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Windsor Windows
 Windsor Windows
Other Names:
Windsor Replacement Windows
Window manufacturer building high quality energy efficient wood and vinyl replacement windows.

The Windsor Window manufacturing company offers superior wood, vinyl and aluminum clad window solutions which are built with high grade framing materials, hardware and glass. These windows meet Energy Star requirements for each of the four zones including the Northern zone, the North-Central zone, the Southern zone and the South-Central zone. Windsor Windows manufacturers three replacement window lines which include Pinnacle Wood windows, Legend windows and Next Dimension Vinyl windows.


[edit] Pinnacle Wood Windsor Windows

Pinnacle Wood windows are manufactured using high quality clear select pine, alder or Douglas fir wood frames. Optional exterior cladding is also available for the wood frames and comes in various color alternatives. The wood frame windows are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes to maximize a home's architectural customization. The Pinnacle Wood replacement window line includes Pinnacle Select windows, Pinnacle Clad windows and Pinnacle Primed windows.

[edit] Pinnacle Select Wood Windows

Pinnacle Select wood windows offer the traditional appearance of fine quality wood windows with technological advancements to ensure a convenient and easy application. Features on the Pinnacle Select windows include a thick sash and wide rails and stiles for stability and wind resistance. The Pinnacle Select line features Casement and Awning-Windows wooden Windows.

[edit] Pinnacle Clad

Windsor's Pinnacle clad and wood windows are available in a wide variety of sizes, styles and shapes. The wood frames are covered with a clad exterior which comes as a low maintenance extruded aluminum cladding. Homeowners can choose from seven standard colors, 30 feature colors or 8 anodized finishes for the cladding. The Pinnacle Clad Windsor windows are made from pine, natural alder or vertical grain fir woods. Pinnacle clad windows are available as casement and awning windows, double hung windows, glider windows and as fixed frame units.

[edit] Pinnacle Primed

Pinnacle Primed windows offer a large selection of styles and shapes. The windows' exterior can be painted, primed or stained to match any desired color or shade. The frame is manufactured from select pine wood and is treated to resist weather intrusion and insect infestation and ensure durability. The Pinnacle Primed windows can match any of the Windsor Pinnacle Primed doors.

[edit] Pinnacle Casement and Awning Windows

The Pinnacle casement windows and awning windows can be purchased as standard crank-in or push-out (lever handle) styles. They have 2 5/16" thick sashes, stiles and rails for architectural appeal and strength. Windsor's awning and casement Pinnacle replacement windows feature full-width extension jambs and offer superior wind resistance, making them a good window choice for climates that experience severe weather patterns.

[edit] Pinnacle Double Hung Windows

Windsor's double hung windows Pinnacle replacement windows include a concealed jambliner for improved design pressure performance. The windows can be ordered in pine, alder or vertical grain fir wood frames with strong, durable extruded aluminum sash and frame cladding. The windows tilt inward for easy cleaning.

[edit] Pinnacle Sliding Windows

Pinnacle's replacement horizontal gliding windows have a recessed lock and keeper for a sleek, attractive appearance and added security. The windows' block and tackle balance system ensures that the sash will operate easily and that the sashes can be tilted in for easy cleaning. The windows are available with a choice of white, ivory tan, bronze, green, cinnamon or black exterior cladding.

[edit] Pinnacle Picture Windows

Pinnacle picture windows can be custom ordered to fit any desired shape or size. All of the wood frame and cladding options are available including pine, douglas fir or alder wood frames and standard, custom or anodized finishes. Homeowners can select Pinnacle Picture windows in square, rectangle, oval, round, half-round, quarter-round, rake, triangle, octagon, elliptical, eyebrow, pentagon or any other desired shape. The Windsor Pinnacle fixed frame replacement windows are strong enough to support any size window frame.

[edit] Legend Cellular PVC Windsor Windows

Windsor’s Legend replacement window products are made from state-of-the-art cellular PVC (CPVC) which carries a 25-year warranty guaranteed not to rot, warp, crack, stick or swell. In addition to the traditional Windsor Legend product line, homeowners may select a Legend window from the Legend HBR product line. In addition to the framing materials many components in these lines also utilize cellular PVC (CPVC), particularly where outside elements come in contact with the frame.

[edit] Legend HBR

The Legend HBR combines the durability and strength of Windsor's traditional Legend frame with the addition of a combination clad/wood sash for an enhanced aesthetic appearance. This composite window is designed as a special replacement window for applications in which the homeowner wants to combine a unique appearance with the versatility and strength of PVC framing material. In addition to the windows' appearance the Legend HBR presents additional design enhancements. The Legend HBR frame and sash colors can be contrasted to complement any color scheme while the rough openings, which are identical to the standard Legend windows, make it easy to mix and match.

