Swing Windows

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Swing Windows
Swing Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Swing Windows, Swinging Windows, Hinged Windows
Swing windows operate by opening and closing a window sash which is attached to the frame with hinges

Swing window have sashes which are attached to the window frame with hinges. These hinges may be located on the top (awning), bottom (hopper) or side (casement) of the window frame and can swings open and shut via a push, pull or crank mechanisms. Replacement swing windows may be installed singly or as double side-by-side windows which open along the sides of the frame and include a transom separating bar which is set between the two opening sashes. Swing windows may be installed in combinations with other types of windows.


[edit] Operation

The sash of a replacement swing window opens and closes by a push, pull or crank mechanism. The sash is attached to the frame of the window. When the mechanism is triggered the sash swings open or closes on its hinges.

[edit] Benefits

The benefits of a replacement swing window include the weather proof seals which ensure that swing windows present the lowest possible air leakage for a window that opens. As the sash of a swing windows closes it seals tightly to the frame. The weatherstripping prevents air infiltration.

Swing windows allow increased air infiltration as the open sash acts as a flap which funnels breezes into the house.

It is difficult to break into a replacement swing window. The locks of a swing window are hook-shaped and embed within the window's frame, making it impossible to push loose.

[edit] Swing Window Types

Homeowners who are interested in installing a replacement swing window can choose from a among the three swing window types, casement swing windows, hopper swing windows or awning swing windows.

[edit] Casement

Casement windows are hinged on one side. The sash swings open like a door. Replacement casement windows are available as singles or as pairs which open from opposite sides of the frame to provide additional ventilation. Casement windows are suitable for bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, dining rooms and family rooms and may be installed in an attic or basement bedroom as an egress exit window.

[edit] Awning

Awning windows are hinged at the top and open out or in from the bottom. Awning replacement windows are often installed in basement bedrooms (though not as emergency exit windows), as part of a bow or bay window assembly or above or below a double hung or casement window. Awning windows can be included as a row of windows near the ceiling of a room or along the floor.

[edit] Hopper

Hopper windows are hinged horizontally at the bottom and open outwards or inwards from the bottom. They are sometimes installed as an additional venting option above or below a fixed picture window or as an additional window above or below a double hung or casement window.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Swing windows are noted as being especially energy efficient because of the can seal hermetically, increasing thermal insulation and reducing heat transfer. The framing and glazing options which are available for replacement swing windows also contribute to the swing window's energy efficiency.

[edit] Framing Materials

Replacement swing windows are available in a range of framing options including vinyl, wood clad, fiberglass, aluminum and composite materials. Aluminum and vinyl are a less costly framing material but homeowners must check to ensure that the window is manufactured with the newest grade of aluminum or vinyl to ensure that it provides adequate thermal insulation. Fiberglass and composite swing window frames are generally more expensive window frames but offer good thermal insulation and weather resistance. Wood-clad window frames provide the insulation of wood along with the weather resistance of the aluminum or vinyl covered exterior. These frames do not require additional maintenance after installation.

[edit] Glazing

Glazing options for swing windows can ensure that the window offers increased thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Glazing options include double or triple glazing reduces heat transfer through the window's glass and a Low-E (Low-Emissivity) coating which further insulates the glass.

Homeowners may also wish to order swing windows with self-cleaning panes when the windows are installed out of easy reach.

[edit] Accessories

Screens are a standard addition to a swing window order. Screens are clipped into the inside of an outward-swinging replacement swing window and to the outside of an inward swing window.

Replacement swing windows use hook-locks which latch into the frame, ensuring a secure locking system.

Homeowners can order replacement swing windows with clip-in grilles which are easily removed when the window is being washed. There are a variety of grille options for swing windows including cottage, prairie, Victorian, trellis, Renaissance and Colonial.

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