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Steel Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names
Replacement Steel Windows, Metal Windows
Strong windows made from steel that provide an old-fashioned look to commercial or residential building project.

Steel windows offer a traditional appearance to both older and newer construction projects. Interest for including steel windows in residential buildings waned for many years but in the early years of the 21st century more homeowners began to return to the inclusion of metal windows in their home remodeling projects.


[edit] Steel Window Placements

Steel windows are often included in multi-unit buildings which are located in large cities. They are also frequently installed as replacement windows in renovated buildings. Many homeowners install steel windows to infuse their home with a classic modernism which has its roots in traditions of authenticity. Steel replacement windows are often chosen by homeowners who live in areas bordering warehouse districts as these windows allow the home to blend into its surroundings.

Steel windows are suitable for central rooms of a home such as a living room, family room, kitchen or dining room as well as for bedrooms, hallways, basement rooms and attics.

[edit] Advantages of Replacement Steel Windows

Steel replacement window frames are chosen because of the advantages that they offer.

[edit] Appearance

Steel replacement windows fit the architectural design of many homes because the mullions are slim, providing a sleek window frame that is suitable for many replacement window projects. The thin sashes also provide additional space for the inclusion of blinds and shutter additions. Steel windows are available in a variety of colors including brown, black, blue and green.

[edit] Strength and Durability

The strength of steel replacement windows -- approximately three times stronger than other framing materials -- provides a strong and durable window option. They can withstand storms and earthquakes, have an excellent fire rating and are not susceptible to break-ins. Their light weight allows manufacturers to mold them into any desired shape and they can be easily repaired.

Steel replacement windows are also chosen for their long life cycle which can take a window through decades, and even centuries. Buildings with functional steel windows that are over 100 years old are still in use in locations throughout America and Europe. They generally require replacement, if at all, when the pane is damaged as the steel frame is rarely the cause for a metal window's failure. Steel windows also display an excellent fire rating.

Replacement steel windows are not susceptible to rotting, mold, warping, tilting, twisting or insect infestation. They do not absorb moisture. Older steel windows were susceptible to problems with rust but modern galvanized steel windows are not vulnerable to this problem.

[edit] Cost

Steel replacement window frames are an economical window option. Their weight and durability make them an easily-handled window frame which ensures a low transportation and installation cost. Steel windows have a relatively high resale value.

[edit] Considerations

Older mullioned steel replacement windows often leaked and could lose their hinges or panes due to strong winds. The new generation of steel replacement windows are stronger and more durable than the older steel window frames. Some replacement metal frame windows have individually-installed panes which are set in-between the mullions, increasing their durability.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Old steel windows were produced with single-pane glass which were putty-glazed from the exterior and did not include weather stripping. For this reason, steel windows have had a reputation as energy inefficient window alternatives. Today's steel replacement windows can accommodate insulating glass, triple weather stripping and superior finishes which provide a long-lasting thermal insulated window.

[edit] Frame Sizes and Shapes of Steel Replacement Windows

Homeowners will find metal window frames in a wide range of shapes and sizes.

[edit] Sizes

Replacement steel windows are generally manufactured in large sizes to accommodate sizeable window openings. Metal window sizes can run as large as up to six feet in length or width to create an expansive window unit which can hold glass panels which are up to one inch in thickness. Replacement steel windows allow the maximum amount of light and air to enter a room and may consist of single, double or triple pane windows.

[edit] Shapes

Steel frame windows may be ordered as either standard sized or shaped replacement windows or as custom sized or shaped windows. These include arched window frames as well as standard square or rectangle window frames.

[edit] Steel Window Frame Styles

Replacement steel windows are available as both operable and non-operable windows. They are suitable for architectural designs which combine several different windows into one window unit such as for a bay or bow window unit. Metal frame window units can also be created with combinations that include an operating window which is framed by a non-operating window or a non-operating window which is framed by an operating window. These composite window units are fashioned using transoms and mullions which join single metal window units together to form the desired window unit.

[edit] Operable Steel Windows

Operable steel replacement windows include casement windows such as inswing, outswing, awning and hopper windows, tilt and turn windows, horizontal sliding windows such as two-sash and three-sash windows and vertical sliding windows such as single hung and double hung windows. These metal frame windows are available through either a hot rolled steel production or cold rolled steel production.

[edit] Non-Operable Windows

Non-Operable steel window profiles can be ordered as rectangles, squares, half-rounds, quarter-round, ellipse shapes, octagons, hexagons or as any other special shape.

[edit] Manufacturers

Manufacturers of steel windows include Crittall Windows, Bliss Nor-Am Windows, Hope Windows, Bonelli Windows, Monk Windows and Optimum Windows.

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