Pivot Windows

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Pivot Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names
Replacement Pivot Windows, Vertical or Horizontal Revolving Windows
Windows revolving around a specific point in the window's sash.

Pivot windows in which the window sash revolves within a window frame, allows a wider opening than is common with other window types. The design of a pivot window also allows for larger than standard window sizes.


[edit] Pivot Windows

Pivot windows are a suitable replacement window choice for homeowners who wish to include maximum ventilation in a room. The pivot window sash is secured to the window frame by a pivot mechanism, located mid-way along opposing window sashes which attach the window sash to the frame. The window can then swing inwards either horizontally or vertically, depending on the location of the pivot mechanisms. This leaves the sash suspended in the middle of the frame, held by the opposing pivots. A replacement pivot window provides a window frame option that can open completely.

[edit] Operation

Pivot replacement windows have pivot mechanisms which are attached to opposing sides on the middle of the window sash, either on the upper and lower sash for side-to-side pivoting windows or on the side sashes for upper-to-lower pivoting windows. The pivot mechanisms connect the window frame to the window's sash. Using a crank, push action or remote control the homeowner can adjust the window to the desired opening situation. A pivot window rotates in such a way as to allow one half of the window sash to swing outward while the other half swings inward. The windows lock using pivot locks which are fitted into the window sashes and secure the sash to the frame.

[edit] Pivot Window Options

Homeowners can select either a vertically pivoted window or a horizontally pivoted window. The choice is dependent on the window opening and window's placement as well as the homeowner's preference.

Pivot window alternatives also include double sashes in which both sashes pivot, or one sash is a fixed sash while the other sash pivots.

[edit] Features

Homeowners chose replacement pivot windows when they are looking for a full ventilating option that allows in the maximum amount of fresh air. The pivot window opens up to a 90 degree angle for a clear net opening. The sash of the window can be easily removed to provide convenient access to the outdoors.

[edit] Placement

The pivot window is a good choice for attics, cupolas, lofts and other challenging or unique spaces. In addition, homeowners may choose replacement pivot windows for pool rooms, porch areas, conservatories, staircases and any room which does not require a screen.

Pivot windows are code-approved egress exit windows in many localities and can be used for emergency exits. When a replacement pivot window is installed as an egress window restrictors can be installed for reasons of child safety or to prevent intruders from entering.

[edit] Shapes and Sizes

Pivot windows are available in circular, rectangular and square shapes. The sizes of a replacement pivot window frame can include windows of up to three feet in width or length.

[edit] Rows

Homeowners may install rows of replacement pivot windows along a wall or in a low pitched roof for added venting and an attractive look.

[edit] Weather Resistance and Energy Efficiency

A quality replacement pivot roof window will offer sufficient resistance to the weather's elements. Purchasing a properly insulated pivot window involves an additional expense over a non-insulated window but well-insulated replacement pivot windows are cost-effective window options that save the homeowner thousands of dollars in conserved energy expenses over the lifetime of the window. The United States Department of Energy estimates that homeowners will recoup the additional expenses that they pay to purchase an Energy Star rated window within four years of the replacement window's installation. In addition the Federal and many state governments offer tax rebates and credits to homeowners who remodel using replacement windows which feature low (good thermal protection) U-Ratings. The National Fenestration Rating Council which rates the energy performance of windows sold worldwide suggests that homeowners aim to purchase replacement windows with a U-Rating of 30 or less.

A window's thermal insulating capability is determined by the window's framing material and the window's glazing. These two elements should be capable of preventing heat transfer between the home's interior and the outdoors. Replacement pivot windows should also have an adequate weather-stripping barrier to seal the window suitably.

[edit] Framing Materials

A replacement pivot window's level of thermal insulation and weather resistance is partially determined by the window's framing materials. Replacement pivot windows are available in composite, wood clad, fiberglass, aluminum and vinyl frames.

[edit] Composite

The frames of composite replacement pivot windows are manufactured from a combination of materials. Composite pivot windows may include fiberglass window frames with an interior wood frame or wood windows with vinyl or aluminum cladding. Replacement composite pivot windows are also produced using a material which is created from a blend of wood chips and recycled plastic. Composite pivot window frames are maintenance-free and do not deteriorate. Homeowners may repaint a composite window frame.

