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Outswing Windows
Outswing Windows
Other Names:
Outswing Replacement Windows
Hinged windows that open by swinging out.

Outswing windows refers to windows in which a hinge attaches the exterior of a window sash to the window frame, allowing the window to swing open outwards. Outswing casement windows are a more popular casement style than inswing ones though in some areas, including France and other European countries, the inswing windows are more widely incorporated into home designs.

Outswing casement windows can be hinged on the side, top or bottom to attach the window sash to the frame. When the sash is unlocked it is pushed out to fully open it. This method is the opposite of the inswing windows in which the sash is pulled inward into the home's interior. Outswing windows are common in many different types of homes and are seen in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, attics and [[Garage Windows|garage remodeling rooms. In an outswing window the entire sash swings outward to provide an unobstructed view of the outdoors along with full ventilation.


[edit] Types of Outswing Windows

An outswing window attaches the window sash to the window's frame on the side of the sash, the bottom of the sash or the top of the sash. The hinges are located on the outside of the window. Outswing windows which are hinged on the side are generally called casement windows while those hinged on the bottom are called awning windows and those hinged along the top of the sash are called hopper windows.

[edit] Shapes and Sizes

Outswing casement windows are available in both full and nominal wall sizes. Most outswing casement windows are sold in rectangle shapes but special shape outswing casements, including half-rounds, octogons and elliptical, are also available.

[edit] Emergency Windows

Outswing casement windows are code-approved for most emergency exit applications, depending on the window's size.

[edit] Framing Styles

Outswing casement windows are available in aluminum, vinyl, composite, wood, wood clad and fiberglass frames.

[edit] Window Styles

Outswing windows are suitable as single sash casement windows or as double casements which are installed side by side. Outswing windows may also be installed as component windows of a bow window unit or a bay window unit or in conjunction with picture windows or any other window style.

Special shape windows or transom windows are frequently installed above an outswing window as an additional architectural element to add ventilation or light to the room.

Awning and hopper windows can be installed singly, above another window unit or in a row below the perimeter of the room's ceiling for added light and venting.

[edit] Screens

Screens are available for outswing windows. They are placed on the inner edge of the window frame to allow the sash to swing outward.

[edit] Cleaning

Cleaning outswing windows involves gaining access to the exterior of the house in order to clean the outside of the window pane. If the outswing window is a double casement style, one side may be closed while the other side remains open to allow the homeowner to lean out and clean the window.

[edit] Window Treatments

Window treatments, including shades, curtains, shutters, sheers, blinds and drapes are all compatible with an outswing window.

[edit] Operating an Inswing Window

Operating an outswing window may be accomplished with remote control unit or a crank.

[edit] Considerations

There are a number of considerations to take into account when deciding between an outswing or an inswing operating window. These include accessibility, the threshold, and security and durability.

[edit] Accessibility

In general it's easier for a homeowner to operate an inswing window from within the house because the window opens and closes from the location in which the homeowner is standing. Outswing windows' open sashes, however, do not create a barrier to the furnishings that are inside the house. Outswing windows are not suitable for an area in which there is foot traffic next to the house and where the open sash may impede the foot traffic.

[edit] Threshold

Outswing windows are more weather resistant than inswing windows. Inswing windows rely on a sweep gasket which provides the seal that blocks the underside of a window to keep water and drafts from penetrating into the house. The sweeps may wear out through friction which is created every time the window is opened or closed. Outswing operating windows use a compression gasket to seal out wind and water. The compression gasket doesn’t rely on friction which makes it easy to open and close an outswing window without tearing the gasket.

[edit] Durability

Outswing windows tend to be more durable than inswing windows. Water cannot penetrate through the outswing window's threshold as easily as it can through the threshold of an inswing window.

[edit] Security

Neither inswing nor outswing windows can be compromised by removing the pins from the hinges.Tabs or studs exist on both inswing and outswing windows' security style hinges which successfully prevent intruders from being able to remove a window panel. Outswing windows can't be kicked in from the outside which may happen with inswing windows.

[edit] Availability

Outswing windows are more popular than inswing windows in the American market. Window manufacturers and window companies tend to stock more outswing windows than inswing windows.

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