Solar Windows

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Solar Windows
Solar Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Solar Windows, Photovoltaics
Window technology in which clear windows lower energy costs while generating electricity.

Solar windows generate clean electricity by utilizing natural sunlight along with artificial sources such as LED lighting and fluorescent lighting. They utilize the sun's rays to reduce energy costs. Solar windows block radiative transmissions from the sun which create a lessened need for lighting, heating and cooling. These windows also generate energy which can then be used for other electricity needs in the home. There are two replacement solar window options, a double pane solar window and a spray-on technology.

[edit] Double-Pane Solar Windows

Double pane replacement solar windows are embedded with solar cells. The window remains transparent while it admits a lower level of sunlight into the home. This provides buildings with additional shade during hot sunny hours and reduces their air conditioning use. Concurrently, the panels produce solar power which can then be converted into electricity for the home's additional energy needs.

[edit] Spray On Technology

Spray on solar replacement windows employ a spray-on technology which enables clear windows to generate electricity. The spray generates clean electricity on clear windows by making use of the energy provided by natural sunlight as well as by artificial sources such as LED and fluorescent lighting. Solar windows are an appropriate addition for both new residential homes under construction as well as for replacement windows for home remodeling projects.

The material used in spray-on replacement solar windows utilizes solar cells to generate electricity from both artificial and natural light sources. These cells are created using hydrogen-carbon based materials.

The spray on technology is a transparent spray which optically absorbs photons from light which produces electricity. The film measures 1/10th of a micrometer and is a low-cost energy efficient alternative which allows homeowners to produce electricity for their home's energy needs. The spray is comprised of natural polymers which are dissolved into a liquid, enabling an easy application to the window's glazing. The application can be executed at room-temperature and does not require high temperatures or vacuum productions.

[edit] Cost

Replacement solar windows are more costly per square foot than non-solar windows but homeowners factor in the clean power and energy efficiency savings that the windows provide when they purchase solar windows. Within three to five years homeowners will see a return on their investment when they purchase solar window technologies. This is a more cost-efficient option than solar panels which see a return on investment only after seven to twelve years. The solar windows produce approximately 13 watts of electricity per square foot so homeowners will experience the majority of their return coming from the window's energy-efficient aspect.

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