Block Glass Windows

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Block Glass Windows
Block Glass Windows
Other Names
Block Glass Replacement Windows
Cubes of clear or clouded privacy glass blocks used as a non operable alternative to other windows and installed in batches.

Block glass windows are a good alternative for a room in which the homeowner wants additional natural light but does not need added ventilation. These non-operable windows are manufactured by different window manufacturers, allowing the homeowner to review the choices and select from varying glazing alternatives, framing materials and insulating options. Replacement block glass windows may be assembled using blocks of cloudy privacy glass or produced with cubes of patterned glass. They are easy to install which offers a savings on window installation costs.


[edit] Replacement Glass Block Windows

Glass block windows present a cost-effective window option for homeowners who are replacing some or all of their home's windows. The block glass replacement windows are less costly than operable windows since block glass windows do not require either operating hardware or a sash. Glass block windows can include blocks of glass panes with clouded glazing or patterned glass to increase privacy while allowing light flow into the room. Block glass windows of any size add a stylish appearance to a room.

[edit] Window Options

Installing glass block replacement windows is a popular choice for homeowners who want to increase the window space in a room that receives limited natural light. Block glass windows with privacy glass provide light for a small room, such as a bathroom, while maintaining the room's atmosphere of seclusion. Replacement block glass windows can be installed as a single window in a window opening or as a compliment to another type of window -- above, below or along the side of an operable window.

[edit] Pricing

The price of replacement block glass windows depends on the manufacturer, the amount of blocks purchased, the width of the glass, and extra details in the glass such as patterns, colors and finishes. Glass blocks may be purchased in single blocks or as finished panels.

[edit] Patterns

Many homeowners use glass block windows as privacy windows, most often for bathroom and basement windows. These areas of the house need a light source but the glass must provide privacy. Privacy glass clouds the glass pane, permitting light to enter while preventing passer-byers from gazing into the room. Various privacy glass patterns are available for replacement glass block windows including diamond, wave and other view-distorting glass patterns.

[edit] Considerations

A major consideration when installing a block glass window is the room's ventilation. Block glass replacement windows are appropriate for rooms that have plenty of existing ventilation and do not need the extra opening, other than to increase light or as an element of the room's architectural design. A block glass window, in conjunction with other operable windows, can add elegance to a room's appearance and make the room feel more spacious and stylish.

[edit] Sizes and Shapes

Replacement block glass windows are available in a variety of shapes and sizes including squares and rectangular shapes. Homeowners can order standard sized block glass windows in sizes anywhere from twelve inches in height or width all the way to 72 inches or more. The dimensions of the wall's opening will give the homeowner the needed data to plan the replacement block glass window's measurements.

[edit] Placement

There are numerous architectural designs in which a replacement block glass window will serve as an asset to a room. Block glass windows can be placed anywhere in the architectural plan including in a bathroom or basement. Replacement block glass windows offer an attractive solution for increasing light into any area of the house.

[edit] Block Glass Window Frames

Replacement block glass windows are available in a variety of framing materials which will suit any type of home construction and budget. Homeowners who are working with a tight budget can purchase replacement glass block windows in vinyl or aluminum frames. Vinyl frames are popular low-cost frames because they are durable and need little maintenance. The color doesn't fade easily and vinyl frames resist corrosion and moisture. Industry experts see vinyl frames as good insulators provided that the installer carefully insulates the cavities in the window frame and sash.

Another low-cost alternative replacement block glass window is the aluminum frame window. Aluminum frames do not require maintenance after installation but can be problematic. Aluminum frames are, themselves, a cool surface and this causes condensation to form on the windows during cold weather.

Fiberglass is a relatively new framing material which offers good insulation. The material is light and durable. Replacement fiberglass block glass windows are more expensive than either vinyl or aluminum windows.

The increasingly-popular aluminum-clad wood windows provide a strong wood window with an exterior clad casing which protects the wood and insulates the window frame. Most wood clad windows are double or triple-pane windows, offering a good energy-efficient window alternative.

Although clad and fiberglass windows are more expensive window options for replacement block glass windows, they will save the consumer money over the long run in lower energy costs. In addition, rebates for energy-efficient remodeling costs from the homeowner's state Department of Energy can offset some or all of the difference between window frame types.

[edit] Interior Moldings

Homeowners may include interior trim in their window order when they order their block glass windows. Some window manufacturers include the interior molding as a standard window order feature while other customers will select their interior trim separately from a window-supply store, home center or lumber yard. There are many different kinds of trim profiles which allow homeowners to create their preferred look for their window moldings.

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