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Wooden Windows
Wooden Windows
Other Names:
Wooden Windows, Replacement Wood Windows
Wood windows are a traditional window choice and continue to be preferred by many homeowners due to their appearance and insulation capabilities.

Wood windows were once the main window option for homes and commercial buildings which had the windows installed within the buildings' wood frames. Today, although other types of window frames offer advanced technological weather resistance and thermal insulation properties, proponents of wood windows note that, with proper maintenance, wooden windows can be the longest-lasting window option on the market.


[edit] Advantages

Homeowners choose wood windows because they offer a quality and attractive window which can meet the needs of new construction windows as well as the requirements of replacement window projects. Replacement wood windows are a suitable window choice for wood frame construction as well as for concrete and stone homes. They present a warming, authentic and cozy aura to any home design or décor. Wood window frames are also suitable for "Eco" homes such as those built with straw bale or clay construction.

[edit] Attractive

Wood window frames are suitable for any home including older homes and period properties. Homeowners can tailor replacement wooden window frames to suit their preferred home style and design by choosing from a variety of wood types such as pine, oak, mahogany, maple or teak, each of which gives the home a different look. Wood frames can also be painted, stained or even carved to further customize the look.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Research has shown that a properly maintained wood window, when fitted with a storm window, is just as energy efficient as a new window manufactured with an alternate framing material. Replacement wood window frames continue be the choice of most consumers and the majority of window manufacturers produce wood windows in one form or another. Wood is a naturally insulating material and feature a low R-value which indicates that they can withstand temperature extremes. Condensation is not a factor in wood window frames because the inside of the frame remains comparatively warm, even in the coldest climates.

[edit] Environmental Responsibility

Wood frame replacement windows release less C0² emissions into the air during the extraction and manufacture processes than other window framing materials. Some window manufacturers give the customer the option of using reclaimed timber to ensure that the wooden window frames are eco-friendly.

[edit] Strength and Durability

Wood frames offer a strong and durable window frame solution. They are also able to accommodate multi-pane glazing which can enhance the home's security and add thermal insulating capabilities to bolster the home's energy conservation. When properly maintained, wood frame replacement windows can last for centuries, as evidenced by historic homes and buildings throughout the world which feature their original wood windows.

[edit] Maintenance

Wood frame replacement windows are easy to paint which allows the homeowner to change the color or hue of the window at will, even multiple times, over the lifetime of the window.

[edit] Design

Wood windows are available in a wide range of designs and styles. Wood frame window manufacturers can mold replacement wood frame windows to fit any architectural design, shape and window opening.

[edit] Installation

Most window installation professionals will be familiar with the installation procedures of wood frame replacement windows. Many wood frame window dealers send a installation professional who works with their particular brand or brands of windows. Homeowners may also choose to hire their own installation professional. Many carpenters are also familiar with wood frame replacement installation techniques and can install wood frame windows.

[edit] Availability

Wood frame windows are a popular window option which are sold worldwide. Manufacturers of both wood frame windows and wood frame windows with aluminum or vinyl cladding sell their products around the world. Customers will be able to find their desired wood frame windows as well as competent professional installation crews who are familiar with wood frame window products, in any location.

[edit] Warranties

Most major wood frame replacement window manufacturers provide a 20-year warranty on the glass of a wood frame window and 10 years on all other parts of the window. This warranty is transferable to a new owner and the replacement value is not prorated. Consumer advocates note that this is a standard replacement window warranty and such a guarantee indicates that the window manufacturer is standing behind their window products.

[edit] Considerations

Purchasing a wood window involves some considerations regarding the window's cost and necessary upkeep.

[edit] Upkeep

Wooden replacement window frames require considerable maintenance, including periodic varnishing or painting. This should be done annually to protect the window frame from moisture which can cause the window to stick, crack, and warp.

[edit] Cost

Wood frame replacement windows are a more costly window choice. The wide range of types of wood that are used to produce wood frame replacement windows include oak, pine, teak, maple and mahogany. This creates a range of prices that vary widely between the simple pine wood frame windows to the most expensive teak and mahogany frames. However, on average, a pine wood frame window will cost more than an aluminum or vinyl window of similar size and shape. The price also rises if the wood window frame is covered with a protective cladding.

[edit] Appearance

Replacement wood frame windows may appear heavier and thicker than other framing materials. Some difficulties that this causes include the difficulty of storage, when necessary, and a reduced view and reduced amount of natural light that comes into the room.

[edit] Wood Window Options

Different options can reduce the cost of a wood frame window or increase its resistance to the weather's elements.

[edit] Veneer Cover

Some wood frame manufacturers have begun to cover lower grade wood or strandboard wood frame cores with veneers. This reduces the cost of the replacement wood window and, while not offering a solid wood window solution, provides a suitable wood window alternative at a lower cost.

[edit] Aluminum or Vinyl Cladding

A second option involves covering the outside of the window with an aluminum or vinyl cladding. These claddings offer a weather-resistant covering that removes the annual obligation to paint or varnish the window to prevent warping or rotting. While the outside of the window is covered with the aluminum or vinyl cladding, the inside of the window maintains its wood appearance.

[edit] Wood Frame Window Placements

Wood frame replacement windows are available in a wide variety of styles, shapes and sizes, ensuring that homeowners will always be able to find a wood window frame for any window requirement. Wood windows are suitable for any architectural style and placement including kitchens, dining rooms, living rooms, bedrooms, basement and attic rooms and hallways. Wood frame windows are fitting for exposed rooms such as pool rooms, garden rooms, sun rooms and enclosed porches.

[edit] Window Combinations with Vinyl Clad Frames

Homeowners may purchase wood frame windows as either a single window unit or component windows which are installed together in a large window opening. Wood windows manufacturers can combine wood frame windows into window units including a three-window bay window unit and four-window bow window unit. Wood frame windows can be installed in combinations of operating and non-operating windows such as a square or rectangle picture window above or below an operating window or vice versa. Other window combinations may include operating or non-operating windows above or below a special shaped window such as an operating window below or above a half-round window, two quarter-round windows or any other window combinations.

[edit] Wood Window Shapes

Wood frame windows can be created in any shape that the homeowner wishes including rectangles, squares, quarter-rounds, half-rounds, circle windows, triangles, octagons and others. Homeowners may order a specific shaped wood replacement window as a special order which the manufacturer creates especially for a particular window opening. Wood is a soft material which allows wood frame window manufacturers to produce wood frame windows in any shape.

[edit] Styles

Wood replacement window frames are manufactured in a wide variety of both operating and non-operating window styles. Operating wood frame window style options include horizontal sliding windows which consist of either one sash, two sashes or three sliding sashes. Vertical wood frame replacement sliding windows which include both single-hung and double-hung windows are also available. Homeowners may purchase tilt-and-turn wood frame windows as well as hinged casement windows. Hinged wood frame replacement window alternatives are available in both inswing and outswing models, as hopper windows which are hinged on the bottom of the sash or as awning windows which are hinged on the top of the window sash.

[edit] Sizes

Wood clad replacement windows are available in small sizes which can measure 12" in length or width. They can reach to large sizes, measuring up to six feet in length or width. The sturdy wood frame supports windows of any size and can support multi-panes, even in the largest sizes.

[edit] Manufacturers

Replacement wood frame windows are produced and marketed by Marvin Windows, Westwood Windows, Global Solution, Howarth Windows and other wood frame manufacturers.

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