Vertical Sliding Windows

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Vertical Sliding Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Vertical Sliding Windows, Vertical Slider Windows, Vertical Gliding Windows, Double Hung windows, Single Hung Windows
Windows manufactured with two sashes, one above the other, which move vertically within the window frame.

Vertical sliding windows are a popular type of replacement sash windows. A vertical sliding window is an elongated window which consists of two sashes, one on top of the other. One or both of the sashes move vertically within the frame to open and close the window, allowing a maximum of 50% of the window's size for open ventilation. Some sliding windows include one operable sash and one fixed sash, These are called single hung windows. Other vertical sliding windows, consist of two operable sashes and are called double hung windows.


[edit] Double-Hung Vertical Sliding Windows

Double hung vertical sliding replacement windows include offset lower and upper sashes, both of which can move up and down in the frame. Homeowners can easily clean a double hung window because the option of moving both sashes allows homeowners to conveniently reach all sections of the panes. Double hung windows are prone to leakage so the weather stripping should be checked to ensure that it is adequate.

[edit] Single-Hung Vertical Sliding Windows

Single hung replacement vertical sliding windows have an offset lower sash and a fixed upper sash. The lower sash can move up and down in the frame. Single hung windows are a less expensive replacement window option than double hung windows but cleaning the outside top pane of a single hung window is all but impossible from the inside of the house. This makes the single hung window a most appropriate window option when the window is situated in a location where the homeowner will be able to access it from the outside.

[edit] Advantages

There are many advantages to using vertical sliding windows as replacement windows. Double hung and single hung windows compliment a variety of architectural design styles. They can be installed as single windows or in rows of two or three side-by-side windows. They are also frequently included as component windows in a bay or bow window.

[edit] Accessories

Replacement vertical sliding windows come with screens and hardware, including locks and handles, as part of the standard window order. Homeowners may also add their choice of grilles to vertical sliding windows.

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