Round Top Windows

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Round Top Windows
Round Top Windows
Other Names
Rounded Windows, Half Round Windows
Stationary or operable windows with a half-circle top, installed individually or in sets.

Round top windows add a unique style and sophistication to almost any room in a house. Homeowners who are preparing to replace their windows find that including round tops in their home plan adds an air of graciousness to any room. Round tops are appropriate for a wide variety home designs including quaint colonials and cottages as well as modern bungalows and ranch-style homes.


[edit] Round Top Windows

Round top replacement windows are stationary or operable (generally casement) windows which have a half-circle top. These windows are also called half round windows. They add visual interest to a room and can be custom-sized to fit any opening.

[edit] Considerations

When remodeling a home, homeowners should bear in mind a number of issues relating to the suitability of including round top replacement windows before they make their purchase. Homeowners should work with their architect and builder to ensure that they order the round top replacement windows which are appropriate for their home interior and exterior design.

[edit] Openings and Sizes

Sizes for round tops differ among replacement window companies but many companies have standard-sized round tops. Buying a standard-sized round top is more economical than special-ordering the window. The window opening should not be more than a few centimeters larger than the standard-sized round-top window in order for the window to fit into the opening properly. If a window installer tries to fill in more than a few centimeters surrounding a window, the window will not sit properly.

A homeowner can plan the window openings based on the standard-sized windows that he wishes to order for a new house but when he is remodeling an existing house, his replacement windows are dependent on the existing openings. A specially-ordered round-top window size will provide the best fit in many cases.

[edit] Exterior Cladding and Interior Moldings

Homeowners can purchase round top wood windows with exterior aluminum or vinyl cladding. These claddings, made of a specially-treated materials, provide a weather-proof cap that protects the outer surface of the windows. Exterior cladding is available from many window manufacturers in a variety of colors. Some window manufacturers also produce fiberglass, vinyl or aluminum round top windows.

Consumers can purchase round top windows with exteriors which accent their home's construction including round top exteriors that match brick, stone and wood facing.

Fiberglass, vinyl and aluminum round tops are available in which the entire frames are made of one material. In addition to these replacement window options, many window manufacturers produce windows with wood interior moldings which can be varnished or painted.

[edit] Round Top Shapes

Round tops are available in a wide variety of shapes including full, half and quarter rounds, ovals and elliptic ovals, eyebrow shapes, gothic shapes, windows with inverted corners and more. The consumer can have the round top window custom-ordered to whichever size and shape he wishes.

[edit] Glass Options

Replacement round tops are available with a variety of options for glazing. Consumers can purchase replacement round tops with energy-efficient insulated double or triple glazing. These multi-paned windows have gases pumped into the gaps between the panes of glass. The insulating gases slow the transfer of heat and increase the insulation.

In addition, there are replacement round tops on the market with single pane glass. Consumers can also purchase replacement round top windows with low-emissivity (low-e) coating which blocks a significant amount of heat transfer and suppresses the radiative heat flow. This makes it easier to heat the home in the winter and cool it in the summer. These glazing options add to the price of the windows but result in significant savings on utility bills in the long run.

[edit] Placement Options

Round top windows are an eye-catching addition to any room in the house. They can add warmth to a living area, the kitchen or bedrooms and add elegance to the home's exterior. Round tops can be grouped together in sets of two or three or can stand alone. Bay and bow windows may include round tops which open as casement windows to allow the air to flow into the room. Operable round tops can also flank a non-operable block-glass round top or four-sided window.

[edit] Accessories

Window companies sell grilles for round top windows. These grilles are either installed within a window's double-paned glass or can clip into the window's interior molding. The clip-on grilles allow the homeowner to unclip the grille and remove it when cleaning the window. Grilles can be custom-ordered to fit a custom-round top or ordered as a standard size to fit a standard size round top window. Round top grille options also include combining a square or rectangular grille for the bottom of the window and laying a sunburst-style grille in the rounded window top.

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