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Window Manufacturers
 Window Manufacturers
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Replacement Window Manufacturers
Homeowners have a wide range of window manufacturers from which to choose when they are considering their purchase of replacement windows.

Purchasing replacement windows involves choosing a window manufacturer which provides the required window style, framing material, glazing options and accessories. Some manufacturers offer a wide variety of framing material and window style solutions while others specialize in one specific frame material or offer a few select window styles. Similarly, homeowners can find differing levels of attention to energy efficient window solutions, depending on the manufacturer. Most window manufacturers produce Energy Star windows which may be eligible for tax rebates and refunds if the level of energy efficiency matches the homeowner's residential region.

Some of the largest North American window manufacturers include Amerimax, Anderson, Atrium, Certain Teed, Eagle, Home Depot, Hurd, International, Jeld-Wen, Loewen, Marvin, Milgard, Pella, Sears, Simonton, Superior, Survivor, Champion and Windsor.


[edit] Amerimax Windows

Amerimax replacement windows Amerimax is a leading manufacturer of vinyl windows. The company emphasizes quality and attractive replacement windows that offer energy efficient solutions. Amerimax presents four different series of replacement windows including the Craftsman Portrait Series, the Masters Grande Series, the Aristocrat Casement Series and a wide range of Bay and bow windows.

[edit] Anderson Windows

Anderson replacement windows creates "do-it-for-me" replacement wood window solutions that allow homeowners to create their own window designs as they remodel with Anderson's energy-efficient, low-maintenance windows. Anderson enables customers to custom-design window solutions that are specifically suitable to their own individual tastes and homes. Anderson's wood frame windows have exterior Fibrex or vinyl cladding options which protect the exterior frame while the wood frame on the interior frame remains exposed. Anderson window series include A-Series, Casement 400 Series, Casement 100 Series and Architectural Casement replacement windows, 400 Series, 200 Series and A-Series Double Hung Windows, 400 Series and 200 Series Sliding Windows and a wide range of fixed-frame windows, special shape windows, transom windows and bay and bow windows.

[edit] Atrium Windows

Atrium replacement windows markets its vinyl and aluminum windows under a variety of brand names including North Star and Thermal Industries. The replacement windows specialize in noise suppression, weather resistance and energy efficiency. They also manufacture windows which present a durable window alternative for hurricane-prone markets. Atrium specializes in vertical and horizontal sliding windows which are manufactured in both aluminum and vinyl frames. Other Atrium window options include hinged windows, pivot windows and bay and bow window units.

[edit] Certain Teed Windows

The Certain Teed replacement window manufacturer, in partnership with the MI Windows and Doors manufacturer, markets and distributes the CertainTeed Window brand in Canada and the Eastern United States. CertainTeed produces quality vinyl windows for replacement window projects. CertainTeed's replacement window product lines include the BrynMawr III vinyl casement windows, awning windows, double-hung windows, slider windows, picture and transom windows, bay and bow windows and windows with unique architectural shapes. In addition the BrynMawr III line includes paintable/stainable pine double hung windows.

[edit] Eagle Windows

Eagle replacement windows manufactures high-quality aluminum clad replacement windows. Eagle Windows is a subsidy of Anderson's Architectural Collection which encourages homeowners to create their own window solutions which Eagle will then produce. The wood clad windows are manufactured in any desired size or shape and include a number of different styles including the Eagle Axiom Casement Windows, Eagle Axiom Awning Windows, Talon Double Hung Windows, Push Out Casement and Awning Windows, Bow and Bay Windows, Slide-By Windows and Auxiliary Windows. Eagle replacement windows meet all Energy Star requirements for the Northern Zone. The cladding material used by Eagle, Fibrex, creates a thermal barrier which limits the heat that transfers into the room's interior.

[edit] Home Depot Windows

Home Depot offers a wide variety of replacement window alternatives which are conveniently marketed at Home Depot Centers throughout North America. The vinyl and aluminum clad windows enable homeowners to choose ready-made windows and create their own window units with existing window sizes and shapes. The windows are also specifically built to enable homeowners to undertake a good portion of the window installation. Various window companies market their low- and moderate-priced windows at Home Depot. Home Depot windows include double hung, sliding, casement, fixed frame and special shape window options.

[edit] Hurd Windows

Hurd windows manufactures aluminum, vinyl and wood frame windows for replacement window applications. The Hurd lines offer a high level of energy efficiency, 99% UV protection on glazing, shatter-resistant glass options and, for the Hurd wood windows, the CoreGuard wood treatment system that protects the wood against insect infiltration. The Hurd wood windows include wood frames, wood clad frames and wood frames which are specially produced for coastal regions. The window styles include single hung, double hung casement, sliders, fixed-frames, bays, bows and specialty shapes. Hurd also manufactures a more moderately-priced replacement window alternative which combines wood, vinyl and extruded aluminum. Hurd windows are built to meet Energy Star specifications.

[edit] International Windows

International replacement windows produces vinyl, aluminum and vinyl acoustic windows. International Windows include Majestic 5500, Crown 5300 or Crown 5365 vinyl windows. Crown 5365 is a specifically retrofit window series. The International Windows' aluminum series includes the Ambassador and Residential window series. International Windows also offers a line of jalousie windows.

[edit] Jeld-Wen Windows

Jeld-Wen replacement windows manufactures wood-clad, aluminum and vinyl windows. Jeld-Wen offers hundreds of window alternatives with special emphasis on safety and security, noise reduction, privacy, climate control, geographic location, maintenance, energy efficiency and appearance. The Jeld-Wen window lines include Custom Wood, Siteline EX Wood, Tradition Plus Wood and Builders Wood wood frame windows. Vinyl window lines by Jen-Wen include Premium Vinyl, Builders Vinyl and Premium Atlantic Vinyl while vinyl window series include Premium Aluminum, Builders Aluminum, Premium Atlantic Aluminum and Builders Florida Aluminum windows.

