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Fiberex Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Fiberex Windows
Fiberex is a strong and durable window framing material which creates a quality replacement window.

Fibrex window frames are a replacement frames which are produced exclusively by the Andersen Windows Corporation. They are constructed from composite wood fibers which are mixed with copolymers or epoxy resins. Fibrex replacement windows resemble wood frame windows but include many qualities which improve on wood frames. Andersen Fibrex windows are also sold as "Andersen® 100 Series window units."


[edit] Benefits

Many homeowners choose Fibrex windows because of their particular benefits to as replacement windows.

[edit] Interiors

Homeowners can choose their preferred frame color of Fibrex windows from five options including "painters/designer" white, grey-like sandtone, "canvas" creamy white or "terratone" dark green. A fifth option is a stained wood finish. Homeowners can select either a stain-grade pine, maple or oak wood finish Fibrex frame.

[edit] Durability

Fibrex replacement windows are a sturdy window alternative which are twice as strong as replacement vinyl window frames. They retain their stability and rigidity in all climates.

[edit] Quality

Fibrex windows do not rot or leak and do not absorb moisture. The manufacturing process of replacement Fibrex windows combines the frame color into the production process, ensuring that moisture will not conceal between the color and the frame. Fibrex manufacturers note that this can sometimes happen with other clad windows which results in a build-up of mold and rot that can eventually pop off the cladding.

[edit] Maintenance

Homeowners can paint replacement Fibrex Windows but Fibrex windows do not require any maintenance after installation.

[edit] Specialization

The Andersen Window Corporation generally sells windows to new construction projects but the Andersen Renewal Division carries the Fibrex windows exclusively. Fibrex windows were specifically created as replacement windows. This has allowed Andersen Renewal to work with homeowners who are remodeling and offer them a window alternative that is specifically designed for their replacement window needs and requirements.

[edit] Warranty

Fibrex replacement windows are warranted not to flake, blister, pit, peel or corrode. There is a 10-year warranty on Fibrex frames and glazing units.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Fibrex replacement windows are an energy efficient window option. They are manufactured with air chambers which increase thermal insulation and reduce cooling and heating costs. Weep holes, tiny openings in the bottom of a window frame that lets moisture and rain drain out, are formed in a sloping design for maximum weather resistance. Fibrex windows are installed with a specialized weather stripping which is matched to each window style for maximum weather resistance.

[edit] Considerations

The Fibrex frames are a unique framing material. This creates some considerations for homeowners who are considering their purchase.

[edit] Exclusivity

Fibrex windows are an exclusive Andersen Windows product so homeowners cannot buy the product through an independent contractor. Each window must be sold by an Andersen retail outlet and installed by a certified factory-trained Andersen installer. These installers take care of the complete installation job including trimming, framing, installation of new jams and sills, etc. This limits sales and installations to home locations which are in reasonable travel distance of an Andersen outlet.

[edit] Cost

The unique production process and materials involved in manufacturing Fibrex replacement window frames have made it a more costly window alternative. Fibrex frames are approximately twice as expensive as vinyl frames.

[edit] Design

Fibrex windows may be installed as single units or as part of a large window unit. Fibrex frames come in over 20,000 style, shape and size combinations which allow each homeowner to pick the architectural design that meets their home's needs.

[edit] Frame Size

Fibrex windows are available as small 12 inch replacement windows for a hallway or bathroom. Large size Fibrex windows can range up to four feet in width or length to create an expansive window unit that allows the maximum amount of air and light to enter a room. The sturdy frames can support windows of any size including double and triple pane windows. Windows may be ordered as standard sized replacement windows or as custom sized windows.

[edit] Window Type

Fibrex replacement windows are available as both operable and non-operable windows.

[edit] Operable Fibrex Windows

Operable Fibrex windows include horizontal sliding windows such as two-sash and three-sash windows. Homeowners many also order Fibrex vertical sliding windows such as double-hung and single-hung windows. Fibrex casement windows, including hoppers and awning windows, may be ordered as inswing or outswing windows.

[edit] Non-Operable Windows

Non-Operable Fibrex window shapes can include quarter rounds, half rounds and rectangular shapes which may be installed in combination with another picture window or as part of an operable window unit.

[edit] Accessories

Screens, hardware and grilles are available for Fibrex windows. All window hardware is white to match the window's interior. Screens are included as clip-on standard-order screens which clip into the interior of the frame and can be easily removed for cleaning.

[edit] Grilles

Grilles are available as a special order which are installed in between the panes of a double pane or triple pane Fibrex window. Pane options include Colonial, Prairie, Victorian, Fractional, Renaissance, Sunburst or same-size rectangulars.

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