[edit] Impact Windows

The Legend product line of Windsor replacement windows includes Impact windows which are designed to withstand gale-force winds. Homeowners who live in hurricane-prone areas can special order these windows which include Windsor's impact resistant Cardinal SeaStorm glass.

[edit] Next Dimension Vinyl Windsor Windows

Next Dimension Vinyl replacement windows from Windsor are built with special vinyl extrusions to ensure high quality weather resistance, color retention and durability. The windows include the Edgetech Super Spacer technology and LoE Cardinal glass to ensure a superior energy efficient glazing system. Next Dimension Vinyl windows are available in Next Dimension Signature, Classic or Pro window lines.

[edit] Next Dimension Signature

The Next Dimension Signature vinyl windows present quality materials and ease of maintenance for a superior replacement vinyl window. The Signature windows are available in single hung, double hung, casement, awning, gliding and picture window styles.

[edit] Next Dimension Classic Windows

The Next Dimension Classic replacement windows are classic units with multiple chambers and extruded vinyl frames. They are offered in multiple sizes to meet any design needs. The Next Dimension Classic Windows are available as single hung windows, double hung windows and sliding windows.

[edit] Next Dimension Pro

Next Dimension Pro windows employ a Uniframe construction which uses a continuous frame composite with a common "T" design for improved aesthetics and performance in comparison to mulled units. The Next Dimension Pro windows have a brickmould J-channel with a full cavity design that is integrated into the frame to offer an offset design that allows for more nail fin exposure. Next Demonstration Pro windows are available as single hung and slider window units.

[edit] Windsor Vinyl Single Hung and Double Hung Windows

The Next Dimension single hung and double hung windows are available in white and clay vinyl frame colors. The windows utilize thick multi-chambered vinyl extrusions which are optimized for durability, color retention and weather resistance. The frames' chambers contain air spaces to enhance energy efficiency. A J-channel is available for a smooth finished edge on siding applications. Windsor Windows' Next Dimension single hung and double hung windows operate smoothly and can be mulled together to create multiple window frames within one window unit.

[edit] Windsor Vinyl Casement and Awning Windows

Casement and awning windows in the Next Dimension Windsor Windows line of replacement windows feature thick, multi-chambered Mikron vinyl extrusions which enhance the window's weather resistance and energy efficiency. The frames retain their color and come with a 25 year warranty. The windows can be mulled together to create larger window units including bay and bow window units. The Next Dimension casement windows are sturdy and strong, enabling their inclusion in large window applications including window openings of up to six feet in height or width.

[edit] Windsor Vinyl Sliding Windows

The Next Dimension horizontal sliding windows feature an integral lift/pull handle which is located on the bottom rail for easy access and operation. The frames and sashes of the sliding windows are fusion-welded to ensure a strong, leak-proof construction. The frames measure 3 inches in width and include an integral extruded nail fin for easy installation and enhanced strength and durability.

[edit] Windsor Vinyl Fixed Frame Windows

The Windsor range of vinyl fixed frame windows presents a structurally stable window frame which is partially due to the inclusion of vinyl extrusions. The fixed frame windows are available in a wide range of sizes and shapes including rectangles, squares, triangles, full-rounds, half-rounds, quarter-rounds, ellipses, eyebrows, octagons, pentagons, ovals and other geometric shapes.

[edit] Windsor's Winpac Sash Replacement Kit

For applications in which the homeowner only wants to replace a window's sash, the WinPac Sash Replacement Kit by Windsor Windows may be the answer. The Win-Pac Sash Replacement Kit allows for easy replacement of a window sash while the interior trim and plaster are untouched. The vinyl frame sashes tilt in easily for convenient cleaning. The Sash replacement kits are available in aluminum clad units, primed wood units and cellular PVC units.

[edit] Glazing Options for Windsor Windows

Windsor windows are available with clear glass or with Lo-E Standard 366 glazing. Other options include bronze or gray tint, Dual Low-E, LowE 240, obscure privacy glass or glazing with a satin etch.

[edit] LoE 366

The LoE 366 glazing consists of two panes of insulated glass. The gap between the panes is filled with argon insulating gas. The inside of the exterior pane is coated with a triple layer of microscopically invisible silver which provides a high level of solar control together with high visibility.

[edit] Dual Low-E Glazing

Dual Low-E glazing combines the LoE 366 soft coat which is applied to the inside of the exterior pane with a special Low-E hard coat that is coated to the inside of the interior pane. The exterior pane's coating is a very thin pyrolitic coating which is integral to the interior pane's glass surface. This low emissivity coating is hard and durable, giving the product improved thermal insulation performance as compared to clear insulated glass or standard Low-E insulated glass.

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