[edit] Loewen Windows

Loewen Windows creates wood replacement window solutions for all window openings including large sizes and unusual shapes. The windows are available with extruded aluminum exterior cladding and homeowners can custom-tailor their windows to suit their personal requirements and expectations. The Loewen collections include the Cyprium and the StormForce window Collections. The Cyprium Collection features bronze and copper clad windows which have distinctive patinas -- finishes -- to give unique hues to the cladding. The patinas progress from earthy browns to distinctive greens. The Cyprium Collection is available in Casement, Awning, Specialty and picture windows. The StormForce window line involves a specialized glazing system which is specifically adapted for climates which are susceptible to hurricane conditions.

[edit] Marvin Windows

Marvin replacement windows include the Marvin Integrity fiberglass replacement windows are the Infinity wood/wood-clad line of windows. Marvin is recognized for its high performing frames, glazing and energy efficient window solutions including special glass coatings, insulating gases and other features which ensure maximum energy efficiency. Almost all Marvin products meet Energy Star standards and meet or exceed the Windows and Doors Manufacturers Association requirements for maximum air infiltration. Marvin windows include the XL Edge Spacer which is the most durable spacer system on the market which helps prevent energy loss around the perimeter of a window's glass.

[edit] Milgard Windows

Milgard produces wood, wood-clad, vinyl and aluminum replacement windows. The wide selection enables Milgard customers to purchase windows that meet specific size, shape, style and budget requirements. Milgard windows are available with Sun-Coat insulating glazing, a secure smart-touch window lock and an almost-invisible PureView screen. Milgard's replacement window collection features the Ultra series of wood-clad and fiberglass windows, the Tuscany series of vinyl windows, the Essence series of wood and wood clad replacement windows, Milgrad's aluminum windows and the Quiet Line of sound control windows. Enhanced window energy efficiency can be obtained by either the 3D or 3D MAX energy glazing packages.

[edit] Pella Windows

Pella replacement windows are specifically manufactured to withstand extreme climate conditions and are tested for such conditions before they leave the factory. Pella's window frame materials include vinyl, fiberglass or wood/wood clad frames, all of which offer durability, a custom style and energy efficiency. All Pella windows and many window components are assembled in the Pella factory itself so no parts or pieces need to be put together at the job site, ensuring a weathertight seal for all replacement window products. The Pella replacement window collections include The Architect, Proline and the Designer Series of wood and wood clad windows, the 350 and Encompass series of vinyl windows and the Impervia Series of fiberglass windows.

[edit] Sears Windows

Sears vinyl replacement windows present a full range of window options at budget prices. Sears windows mull together to enable homeowners to purchase multiple window units which can be attached during the installation process. The windows are specifically constructed for replacement window projects with varying interior and exterior frame choices that are suitable for any home style or appearance, both inside and outside. The Sears replacement windows are produced to enable customer installation but Sears is also prepared to offer customers the option for a Sears professional to install the windows.

[edit] Simonton Windows

Simonton replacement windows include eleven product lines which include the Reflections, Asure, Storm Breaker Plus, Pro Finish Brickmould Series, Impressions, Pro Finish, Prism, Daylight Max, Verona, Modeira, and Vantage Pointe window collections. These collections include all operating and non-operating window styles that meet stringent Energy Star requirements for energy efficiency and weather resistance. Simonton window styles include double hung and single hung windows, a horizontal roller sliding window for storm resistance, single, double and three-lite horizontal sliding windows, casement windows, special shape windows, fixed frame windows, garden windows, awning windows, bay windows and bow windows.

[edit] Superior Windows

Superior Window Manufacturers produce aluminum and vinyl replacement windows which are constructed to provide customers with a superior level of window performance. Superior windows create a wide range of style and design options along with energy efficient glazing and framing products. Superior vertical and horizontal sliding windows include the Ultima Vinyl Series 5600, the Series 3600 Cornerstone vinyl windows ,the Series 9000 Vinyl windows and the Series 4600 Aluminum horizontal sliding windows. Superior also manufactures a range of casement, picture, bay and bow windows.

[edit] Survivor Windows

Survivor produces low budget replacement windows as well as more expensive window options. Survivor windows are constructed using computer-controlled glass cutting and four-point fusion welders which ensure weather resistance and durability. The vinyl frames meet Energy Star specifications. Survivor window lines include Series 5600 double hung windows, Series 7100 and 7200 double hung and sliding windows, Series 7200 casement windows and fixed frame and special shape windows. Survivor windows may also be mulled together to create bay and bow window units.

[edit] Champion Windows

Champion offers two lines of vinyl windows, Colorbond and Timberbond, to ensure that homeowners can find the look and style that they want for their home. The Colorbond frames meet the American Architectural Manufacturer's Association's standards for fading, heat reflection, adhesion and abrasion. These frames do not sag, warp or distort. Colorbond vinyl frames are produced using low VOC (volatile organic compounds) and are non-flammable, free of lead chromates and odors and are not toxic. The Champion Timberbond windows have the appearance of wood grain frames. The laminate finish bonds with the vinyl frames to provide a heat reflective frame that doesn't blister, fade or chip. Champion's vinyl windows are produced using a high temperature and pressure transfer process which protects the frame's vinyl structural.

[edit] Windsor Windows

Windsor replacement windows include wood, vinyl and aluminum clad window products which meet Energy Star requirements for each of the four zones including the Southern zone, the South-Central zone, the Northern zone and the North-Central zone. Windsor Windows manufactures three replacement window lines which include Pinnacle Wood windows, Legend aluminum windows and Next Dimension Vinyl windows.

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