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Tilt and Slide Window
Tilt and Slide Window
Other Names:
Replacement Tilt and Slide Windows
Windows that include mechanisms that allows the it to slide open for fresh air and light along with the option of tilting the sash inward.

Tilt and Slide replacement windows are a dual-function window alternative with a unique styling design. The sash of a replacement tilt and slide window can operate in two different ways for flexibility in venting, cleaning and use as an egress exit window. The window sash of a tilt and slide window can tilt inwards into the room with the 90 degree turn of a handle or allow a moveable panel to slide behind a fixed panel.

Tilt and Slide windows offers a homeowner possibilities for ventilating and operating alternatives. Homeowners can tilt the sash inside to easily clean of the window’s exterior and to draw in air. The sliding portion of the window operates by sliding to the left or right, offering clear open venting.


[edit] Sizes

Tilt and slide windows are an appropriate window application for both small or large openings. The overall width and height of each panel will be custom manufactured to meet the specific measurements of a home's design. Standard sized tilt and slide replacement windows are also available for standard sized openings.

[edit] Placements

Tilt and slide windows are a suitable alternative for any room in the house. The tilt and slide window will offer clear views and sufficient ventilation for living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, bedrooms and home offices. In addition, the tilt operation of the window provides a convenient option for cleaning, presenting an easy way to clean the outside of a window panel when the window opening is located above street level.

The tilt and slide replacement windows can be installed as single windows or may be placed in rows or as component windows of a bay or bow window assembly.

Tilt and slide windows are also approved as egress escape windows for attic and basement bedrooms if they are sized to code.

[edit] Benefits

Homeowners may choose a tilt and slide replacement window due to a number of the windows' features.

[edit] Cleaning

The tilt and slide window system offers the easy opening mechanism of a sliding window while providing a simple cleaning option that allows owners to clean both the inside and outside panels of a tilt and slide window, even when the window is located above street level. When the homeowner inclines the tilt and slide window inwards it is possible to safely and easily clean both the inside and outside surfaces of the window's panes.

[edit] Venting

Tilt and slide replacement windows present a full ventilation alternative when the window is set in the tilt position. When the window is angled open during a rainstorm, rain will not fall into the home because the window is constructed in such a manner as to channel the outside air through the sides of the window at the same time as the warm air escapes through the top. The air will circulate but the window will not allow rain to enter the room.

[edit] Safety

Tilt and slide windows are acceptable emergency exit windows for attic or basement rooms when they are sized to code. In the operable sliding position they provide a clear and easy escape route in the event of emergency.

[edit] Security

Tilt and slide windows are built with a concern for security. When a tilt and slide replacement window is set in the inward angle position the window secure the opening, ensuring that an intruder will not be able to enter through the ventilation opening. The ability to slide the window, tilt it or lock it is all controlled by the same lever.

[edit] Space Saver

Tilt and slide replacement windows are a suitable solution for homeowners who have limited space in their home and don't want the sash of an open window to take up space in the room. When the window has slid open it takes up no extraneous room while when the window is inclined in an open position it takes up a minimum of room.

[edit] Options

There are three possible configurations for a tilt and slide replacement window.

[edit] OXXO

In a OXXO configuration the middle two panels slide behind two fixed panels as one panel slides left and the other panel slides right. All four panels are built to tilt in at the top.

[edit] OXO

An OXO tilt and slide window has three panels in which the middle panel slides either to the left or to the right. All three panels can tilt in at the top.

[edit] OX

The OX configuration consists of two panels in which the operable panel slides behind the fixed panel. Both of these panels can tilt in at the top.

[edit] Mechanics

Hinges secure the window sash to the bottom of the window frame and allow the window to tilt inward. When operated as a sliding window the window's cylinders roll the window open and closed along a roller track system. The window sash is locked into place by a caliper brake system when it is angled inward.

[edit] Energy Efficiency

Tilt and slide replacement windows offer a quality energy efficient window option. The drainage system can effectively drain and channel water from the window frame and hermetically-sealed weather seals will seal the window from the weather's elements. Quality framing materials and thermally insulated glazing ensure that the window meets all generally accepted thermal insulation requirements.

[edit] Framing Materials

Framing materials for tilt and slide windows ensure that the windows provide the highest level of thermal insulation, weather resistance and resistance to heat transfer. These windows are accepted as Energy Star windows by the United States Department of Energy and other governmental energy agencies. Tilt and slide replacement windows are manufactured using fiberglass, aluminum, vinyl, composite and wood clad materials.

Wood clad tilt and slide replacement windows combine the thermal insulation of a wood frame with the protection of a treated exterior cladding. These windows can present a more costly window alternative. Another more expensive but worthwhile window frame option is the fiberglass framing alternative which is a durable and no-maintenance window frame. Composite frames are relatively new quality framing materials which are produced using wood chips and recycled plastics. The least expensive framing materials include vinyl and aluminum of which there are different grades. Consumers should ensure that they are buying the top grade of aluminum or vinyl tilt and slide replacement window for maximum energy efficiency.

[edit] Glazing

Glazing options for replacement tilt and slide windows can ensure satisfactory thermal insulation and energy efficiency. Glazing options for tilt and slide windows may include a Low-Emissivity (Low-E) coating which insulates the glass and limits heat transfer. Tilt and slide replacement windows are also available as multi-pane window alternatives. The air or insulating gas in a multi-pane window is trapped between the panes to help to prevent heat transfer.

[edit] Accessories

Homeowners who purchase tilt and slide windows receive screens as part of the window order. These screens attach to the inner frame of the window, ensuring that the window can fully open even when the screen is present. The screens clip in and out to allow the homeowner to wash both sides of the window pane.

Grilles for replacement tilt and slide windows are available in a variety of patterns including Victorian, trellis, cottage, prairie, Colonial and Renaissance grille designs.

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