[edit] Fiberglass

A fiberglass replacement pivot window is one of the more expensive window frame alternatives but it is recognized as a sturdy and durable framing material. Fiberglass is constructed with hollow areas which are built into the frame and are then filled with insulation. Fiberglass frames are reputed to be eight times stronger than vinyl window frames. Fiberglass frames do not require maintenance though the homeowner may paint the frame. There is limited expansion and contraction with fiberglass frames, allowing for a frame which does not place undue stress on the glass. Fiberglass frames are a good choice for home designs which include narrow frames which fiberglass can supply. Thin frames allow augmented glass exposure and increased solar gain.

[edit] Aluminum

Aluminum replacement pivot window frames are a relatively inexpensive replacement window option but their insulating capacity is more limited than most other window frame materials. Aluminum conducts which, when it impacts against a warm frame interior, creates a build-up of moisture which then condenses. Aluminum frames which include thermal breaks can increase the energy efficiency of an aluminum frame by separating the interior and exterior surfaces of the pivot window frame. Homeowners who want to install aluminum frame replacement pivot windows should ensure that the frames include these thermal breaks. In addition to the cost factor, some homeowners turn to aluminum frames because their anodized or baked on finishes preclude the need for any type of future maintenance.

[edit] Wood Clad

Wood window frames offer the best insulation against weather elements but they can warp or rot if not maintained annually. A relatively new window frame alternative, wood clad replacement pivot windows, offer the insulating capability of a wood frame together with the weather resistance ability of an aluminum or vinyl frame. Wood clad windows are wood frame windows which have an attached external treated aluminum or vinyl cladding which protects the frame's exterior. These windows are durable and do not require additional maintenance after installation.

[edit] Vinyl

A vinyl replacement pivot window is an inexpensive, durable and maintenance free window framing alternative. Vinyl windows are energy efficient framing options and are available in a range of colors. Homeowners should be aware that they cannot paint a vinyl window so the color frame that they choose will remain throughout the lifetime of the window. Vinyl is a heavy material and is not an appropriate choice for a home design which includes thin pivot window frames.

[edit] Glazing

Glazing alternatives provide the ability for replacement pivot windows to resist heat transfer and offer adequate insulation. Energy efficient glazing options can increase the thermal efficiency of a replacement pivot window and, over the lifetime of the window, can save a homeowner anywhere from seven to fourteen percent in conserved energy costs. A well thought-out glazing choice can also increase the safety factor of a pivot window and ensure that the window will serve the homeowners in various ways.

[edit] Strengthened Glass

Tempered or laminated safety glass increases a replacement pivot window's resistance to possible break-ins and offers a system to guard children's safety. Such glazing alternatives are particularly applicable to replacement pivot windows which are installed at ground level.

[edit] Glass Color

Homeowners may order replacement pivot windows which include a selection of glazing options. Replacement pivot windows are available with tinted blue or bronze glazing or clouded or textured privacy glass panels.

[edit] Multi-Panes

Many manufacturers offer multi-pane pivot windows which present an enhanced level of thermal insulation along with an increased resistance to heat transfer. Homeowners may also order a multi-pane window which includes insulating gas, argon or krypton, which has been pumped into the gap between the panes. Multi-pane windows include both double and triple-pane windows. Energy experts suggest that homeowners who are remodeling in an extreme climate install a triple pane replacement pivot window. Triple pane windows add a small cost increase over double pane windows but provide a significantly heightened level of thermal insulation.

[edit] Low E

A Low-E coating added to a replacement pivot window's glazing panes provides significant protection from the sun's rays. The Low-E coating is an invisible, microscopically thin metallic coating which is applied to a window's pane. Low-E coating is transparent to visible light. The oxide coating reduces the window's U-factor by suppressing radiative heat flow and thereby blocks a portion of the radiant heat transfer. This will lower the total heat flow that streams in through the window. Different Low-E coating options are available which provide varying levels of effectiveness. These include Low-E coatings for a low solar gain, moderate solar gain or high solar gain. Low-E is a custom order which must be applied to the window by the manufacturer in the factory.

[edit] Accessories

A range of accessories are available to increase the functionality and attractive appearance of replacement pivot windows. Pivot window accessories include operating hardware and grilles.

[edit] Hardware

Replacement pivot window hardware is a standard part of the window's order. Hardware includes handles, cranks and lock mechanisms. These pieces of hardware come as a standard hard plastic order. Customers may upgrade to bronze or brass pieces of hardware.

[edit] Grilles

Grilles for replacement pivot windows are available in a range of patterns and sizes. Grilles add elegance to a pivot window and are available as inserts between a multi-pane pivot window's panes or as a clip-on which can be removed at will.

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