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Tilt and Turn Window
Tilt and Turn Windows
Other names:
Replacement Tilt and Turn Windows
Windows that let in fresh air and light. The operation of a Tilt and Turn window can also provide emergency exit access.

Tilt and turn window sashes are attached to the frame with multi-functional hardware that allows the window to open by either tilting inwards on the top for draft-free ventilation or turning completely open, right or left.

Tilt and Turn replacement windows offer a unique styling option with dual functionality. The sash of a replacement tilt and turn window opens in two different ways, offering ventilation flexibility. The window sash can tilt open into the room for a clear view and a full breeze or, for less ventilation, the handle moves 180 degrees to turn the sash in and allow venting through the top of the window.


[edit] Benefits

There are a number of benefits of the tilt and turn window that draw homeowners to consider the option, even though it is a more costly window than other operable windows.

[edit] Cleaning

The tilt and turn window system is specifically designed to maximize the glazing area to aid cleaning the window can be fully opened inwards. When the window swings inward a homeowner can safely and easily clean both inside and outside glass surfaces.

[edit] Venting

Tilt and turn windows offer a full venting window when the window is set in the tilt position. Rain will not fall into the home if they are tilted open in rainy weather due to the window's construction which channels the outside air through the sides of the window as the warm air escapes through the top. Air circulates but does not cause a draft or admit rain.

[edit] Safety

Tilt and turn windows can also serve as egress emergency exit windows for basement or attic bathrooms, providing a clear and easy escape route in event of an emergency.

[edit] Mechanics

The replacement tilt and turn window tilts inwards on hinges which are located on the bottom of the window sash. These hinges secure the window to the bottom of the window frame.

The replacement tilt and turn window can turn either inward or outward, depending on the architectural design of the house. When the window turns open it functions as a casement window as the hinges which attach the window's frame to the sash turn the window open.

When the window is closed a multi point locking mechanism keeps the sash securely locked into its frame.

[edit] Placements

Tilt and turn windows are often installed in open rooms where the homeowner wishes to maximize the glazing area and provide clear unobstructed views without the need for transom bars. These rooms include conservatories, pool rooms, porch rooms and garden rooms.

Tilt and turn windows are also included in living rooms, dining rooms and kitchens or anywhere that the homeowner wants to maximize the view and ventilation. Tilt and turn replacement windows may be installed as single windows or as part of a row of windows. Bay and bow windows are also suitable window frameworks for a grouping of three or four tilt and turn windows.

[edit] Sizes

Tilt and turn replacement windows are available as small windows with a length or width of approximately 12 inches, as full-wall length windows or any size in between these two alternatives. The tilt and turn window's sturdy hinges support the window no matter what the window's size.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

A replacement tilt and turn window combines a side hanging and bottom hanging operation for a superior energy efficient window alternative. The top energy efficient replacement tilt and turn windows are manufactured with a hermetically-sealed weather seal and are produced with quality framing materials and thermally insulated glazing.

[edit] Framing Materials

Replacement tilt and turn windows are available with vinyl, aluminum, wood clad, fiberglass and composite materials. Vinyl and aluminum frames are less expensive framing materials but older grades of vinyl and aluminum do not provide the thermal resistance that the newer grades feature. Composite window frames are produced from a combination of recycled plastic and wood chips. They are a relatively new framing option with little long-range data available regarding their quality. However, initial reports indicate that composite materials offer a sturdy and energy efficient window. Fiberglass is a durable window frame but its cost may be prohibitive for some homeowners. Wood clad windows provide the insulation properties of wood combined with the weather resistant properties of the vinyl or aluminum cladding which wraps the window's exterior frame.

[edit] Glazing

A tilt and turn replacement window can offer adequate thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Glazing options include a Low-E (Low-Emissivity) coating which insulates the glass and limits heat transfer and double or triple panes which trap air or gas between the panes and help to prevent heat transfer. .

[edit] Accessories

Screens are a standard order for replacement tilt and turn windows. The screens clip into the side of the window which does not interfere with the open sash. Homeowners can remove these screens to wash the windows.

Homeowners can order replacement tilt and turn windows with grilles that are installed within double-panes of glass or with clip-in grilles which can be removed to wash the window. There are a range of grille options for tilt and turn windows including cottage, Victorian, trellis, prairie, Renaissance and Colonial patterns.

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