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Arch Windows
Arch Replacement Windows
Other Names
Arches, Radius Window
Semi-circle stationery windows often installed on top of operable windows for style and design.

Arch windows are a popular replacement window choice for people who are looking for a way to decorate a room or home with elegance and individuality. Arches are appropriate replacement windows for both traditional and contemporary home designs.


[edit] Arch Window Use

An arch window, also called a radius window, is a separate window unit which sits above an existing window, generally a casement, double-hung, bow, bay, block-glass or a specially-shaped window. Arches also frequently provide the finish to a picture window. Arch windows themselves are generally stationary and cannot open so many homeowners choose to have the arch window lay on top of an operable window, ensuring proper air circulation.

Arch windows are also used above doorways. They increase the amount of natural light that streams into the house. When replacing windows, homeowners may wish to choose arch replacement windows as transoms in combination with a bank of other windows.

[edit] Considerations

Homeowners who are interested in installing arched windows in their home have a number of considerations to review before making their purchase.

[edit] Openings and Sizes

Arch windows are generally custom-ordered, though some companies sell standard-sized arch windows. Standard-sizes tend to provide a more economical replacement window alternative than custom-ordered sizes. An existing window opening can be fitted with a standard-size arch replacement window if the opening is not more than a couple of centimeters larger than the available standard-size arch window. The window installer will be able to advise the homeowner regarding whether an existing window size is too large for a standard-size arch.

[edit] Exteriors and Interiors

Arch windows are available with aluminum-clad exteriors which the homeowner can order in the color of his choice (dependent on the available colors). Wooden, vinyl and fiberglass replacement arch windows are also on the market. Aluminum windows are generally used for warm, dry climates while thermal aluminum clad windows are appropriate for colder climates.

Replacement window exteriors for arches can be found to match all types of home construction including wood, brick and stone facing.

In addition to the aluminum and fiberglass replacement windows, arches are available with wood interior moldings, allowing a homeowner to match the interior molding to his other replacement windows. These wooden interior moldings can be stained or painted.

[edit] Various Arched Shapes

Arch windows come in a wide variety of shapes including ovals and elliptic ovals, full, half and quarter rounds, gothic shapes, windows with inverted corners, eyebrow shapes and more. Consumers can have custom-ordered arch windows to whichever shape and size they wishes.

[edit] Glass Options

Replacement arch windows are available with a variety glass options. Homeowners can purchase replacement arches with energy-efficient insulated double glazing. Replacement arches and round tops are also available with single pane glass, though this is significantly less energy efficient. In addition, many customers choose to purchase replacement windows with low-e coating. Low-e suppresses radiative heat flow and blocks a significant amount of heat transfer, making the house easier to heat in the winter and easier to cool in the summer. The savings in utility bills make this option an attractive one for many consumers.

[edit] Placement Options

Arched windows are an attractive addition to any room. When designing a room, a homeowner may choose to add arched windows to a collection of windows which form bow or bay windows or install them over other types of windows. Arched windows compliment awning, double-hung and casement windows. Arched windows can add a new dimension to a room when a wide arch is installed over two or three side-by-side operable or non-opening windows.

[edit] Accessories

Window companies sell grilles for arch windows. These grilles fit into the window's interior siding and can be easily removed, allowing for convenient cleaning. (Options also exist to install the grilles between the panes of a double-glazed window). The grilles come in a wide range of colors, patterns and sizes to match each window and the room.

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