units, non-operating window units and arrangements that include both operating windows and non-operating windows which are installed together within one window opening. Possible groupings of wood clad replacement windows may involve a square or rectangle picture window or opening window which is installed above or below a special shaped window such as a half-round, two quarter rounds or a full round window. Wood clad replacement windows may also be set into a three-window bay window or a four-window bow window arrangement.

[edit] Wood Window Shapes

Wood clad replacement windows frames can be created in any shape that the homeowner orders including rectangles, squares, half-rounds, quarter-rounds, circle windows, octagons, triangles and others. A homeowner may order a specific shaped wood clad replacement window which the manufacturer will create in the requested size and shape to meet the requirements of the specific window opening. Wood, as well as the vinyl or aluminum cladding, are soft materials which can be bent and molded to allow wood clad window manufacturers to produce wood clad windows in any shape.

[edit] Styles

Wood clad replacement window frames are built in a wide variety of both operating and non-operating window styles. Operating wood frame window style options include vertical sliding windows as either a single-hung or double-hung option. Horizontal sliding windows which consist of either one sash, two sashes or three sliding sashes are also available. Homeowners may purchase tilt-and-turn wood clad windows as well as wood clad casement windows which are hinged. Hinged wood clad replacement window alternatives are marketed as both inswing and outswing side-hinged models, as awning windows which are hinged on the top of the window sash or as hopper windows which are hinged on the bottom of the sash.

[edit] Sizes

Replacement wood clad windows are available in small sizes which can measure 12" in width or length as well as in large sizes which can measure up to six feet in length or width. The sturdy wood frame of a wood clad replacement window supports windows of all sizes and can support double pane and triple pane windows, even in the largest sizes.

[edit] Manufacturers

Replacement wood clad windows are produced and marketed by Marvin Windows, Milgard Windows, Eagle Windows, Pella Windows and Sun Windows.

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