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Stained Glass Window
Block Glass Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Stained Glass Windows, Art Windows, Colored Glass Windows
Decorative windows which include pieces of colored glass which forms pictures and patterns.

Including stained glass replacement windows in a home renovation project is a way to personalize a house. The color and patterns that they feature add a unique style to any home design. Stained glass windows can involve a personalized window which is created specifically for the homeowner by a crafts-person. Small companies and studios also mass-produce stained glass windows, allowing customers to choose from a stock of ready-made window designs. The colored glass used in a stained glass window is created by adding metallic salts to the glass during its production, after which pieces of glass are cut into specific shapes and sizes and combined to form pictures or patterns. The pieces of glass are held together by strips of lead and enclosed within a frame.


[edit] Traditional Stained Glass

Traditionally stained glass windows were installed in churches but today they can be found in public buildings, homes and even synagogues. They were a popular window in Victorian homes and are included as replacement windows in many traditional and contemporary home remodeling designs today.

[edit] Patterns

Individual artisans and craftspeople produce stained glass windows in their studio and can custom-make a stained glass window as per the client's request or may sell stained glass windows that have already been created. Stained glass windows can be assembled according to the individual homeowner's specifications. Popular stained glass patterns include floral patterns, nature scenes, religious scenes, animals and birds, groupings of geometric shapes, scenes depicting fantasy or legends and a blending of colors.

[edit] Placement

Stained glass windows are a suitable fixed window alternative and can be installed in a small window opening that measures less than one foot in length or width or in a large window opening which measures over several meters in length and width. Stained glass windows may be placed in a single pane or as part of a double, triple or quadruple pane -- including as the component panes of a bay or bow window.

Stained glass windows are suitable for many areas of the home including living rooms, dining rooms, dens, kitchens and conservatories. Small stained glass replacement windows may be included in a room's architectural plan but large stained glass replacement windows are often installed as a room's centerpiece.

[edit] Considerations

The colors and design of a stained glass window mandate that the window be installed in an area where the furnishings and design will match the window, both in color and in style. In addition, stained glass windows are inoperable windows so other venting arrangements must be made in a room to compensate for the stained glass windows' inability to open.

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