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Roof Lantern Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names
Replacement Roof Lantern Windows, Cupola Replacement Windows
A roof lantern window increases a room's light by covering the opening in the ceiling with a glass lantern-shaped window structure

Homeowners who want to add an elegant and unique addition to their home design may install a roof lantern window in their ceiling for a beautiful interior and exterior appearance.


[edit] Roof Lantern Window

A roof lantern window, also called a "cupola" window is an appropriate window addition to both older and newer building projects. Roof lantern replacement windows are installed in flat roofs and add light and a transformative look to the room below. Roof lantern windows may cover the entire roof area or can be installed in one section of the roof. The roof replacement window may be comprised of any number of glazing panels which offer a range of design options. This variety makes the roof lantern window a suitable choice for any home remodeling project.

[edit] History

Roof lantern windows were developed in Northern Europe during the Renaissance period and were often featured in cathedrals. They were a popular architectural addition to French and Italian greenhouse architecture and were installed in orangeries -- greenhouse-type structures where citrus fruits were cultivated -- to help modulate temperatures. 16th and 17th century roof windows were constructed from timber and were prone to leaking. By the 18th century the technology to create metal roof lantern windows became more widely accepted, especially in England. Many Victorian-era homes featured roof lantern windows. Today roof lantern windows are a popular addition to many types of home architectural styles including bungalows, colonials, lodges and villas.

[edit] Placement

Homeowners may include a roof lantern replacement window in any room to increase the room's light flow and general architectural design. Roof lantern windows are commonly found in enclosed porches, conservatories, pool rooms and garden rooms. Homeowners may also want to install a roof lantern window as a central focal point of a living room or family room. Another popular placement for a roof lantern window is over an enclosed stairwell to create a feeling of spaciousness in an otherwise dark area.

[edit] Roof Lantern Design Options

Homeowners can select a replacement roof lantern window with any number of design options.

[edit] Shapes

The replacement roof window may be constructed in a circular, rectangular, octagon or pyramid shape. The construction of a roof lantern window may be comprised of anywhere from four panels of glass to dozens of glazing panels. The design may include a mixture of shapes placed side-by-side within opening. For instance a homeowner may place a circular shaped roof window alongside a rectangular roof window to offer added light and attraction to a room. A roof lantern window may occupy a small area of the roof or may encompass a large percentage of a room's roof area.

The design of a roof lantern replacement window can present a contemporary look with clean lines for maximum light transmission or may present a more traditional design that includes a range of crestings. The roof lantern window may be rounded or peaked at the top.

[edit] Ventilation

The glazing panes of a replacement roof lantern window are fixed panes which do not open. However, opening roof vents may be added to the base of a roof lantern window to provide an additional source of ventilation to the room.

[edit] Colors

There are many glazing options for the glass panels of a roof lantern window. Homeowners can select a transparent or translucent glazing or a tinted alternative. Replacement roof lantern window tint alternatives include blue, opal and bronze.

[edit] Sizes

A replacement roof lantern window may occupy as large or small a roof area as the homeowner wishes. The ceiling area may include one small circular area measuring three or four feet in circumference or include the entire roof area measuring up to twenty feet or more. Window manufacturers offer both standard sized roof lantern windows as well as custom sized window alternatives.

[edit] Weather Resistance and Energy Efficiency

Replacement roof lantern windows occupy a significant amount of the roof's opening. To ensure that the roof window offers the best resistance to the weather's elements and provides thermal insulation, the homeowner should review the replacement roof window's construction to guarantee its value as an efficient window option. Homeowners should check to make sure that the roof lantern replacement window includes the elements that will provide them with a weather-proof energy efficient window.

These elements include a quality thermal break system which ensures resistance to heat transfer and warm edge spacer bar technology which maximizes insulation capabilities.

[edit] Glazing

The glazing on a replacement roof lantern window is an important element of the window's ability to resist heat transfer and provide adequate insulation to the room below. Some possible components of a replacement roof window's glazing panels may include a solar control glass system which minimizes solar heat gain while helping to control glare and toughened safety glass units which are assembled using either tempered or laminated safety glass. Another possible energy efficient glazing possibility includes multi-pane glazing units which have argon or krypton insulating gas pumped into the space between the panes.

[edit] Self-Cleaning Panes

Due to the difficulty of reaching roof lantern windows, many manufacturers offer a self cleaning coating as a standard addition to the roof lantern replacement windows.

[edit] Tints

Homeowners can order a replacement roof lantern window with tinted glazing. Available tint hues include blue, bronze and opaque. These tints offer an option for increased privacy.

[edit] Framing Materials

Roof lantern windows are available in wood or aluminum framing options. Homeowners may make their choice based on the materials' cost, durability and aesthetic appearance.

[edit] Wood Frames

Wood frame replacement roof lantern windows offer an elegant look for many home construction styles. The wood is treated to protect it against mold and fungi and to ensure that it does not rot or warp. Rolled paint sheets are used for the outside sheathing.

Many window manufacturers have wood and varnish options which allow homeowners to select the type and color wood that they want for their replacement roof lantern window.

[edit] Aluminum Frames

Aluminum replacement roof lantern window frames are a popular roof window solution for many homeowners, especially for inclusion in rooms that have a high humidity level. They are durable and resistant to temperature fluctuations and provide heat and acoustic insulation. New technologies used in the production reinforce the inside of the window using galvanized steel cores which prevent deformation and provide high stability.

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