Sound Proof Windows

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Sound Proof Windows
Sound Proof Windows
Other Names:
Replacement Sound Proof Windows, Noise Proof Windows, Noise Reduction Windows, Soundproof Windows, Noise Reducing Windows
Replacement windows which block sound.

Sound proof windows lessen noise and allow homeowners to enjoy a quieter home. Nearby neighbors, 24/7 traffic and other sounds of urban living create a heightened demand for sound proof windows. Homeowners can take steps to ensure that a replacement window offers the best insulation possible against sound.


[edit] Sound Barrier Inserts

When purchasing a replacement window a homeowner may purchase a second window insert which acts as an additional sound barrier. This barrier is installed behind the replacement window. It opens and closes together with the main window sash and is engineered to act as a sound barrier. It is constructed from reinforced laminated glass and blocks almost all sound from the outside.

[edit] Magnetic Track Inserts

The magnetic track insert is a relatively inexpensive window insert which can be custom fitted to most window frames. This insert can be removed when the window is open and replaced when the window is closed. The magnetic track insert is fitted to the window frame on a magnetic track system. This insert is not compatible with windows that have venetian blinds or mini blinds.

[edit] Reduced Sound Window

Reduced sound replacement windows employ a removable secondary glazing sash which reduces noise transmission. The window is constructed with two glass units, a primary external insulated glass unit along with a secondary internal acoustical glazing pane. Together these units block almost all outside noise.

[edit] Multi-Pane Window

Multi-pane windows are double-pane or triple-pane windows which serve to insulate against heat transfer as well as against sound transmission. Many manufacturers pump an insulating gas, either argon or krypton gas, into the cavity between the window panes, further insulating the window against noise transmission.

[edit] Seals

Replacement windows should be checked to insure that the seal surrounding the frame is air-tight. This is an easy and inexpensive way to insure that the window will further resist sound transfer.

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